Verafil Implants- New and Dangerous - Santa Rosa, CA

I recently had Verafil lip enhancement, December...

I recently had Verafil lip enhancement, December 19, 2009.

After 6 days I noticed that when I smiled I had a crooked smile and on the same side I could feel the plastic part of the implant. I went to the doctors in which he said to come back in 2 weeks to see if the swelling came down. He said that he never had seen this but it might be from the swelling.

I never made it 2 weeks; I went back to him 5 days later and explained that I could feel the plastic implant on my top upper left lip as well. You could see the implant protruding out making my lip very uneven on the top. He smiled to me and said that it was a surgical error and that the top lip implant had buckled. He admitted that it was his fault and that what he could do is schedule me to get them taken out this Friday. Of course he said that he would refund my money and that he was sorry that it didn’t work out.

What I’m worried about is the reversible effects of this. Will I ever have the same smile again? I did my research on the implant and the doctor. However this is a very new procedure and unfortunately I became his guinea pig.

I'm on day 4 after getting permalip implants and yesterday I noticed a red bump on the side of my top lip, I grazed it with my finger and it definitely feels like my top implant is protruding out on that side of my lip. I am starting to FREAK OUT! Is it too soon to be so worried?? I'm calling my PS as soon as the office opens this morning. Is this completely abnormal? Please, I desperately need some feedback!!
I went to my surgeon about what I thought to be my implant protruding and it was just scar tissue/swelling from trauma...thank goodness!!! The bump went away after about a week ;)
I believe the Verafil implants have been taken off the market now, haven't they?
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