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Getting TT with Dr. Yuseff Serulle - Dominican Republic

Hey ladies, like many of you I want to get a tummy...

Hey ladies, like many of you I want to get a tummy tuck with lipo. I am going to DR with a friend who has family out there. I am really excited yet nervous about this procedure! The doctor I chose is Serulle. I heard many great things about him and 3 ladies recommended him to me and seeing their results reassured me 100%. I also read about him and his certifications; I am very pleased.

I am 26 years old and a mother of a beautiful 4 year old girl. I have done everything from working out to juicing, fasting to diet pills!!! None have really worked except exercise and juicing which I plan to continue after my surgery!!!

I would like tips, information and advice from those of you who have already had the procedure done! I am trying to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally!!

Thanks ladies!!!!
Best wishes to you! I'm scheduled to have mine on 4/17/14...
Thanks!! I really appreciate it I didn't come on to this site to get bashed but instead for emotional support! But everyone is entitled to their own opinion not matter how shitty!! :) I wish you luck too!!! Hopefully god willingly we all get the results we hope for!!!
You should be nervous! Why would you go to a third world country to have surgery. You owe it to your daughter to be a little more responsible

Getting TT with Dr. Yuseff Serulle

Here are my pics!!
MsStarr, congrats on your decision. I hope Dr. Hyman (if he is really a doctor) sees my comment. I am born and raised in the USA. I never considered plastic surgery or any for that matter outside of the USA because of the unknown. I am however from Dominican parents and have visited my "third world country" many many times and it is beautiful. For a "third world country" we sure get a lot of tourists. In October I had lipo to my back and arms and cellulaze to my posterior thighs by a plastic surgeon in New Jersey. It cost me $14,000. I see no difference at all. My money was paid and I have absolutely no results. In January, my husband finally agreed to my getting a tummy tuck and I couldn't be more pleased. However, even though I have the money to pay for it here, I will not do so. I am going to Dominican Republic because I feel that I can get a better result not to save money, although I do believe many plastic surgeon in the States overcharge because they have such a large overhead. Dominican Republic is a very populated country therefore Dr. Hyman I can dare say that there must be some great doctors over there that have managed to keep patients alive and well and growing. I have family there and they get sick and are treated by doctors just as well if not better than doctors here. Your comment is unasked for, and frankly for a doctor it is rather closed minded. Which is why I don't think you are a doctor and shame on you if you are. MsStarr, I have heard nothing but great things about Dr. Serulle as well. I will be going to have a mommy makeover with him in July. Good luck and stay clear of the nay sayers. As any surgery, you have to do your research, which you have done and make sure you are healthy enough to have any kind of surgery. When are you going?
Aww Melanic!!!! Thanks!! I will be going in May!! I have scheduled my appointment with my dr here already. I have done my research and as you I do have money to pay for it in the states, I prefer a dr that can give me curves of a time glass not a coca cola bottle. Many works of doctors here is so square, thin, but square! That is not what I'm looking for! Looks like I'm up before you! I hope my results give you reassurance and fulfill my dream! There are four of us supporting one another on this site and it has been a blessing!!

Started Herbalife!!!

So I wanted to lose a few pounds before my procedure and enrolled with Herbalife. Today is my first day!!! I will do it for one month along with healthy eating habits and a 30min work out plan! I will finish at least 3 1/2 weeks before my procedure so it will not affect me. I am really excited!!!! I'm at 192 pounds! One pound at a time!!!! My goal is 180 before May 28th. Today I also have my appointment with my doctor to run my blood work and to get my go for my surgery.
You've set a realistic weight loss goal, which is great! It's so sad when people try to set these outrageous goals for themselves, and then they are just disappointed. You are going to look fantastic! I can't wait for the updates.
Thanks!!! And I agree with you!!! I used to crash diet and it came back twice a much. Now I'm more aware of being healthy as opposed to looking skinny! Are you getting any procedures done?
I wish you the best in your journey!!! From your pictures I can already imagine your results :) I'm glad you made this decision... It was difficult for me too at first... I felt a bit selfish... But I love myself enough to want the best version of myself.. I can't wait to see your results! My surgery is scheduled for April 18th. I am exited and just counting down the days. I am also trying my best to loose as much weight as possible befor my surgery :) good luck!!!

Slowly but surely!!

I am down to 189!!! I'm so excited!! I have a bit more to go... I have been taking multi vitamins, 2 meal replacements with protein, healthy dinner and a bit of exercise. No sodas, juice or rice!

Now, many loved ones and well as a Dr from RS have sent me a link to a very tragic story of a young mom that passed away during surgery in Dom Rep! I understand the concerns and appreciate them, however it would be nice if I can receive positive feed back especially when I'm on here to get positive support. Tragedies happen every day regardless of your legal, financial, marital or social status. Please all I ask is to wish me the best and keep me in your prayers as I do for every one that is considering any major decision. Thanks to my main lady on here luvsteph!!!! I'm glad everything came out great for you can't wait to meet our doctor in May!!!!
Many people are quick to judge when someone passes after surgery in Dominican Republic without stopping to think that complications happen in the US as well. Infections and blood clots are risks of any surgery. If a patient smokes or uses a hormone based birth control, blook clots are at a higher risk of occuring. We as patients have to be upfront and honest with our doctors so that they know how to prepare for our surgeries. Action can me taken to minimize the risks of blood clots. Avoid smoking for at least 2 months prior to surgery. If you use birth control that has hormones, stop them and use something else. During surgery, make sure your doctor uses devices on your calves to promote circulation. After surgery, become mobile as soon as possible. Patients that have hip or knee replacement surgeries are targets for blot clots because they are sedentary. Get up and walk for 10 minutes every hour. That minimizes the risk. Thousands of patients die yearly in our US hospitals of infections. You have to keep in mind that when surgery is performed in a hospital, bacteria is airborne and once your body is opened in an operating room, infection can occur. I for one am super relieved that Dr. Serulle's surgical center is not used to treat "dirty surgeries". No gun shot wounds, no appendicitis, no colon resections, etc. Cosmetic surgery while not to be taken lightly, is superficial surgery. Organs are not exposed. Only muscle tissue. I'm positive that if you are healthy and follow your doctor's orders than you should be fine. MsStarr, I have those concerned people around me that also send me links and ask me to watch the news because they know I'm going to Dom. Rep. I will say this, being on RS has made me realize how many women have cosmetic surgery and how many leave the country to do it. Any life lost is a tragedy, but the fact that it's not much more makes me confident that there are good and experienced doctors out there. Trust in God that you will be just fine.
Everything you said is so true! Thanks Melanic!

One pound at a Time!!

So I'm in love with Herbalife!!! I am down to 184!!!! I've incorporated to my diet 20 mins of Wii Fit and 10 mins of Just Dance, some times a bit more. I feel great and energized!!!!

I am truly looking forward to my surgery!!! 40-some days left!!!! I've started buying some things such as a boppy pillow, cicatricure, antibacterial soap and wipes... Soon I will buy the clothing that's appropriate after surgery. If you have any tips or advice let me know!
Hey my love tank tops and lose dresses is what will work best.. Remember it's hot over there so you wanna be as comfy as possible.

26 days to go!!!!!!

Wow... May is finally here! I already did my blood work. I get my results on the 10th and get my EKG done that same day as well. I still have yet to pack! This will be my last week taking Herbalife as I've read that it is best to stop herbal products 3 weeks before surgery... Either way I am happy with my results thus far and I hope to continue after my surgery when I come back, God willingly!

The pics I took right now... I can't wait to be on the flat side!


So Saturday when I got my EKG my blood work wasn't ready!!! Womp Womp! However, today I got my results... I've been cleared to get my surgery! My blood level is 12.9 and everything else is normal, in range or negative!!!! I weigh 181 which is weird because a week ago it was 185 but then again our weight fluctuates between day and night! I am very excited!!

I bought my supplies already:
Tanks for under the faja, leggings, dresses, boppy pillow, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, wipes both baby and summer's eve, gauze and tape, gloves and compression socks. I'm buying bottled water out there.

If you have any last minute advice let me know!!! I'm out in exactly 15 days!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

Few days away!!!!!

I am less than a week away girls!!!!! I can't wait!!!!! I been a little sick and now taking children's Tylenol since I can't take anything else!! I'm getting better though!!!!

Finally here!!!!!!

My flight leaves at 8am tomorrow.... Got to catch some zzz... I have to wake up at 330am but I can't seem to go to bed!!! So much running through my mind!!! Even though I'm in great hands with my roommate and my doctor, I wish it was my mom or my boyfriend coming with me! :0(

I have wired my doctor the money already so no worries there. Tomorrow I have my appointment and hopefully my surgery will be the following day.

I've packed lightly because my roommates aunt bought some of my supplies out there.

Well good night!!!

Pics from a Few days ago

For got to upload these

Loved Bella Forma!!!!

The clinic is very fancy, welcoming and comfy!

The staff is very pleasant!!

Dr. Serulle is amazing and honest!!!!

However, I thought my surgery would be the next day it is actually on Friday. I actually don't mind because it gives me time to buy last minute things!
Yaaayyyy girl I'm so happy for you I knew you would love him... Tell him I said hi lmao good luck Friday boo :)
Thanks baby girl!!!!

Sorry for the late update!!!

However, it was successful!!!!! I went in for surgery at almost 3pm and was in my room by 11pm. I was told by my friend that it actually ended at 9pm but I was in the recovery area. The first day I felt no pain. However, I received some not so good news and threw up twice. It was horrible! The next day Serulle came to my room to see how i was doing and then I was sent home like at 3 pm. He is a very sweet man, I love him!!!! I still had no pain and to this day I don't have any pain. I think I'm just in discomfort because of the faja and the heat! I go back Tuesday for my check up!!! Hopefully I start my massages soon!!!! I will post some pics on Tuesday!
is that peter & bob in that pic? lol
Yassssssssssssssssss bitchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! PaaaQeeeeeK!!! jajajajajaja ;)
Hey babe!!! I told him you said hi and remembered you!!! :)

Barely have service!!!

Hey ladies so it's been a week! I love love love everything about my surgery my scar, my belly button, my masseuse!!! Here are some pics!!!
Hey, I love the way you came out. I'm actually meeting with him on the 15th july. How are you feeling and looking today. How are your arms? My major problem...
They are ok I would've done the arm lift but it was way over my budget so I'm just going to work them out as soon as I can. Thanks I love the way I came out too!!!!!
Looking fab girl wait until all that swelling goes down... Which one of the girls is giving you the massages?
Yuseff Serulle

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