30 Years Old Mother of 3kids butt implants and BA - Santtiago, Dominican Republic

I have wanted a nice butt and boobs for as long as...

I have wanted a nice butt and boobs for as long as i can remember.about 2 yrs ago i got a bbl done in Fl with dr. Pazmino but with no results at all it was just a waste of money.Ever since i had kids my boobs were none existent.So now im hoping the second time around i will be happy. Im doing both the butt implants and the BA together. So butt implants first and the BA 3 weeks later. I will be staying in DR for a whole month.

im so excited i cant wait im not at all nervous since this is my second time around and i kinda know what to expect

Iv heard that intra muscle is the best for butt implants so i wont know what size i will be getting since i have to be measured first.Im counting down the days. My husband doesnt feel safe with me going by myself but he has to stay hone with the kids.

done all my tests

Iv done all my tests and im just waiting on the results hoping everything is fine

pics of me now 5'4"145 lbs

wish butt and wish boobs...nothing too over the top

5 days to go

Im all packed and ready to go..im so excited and a little nervous this is all i can think about these days. I cant believe im finally gona do this yeahhh!!!!

finally got my butt done

I finally did it i got to the hospital at 7am and surgery was 8:30. By the ways the HOMS is a very new and clean hospital similar to ones in the states there are8 doctors working there from all over the world so if god forbid u had a complication u would be in safe hands.Anyways i stayed with ginna and even though iv heard sum bad things about her i would like to say that shes the sweetest and most caring person she stayed with me and after i threw up the food the hospital gave me she went out and got fruits for me which i could manage to eat..i recommend her recovery house to any doing surgery in santiago and trust me if ur gona be in any pain like im in u need someone there 24..sevens.she even massages my legs when they hurt.

updated pics day 1

I got 300cc cohesive round implants.dr said thats the largest size this type come in so hopefully when my muscle stretches ill be happy. I need some help wit The pain i cant sleep i cant walk im in so much pain its almost unbearable..i feel like crying.dr gave me sleep meds but only for night because she said i need to walk around to help with healing.She said i should feel a lot better tomorrow.im praying

day 3 after surgery

Im feeling much better just slight tightness in my butt and legs slept a little better last night getting better as time goes by everything going good thank God. IF my butt is healing quickly and everthing goes as planned i will be having breast implant in the next 2 weeks with lipo to tummy n flanks. She didnt advise doing both at once and thank God i didnt i dont think i would have managed. She and her husband are amazing docs and give great advise. Will post more pics once my drains come out she said maybe in another day or two cant wait.She also said the final results are not visible now cause my muscles were very tight she had to fight to get them in she said it will expand alot more once the muscle relaxes and stretches more cant wait for the transformation

pic day 3

Nothing much has happened since day 1 lol..im not draining a lot so doc should remove drains tomorrow hopefully.im drinking so much water and other fluids ihear that helps a lot the only down side is that i have to get up every 2 to 3 hrs to pee no number 2 yet ginna gave me some prunes today if that doesnt help when i see the dr. Tomorrow she will give me a stool softener.

day 3 pic

1 wk post op.

Scar healing perfectly ...butt still hard but getting a little softer..she will add whatever little fat i have to the sides of my butt and hips next week when i do the tummy lipo and boobs...so excited to get my boobs done...yeahhh!!!!

12 days post op

Im feeling great no pain just so tired of sleeping on my stomach my dr suggested sleeping on my back with pillows for support iv done it a couple times it really helped.The size implants i got was kinda smaller than i had anticipated but the doctor assured me it was the size my muscles could hold. Well so far im happy with the look and size it fits my body perfectly and since i didnt get a bigger implant less chance of seroma and wound opening. I trust my doctor and im satisfied with my results do far. A lot of girls are probably thinking 300 cc is small but if thats all my muscle could hold then i had no choice and i wouldnt have wanted the dr to put a bigger one and risk complication and or removal. I posted some pics taken yesterday i think they are still square looking but over time they will drop and look more natural.


Pics r giving me a hard time to upload


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Miranda is so sweet and answered all my questions.She is board certified and is the best of the best and is a team with her husband who is also a plastic surgeon and so caring so you will be getting two doctors instead of one. She is so assuring and i felt so safe in her hands i was not at all nervous before the surgery the anesthesiologist gave me an epidural and i felt no pain at all and before he did that he told me that God loves me and that everything would be ok,that made the difference for me.I will for sure be coming back to do a vaginoplaslty with her in a couple years.I recommend her 100%.Shes an angel.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi I hope you share your story
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Hey hun hope u doing well
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You look great glad all is going well it will only get better :)
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If u have a telephone num for doc that would be great.
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Thanks hun.her cell phone number is 18295202224 and she on watsapp so you can just add her
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Thanx babe
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Thank you! You read my mind by adding her number! I'm sending a MSG now! One question-what else did your cost include? Was that only for the implants or for the Lipo and BBL later like you mentioned? Thank you for the insight!
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U look amazziingggggg good luck and God bless hun....
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You look beautiful hun! Take great care of yourself!
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Hi...Cindy 777 hope you doing well...I had a question just the implants procedure alone cost you? Because I only want the implants and I can only stay in DR for 2weeks tops.
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4500 butt implants only and 5000 with back lipo for s curve
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cindy you already had a butt ! but your looking great!
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Looking great! Speedy recovery!
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Thanks for your well wishes..omg i just read your review about what you have been going through.thank God ur ok now.hoping everything will be perfect now and u will recover soon.
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Yes hun after 3weeks of amazing recover I had to face this. It's like starting all over again but I praise and thank God for allowing me to keep them for my worst fear was to loose everything. I'm already risking loosing my job at this point. But that I can get an another one if happens. Implants? It's unlikely even if they come entirely at no $ cost. Couldn't go thought it again physically not psychologically. You are twice as brave having something else with this procedure specially on the opposite side. I don't mean to scare u or anything but I hope you r prepared and have a super support team bc u r going to need it. God be with u all the way during our xs and during the long though road to recovery. We will be here for you hun.
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Happy healing honey.....I'm about to send Dr. Jacqueline my wish pics and before shots to see what's her advise are. I need work!!!!! Lol
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Thanks and good luck.shes an amazing doctor
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Thanks girls
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U look nice happy healing
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You look wonderful! Best wishes!! :)
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Looking good!!! Speedy recovery!!
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Cindy777 , I hope your feeling better. Prayers and quick recovery ;) God bless!! xoxoxo
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Thanks luv..Feeling way better the meds have been giving me terrible headaches tho but today is day 5 last day for meds so hopefully the headaches will be gone.will post pics soon
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So happy to hear you are doing better. The key to a speedy recovery is to walk as much as you can tolerate. Do not wear the garment which will restrict your implants. Try to stretch daily by trying to touch your toes carefully. DO NOT lay on your back although the Doctor tells you to because your incision will open.
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I told you she and her husband are great Doctors. I am happy you are doing well. I responded to your post. send me your number in a private message and I will answer any questions you may have. good luck and happy healing
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