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What's the Difference in Results Between Thermage and Reaction by Viora? - Santee, CA

I have been searching this website for days,...

I have been searching this website for days, looking for any information on Reaction by Viora for the eyelid and face. Does anyone have any experiences? Many people complained that Thermage facial treatments left them looking gaunt and hollowed in the eyes. Worse, they ended up looking 15 yrs older. While Reaction by Viora is a bipolar instrument, Thermage is monopolar. The bipolar allows for more radiofrequencies to pass thereby capable of doing more good or more bad. Also, with Viora, the technician has more energy control and more control in penetrating the different layers of the skin.

Everything I checked on Google led to an advertisement article. No one in scholarly journals, because there aren't enough studies. The FDA's page says that Reaction by Viora is approved for what the CEO wrote in his FDA application: for muscle spasms and problems with tightening muscles. (Have not seen one advertisement for muscle use) Per the CEO's request, the FDA gave them "Clearance to market the machine as listed with the FDA." Per the CEO's request, Viora was cleared for MFDA (approval to market the product). On another matter,I don't know if I read this part from a medical journal or from the FDA: "...rather than studying individual complaints, we will do case studies."


you are correct about different frequencies having different effects. I have tried 3 different frequency machines with the venus freeze (multi polar & dual wave form) being the best ( and a good operator). i mention operator as I had 3 treatments with the same bi polar machine recently but a different operator for the third treatment. She didn't seem to get as good a result with the same machine. All beauticians so 2 out of 3 good.
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Know nothing about Viora but it has been interesting reading all the thermage reviews that refer to it as a laser. It is not; its radiofrequency energy which the state of Texas reminded a friend of mine when she filed a complaint with them over burns a few years ago that occurred from a provider there. In 2009, Texas said they had no jurisdiction over the treatment :(
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Was recommended by aesthetician friend. Will update after first treatment on Feb 20, 2013.

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