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Hi ladies my name is Gisela and I'm really excited...

Hi ladies my name is Gisela and I'm really excited about having a TT & BBL ! I'm siding with Dr. Escobar in Santiago,DR because I believe he does amazing work from what I read and seen. I had a friend who I let move in with me bc they were getting a job to save for the trip to DR in December but when they finally have a job interview they told me today that they probably wouldnt go -_-... So that leaves me high and dry !! So that leaves me having to think about traveling alone by myself I would like to stay for 14 days to give myself time to recover for the trip back home..I am thinking about renting an apartment because its cheaper than staying in a recovery.house for that time length. Am I crazy for doing this alone ..I would just like to get this over with so i can graduate in May and move on with the next steps in life! BTW.if anyone is going to Santiago in Dec for sx feel.free to inbox me or comment!

& Another thing...has anyone heard of Dr. Rodrigo jaramillo escobar I think that is the order of his name lol...if u have please share what you know I have heard wonderful word of.mouth and seen girls after pix and they look absolutely stunning!


Hello, divas and divas to be. I stumbled across this site looking at the vertical sleeve weight loss surgery. I ALSO have been looking for a great surgeon over seas to do some procedures.

Have you guys heard of surgeon & safari's . They don't do bbl but they have other procedures that will definitely cost a whole lot less than the use with impeccable references . Anyway in trying to save up money so i can get my life size BARBIE on lol. Any advice,surgeons etc.. feel free to share and i will also. Im too glad that i found a site where women could just help,encourage and educate each other.
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Boo boo :'(((( iluuuu I wish we were still goin together
Please don't forget about me after you get your giant ass
Good luck with everything and text me every so often
I'm soo thankful for this blog that I met your crazy ass mwahh :-*
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Don't u abandon me neither lady!!! LOL we can still be friends you know lol u just stop textin me :-( I feel left Lolol ... We have to compare our info still lol ...nd i am too thankful too u are an amazing person not that I'm judging u Lolol ! Besos !!!!

Ok so out of no where dr. escobar stopped...

Ok so out of no where dr. escobar stopped answering me! So that's cause for getting a new surgeon, its been practically 2 weeks since he answered me nd I wrote him 3 times with no avail which isn't normal for him so I'm on to the next! I am going back and looking at yily de los santos because her price is good nd her work looks nice plus I like the way she talks to I feel really comfortable. I'm not really worried about going alone anymore I am too determine to let some one screw up my goal!

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Hey ladies! So I think it is a good idea to...

Hey ladies!

So I think it is a good idea to make up a buddy system for people who are going to the Dominican Republic this year so if you are going alone you can buddy up with someone who is going around the same time you are. This can save money on the recovery house rates and as well it can increase your safety when you are abroad alone!

So if you girls could pleaseeeeeee tell us your expected surgery/estimate date (if you don't have one yet) and who are you going to go see. It really doesnt matter if you aren't seeing the same doctor, most of the doctors are in DR and you guys will be staying at the same recovery house probably lol so please let us know your dates!


Update plssssssssss
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My friend and I will be there on the 21 of February and staying for 12 days
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looking for a traveling buddie to go either the ending of feb or early march! Going to Dr. Yily for Brazilian butt lift with fat grafting to hips.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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