I am 34 yo 5'6 1/2 168lbs mother of 3. I had my...

I am 34 yo 5'6 1/2 168lbs mother of 3. I had my 1st son at 19 no stretch marks 2nd at 25 lots of stretch marks but was able to return to 155 sz 8-10. My 3rd son was 10lb + afterwards I could maintain 160 sz 10 but couldn't lose my belly or last 5 lbs . I decided at that point I needed a tt. Last year I ran a lot of marathons and my ps said I had no upper body fat and didn't need lipo just excess skin removal and MR. Unfortunately last year I tore my achillies an gained 10lbs. I completely stalled my exercise routine for nearly 8 months out of depression that I couldn't run. It's l ly something another runner would understand. So I'm back at it confident I will lose a few more lbs before and work off I the rest later. I carry all my weight in my torso have toned Arms and legs with no cellulite. My thinnest part of my waist is 32in and largest 40in. Just under my belly its 36. I'm a solid dense person so ideally I would like to return to 155.

I just want to add that my pregnancy weights...

I just want to add that my pregnancy weights varied 211-227

Ugh a little anxiety today. I didn't sleep well...

Ugh a little anxiety today. I didn't sleep well and now am wondering if I'm a fat girl looking for an easy out and what if I don't get the results I want? Blah

Pre-op today. Nothing more embarrassing than...

Pre-op today. Nothing more embarrassing than wearing a paper thong under bright lights. The doctor provides arnica so it must work. I guess I should start getting my supplies ready next week.

I realized the earlier pics didn't show the drapping

I realized the earlier pics didn't show the drapping

Doubt worry and anxiety suck. I hit a wall and...

Doubt worry and anxiety suck. I hit a wall and haven't exercised or eaten well in two weeks. Blah blah. but most of all no coffee Thursday morning!!!!

Savoring coffee and sleeping on my belly. Wishin I...

Savoring coffee and sleeping on my belly. Wishin I had more time to lose weight and not of been a lump these last two weeks. Tonight I shave!

Eating light yesterday and today. Going to start...

Eating light yesterday and today. Going to start stool softener today. Drank some kombucha with chia seeds to clear out the pipes. I do the chlorohexidine wash tonight. Just did one final workout to flex my abs tomorrow. I hope he doesn't break his scalpel on my rock hard abs under neath this flesh mound. :)

Heading to the ps office in 30 minutes. Ate light...

Heading to the ps office in 30 minutes. Ate light the last two days and started the stool softener yesterday. Using my last chlorohexidine wipe this am and off I go.

I've been home for an hour. Really sore in upper...

I've been home for an hour. Really sore in upper abs, it's hard to breath because they're so tight. . Removed 700ccs fat and 5 1/2 inches extra skin. 4 inch gap in muscles. Im disappointed because i thought I was supposed to get back lipo but the lipo was planned for my stomach :( time 730-230 in surgery.i have to text dr photos later so I will share tonight.
Going to sleep now.

I'm still in a lot of pain. Can barely make it to...

I'm still in a lot of pain. Can barely make it to the bathroom and I get nauseous and dizzy. I'm taking 2 Norco at time(mine you I've taken 6 pain pills my entire life) arnica stool softners antibiotics. Low appetite. Very thirsty. I think the severity of my muscle repair is what's doing me in. Otherwise nothing else hurts. My Dr. Informed me my right hip is significantly higher than my left so my scar may not be even. I always new there was a deacrepancy between my legs as all my runners knee hip pain achillies tendonitis and planters fasciitis has all been on my right. I have to give props to all of you have taken after photos so quickly. I haven't even seen my stomach. I think I'm due for a bandage change today so perhaps then. I'm a little disappointed the dr didn't call me last night to check in on me.

The back cramps have started but only when I'm...

The back cramps have started but only when I'm walking. Still in a lot of discomfort but taking 1 Norco and 600mg Advil. I attempted to do drains and snap garment myself and couldn't do it. Hubby going back to work Monday so I need to toughen up. Still haven't seen my tummy and I'm not unwrapping it.

Feeling much better today. I could tell the minute...

Feeling much better today. I could tell the minute I woke up. I jut sponge bathed and put cg in wash. I still can't tell much about my results because I'm completely hunched over still. My back kills me when walking. I am numb all over my stomach and have major gas but that's about it today.

Well I'm on my own today. Hubby is back to work....

Well I'm on my own today. Hubby is back to work. I'm walking around with a computer chair and its taking me forever to get anything done. I can't stand up my back is killing me and I can't reach anything. My legs are swollen so I'm wearing compression socks. My drainage is no longer red clear but kinda orangish. My first PO appt is tomorrow.

Did the heavens just open and the Angels sing?...

Did the heavens just open and the Angels sing? Nope that was just my first BM! This morning I had my first coffee my first BM. Did you know you use your abs to poop? I didn't ..one more benefit of the muscle repair. I sponge bathed, cut my toe and finger nails, flossed(it's been six days and I'm dental people!) brushed, made myself food, got into real clothes!!!, all by myself and with only Advil and all in a 45 degree angle! I can't sit up right for my life. It doesn't hurt it's just like there's a rubber band pulling my chest to my hips that won't let me. It's deep and internal not just skin, more muscular. My photos are the best I could get considering I'm in a jack knife position. You notice a roll in all my photos because of my position. I know that will be gone once I'm upright. Also the straight on pic the dark mole by my belly button used to be right at my ribs. I might try driving today. Tomorrow wash my hair and shave my pits!!

I just want to add I think once I stand upright...

I just want to add I think once I stand upright all will smooth out. Also because im swollen and have no feeling in my stomach it feels like a water balloon. Also will update after my PO appt today.

Hi girls, I just got back from my PO appt. drains...

Hi girls, I just got back from my PO appt. drains are out and i can shower tomorrow! Apparently he does the quilt stitching that doesnt require drains at all but he thinks that they still help. I'm in a binder now. I guess im using my arms too much because they are suppose to be at my sides at all time. Apparently I made poor dr.marcus work hard. Because im young when I stand up my skin is resilient and it raises up too so he didn't realize how much extra skin I had 4lbs! Also my muscle separation was worse than he expected so he spent a lot time suturing. He confirmed it was 4in apart! Today's been the best day and If i wasn't walking like a hunched over old lady I would be feeling almost back to normal. I got busted that I drove because he walked me out to my car! Oh and I guess he lipoed my vagina too! He asked if I had noticed and sadly I hadn't. I guess it would of stuck out like a sore thumb if he hadnt. How embarrassing. Well I'm swollen like a waterbed for my active day and loving my recliner and heating pad right now.

Belly laughing hurts-avoid at all cost. Shower...

Belly laughing hurts-avoid at all cost. Shower day! I procrastinated out of fear but the incisions don't hurt with the water. But it was no spa experience. I couldn't lift my hands to wash my hair or Stand up to wash my face so I got on my knees and got out fast to avoid gettin my tape too wet. I stayed naked to air dry my bandages. I cannot not Stand upright at all! I am not posting any new pics until I can stand up. My binder supports my back so I'm more upright with it on. My bb looks like an open wound. Well see how that goes. Despite all my swelling a weight 164 today. Went in at 167. I remeasure my waist but since in so curled over i cant get a real reading but my once largest part was 37in and my once smallest was now 34in!

Well despite being down by 3 lbs I started my...

Well despite being down by 3 lbs I started my period yesterday so Im sure my weight must be lower. I would say im hitting a little bump in the road. Seems to be about the time most peoples depression sets in and I think im no different. Feeling a bit down. I think a lot of that has to do with not getting relief from standing because im so hunched over and my back hurts so much and im so sore from sitting that even thats unbearable. My incision seems unusually swollen and some what hard and burning a little. I took a pain pill last night and this am for the first time in days. Im going to ask my Dr for a muscle relaxant for my back or sleep pills at night because i need some relief. I dont think I will be public ready for awhile. Im going to have to come up with some good excuse for missing my husbands family Christmas get together on Sunday.

Surprisingly I woke up this am and could stand...

Surprisingly I woke up this am and could stand more erect than ever but still in a hunch. I've been back on Meds for a day now and have been much more comfortable. My period, swelling and not having a bm in two days has caused weight gain but I'm not worried. I'm the most swollen yet. My feet and thighs look insanely swollen. I took some pics since I'm more upright and can see a discrepancy between my r and l sides. My nleft is more bruised and smaller and my right is bigger and less bruised. I can see pleating on my incision on the right side though and that's a sign of swelling. So perhaps it's just more swollen. My bb looks like an open wound. I wasn't feeling thrilled with my results today but am not worried about it because I know I need to be patient. PO appt tomorrow. Going to ask for muscle relaxant and/or sleep aid. I change between my cg and binder through out the day. I prefer my cg because the binder hurts when I pull it on. So happy there is a remove photo option now. I had too many repeats.

I had my 2nd PO visit this am. Dr says my healing...

I had my 2nd PO visit this am. Dr says my healing is really good despite all my activity. Activity? What activity? Going from the coach to the recliner? See since I drove to my 1st PO he's dubbed me as a rebel. So not true! But he says I can drive now. I caught my hubby's stupid cold..grrr also ps said all the muscle spasms my abs have been doing is normal and them getting used to their new position. He will take the tape off next week.

I've been off pain pills for two days. I only had...

I've been off pain pills for two days. I only had to go back on that one day. I'm about 60% upright. I took new pics but they look the same as last ones so didn't bother to post. The scale says I'm up 2lbs but still on my Period and swollen. I noticed today my belly is muffin topped over my incision, I'm still uneven in my sides, my r side still has pleating and I'm having some bulging muscle pain in my upper left abs. I might be over using them when I walk upright. I hunch my back hurts and I walk to tall and that area hurts. My bb is seeping and gross looking. I notice a little arch back to my back. That's good. There is a weird dimple in my upper right abs. I think it's a stitch that's maybe to deep creating it. Not cool.

Ps really going to start watching my diet since...

Ps really going to start watching my diet since I'm just sitting and wearing both binder and cg during the day

I just realized that ALL of my pregnancy stretch...

I just realized that ALL of my pregnancy stretch marks were removed and my husband said the first nice thing to me today? He says " you look weird" weird? Yeah like skinny ....um thanks babe. I then proceeded to tell him that the real me is now exposed since I removed that empty baby bag that his 3 children caused!

Walking about 70% upright. Back pain is at a...

Walking about 70% upright. Back pain is at a minimal but my abs hurt. I can do light chores before needing to rest. I weigh 163.7 a 3 lb 5oz weight loss but still on my period which is always good for a couple pounds. I am quite swollen. Too be expected of course but I guess I thought I looked thinner than I am. I tried on a pair of sz 12 cargo pants that I had prior to sx that were ridiculously baggy on me but so comfty. They normally sagged everywhere and i thought for sure i could wear them. But they were so tight in my thighs and I couldn't even button them. That makes me realize how dramatic my results are going to be once the swelling is gone. Also that weird dimple is gone. I'm going to try to go for a walk today. My cold sucks btw. Coughing is the worst!

Today I had my 2wk check. The tape came off and I...

Today I had my 2wk check. The tape came off and I saw my perfectly thin sliver of a scar. I said "that's what I had my panties in a bunch over? That's nothing" He said my muscles are fine despite all the coughing I've been doing. Which is the worse, and after I cough they seize up and stay contracted for a few minutes. My muscles are also contracted when I first wake. My doctor is so happy with my results and me too so I finally changed my rating to worth it. I weighed in at 162 this am and am still on my period. The doctor says I have at least 2 lbs of swelling still. So I can see me getting under 160 no problem and able to be back in the 150s as a normal weight. My fat girl pants fit today. I had amazing energy and wasn't home all day! I ran errands and visited people. I stood up about 85% today, huge change in just one day. He reccomends I start working on standing more upright since my incision is healed and that i engage my abs when doing all movements. he also reccommending i put a towel between my binder and areas that feel puffy. No longer in the cg but instead he reccomends spanx because they will do Better compression as well as the binder.I will take new pics tomorrow :)

No new pics I am so swollen from yesterday. Scale...

No new pics I am so swollen from yesterday. Scale read 161.8 :) BTW no more back ache peeps

Well I'm posting new pics but think there is very...

Well I'm posting new pics but think there is very little change and probably won't post more for several weeks. I still have a lot of spare tire swelling below the bb and having problems getting compression to that area. I need to look into a better compression garment. My spanx just pinch my midsection and are not working so great. I am starting to see the beginning of my ribs a bit of my hips and slight curve to my back again so swelling must be getting better. The more I swell the more I hunch. I am tired of walking like an old lady. It's quite comical to watch according to hubby. Overall very happy with the exception of my incision at my midline. He never taped this area and it got irritated since the beginning. It's angry red and raised and crusted where under the tape it's thin flat light pink and not crusty. In not sure why he doesn't tape it he prescribed antibiotic cream for it. I'm getting out more and my back no longer hurts but I pay the price with swelling by the end of the day. I'm weighing in at 161.5 and getting flabbier by the day and look forward to lifting weights.

160.8 and I'm off my period. So far down 6.2 lbs...

160.8 and I'm off my period. So far down 6.2 lbs with lots of swelling still to go. So I'm assuming once I hit the gym I can maintain comfortably in the 150s. Something I couldn't so no matter how hard I tried after my 3rd son. Tomorrow I'm going to start juicing and following the crazy sexy diet which is a clean eating with low ph anti inflammatory foods. I think this will help tremendously with my swelling. I got up midnight and slept sideways on the floor. Obviously not thinking well. Oddly my hip opposite the one on the floor hurt at the incision. May not be ready for aide sleeping yet.

My skin is hyper sensitive and sore to the touch...

My skin is hyper sensitive and sore to the touch except slightly above and below the incision. Nerves coming back already? Everything is achy today and swollen and im starting to wonder if this is because of my chronic coughing. Due to all this I ripped off my compression garment and have been flying commando this a.m. My body has had enough of sleeping on my back and I have been side sleeping for a couple hours but it hurts both my hips. One being laid on the one not. I havent been sleeping much these days. But am at my most active. Can walk with out back ache but bending, walking fast are not happening.

WK 3- I am walking 90% upright and still...

WK 3- I am walking 90% upright and still significantly swollen below the BB. I slept in my bed for the first time but with pillows under knees. I sleep on my sides for brief periods. I can't eat as much or I get indigestion or it backs up into my throat. But I am having extreme cravings for red meat. I usually only eat meat a couple times a week. Im walking at least 20 minutes a day. Still not in presurgery jeans. The scale reads 162.8 but I am not putting much stock into at this point. I am eager to tone the rest of my body. My mid section aches and the incision is tende but no back fat and I find myself more physically capable everyday. The midline on my incision is still gross to look at. Funny story-Ive been putting antibiotic cream on a scab by my incision for 2 wks now and it hasnt gone away. Then I realized it was a mole that was previously above my bb. 2013 Health goals-Get some guns and squat myself into an ass. My ass has bee MIA since I quit running. Back to work Monday

POD 25- in woke up swollen which is unusual. I...

POD 25- in woke up swollen which is unusual. I could feel the swelling starting midday and had to adjust my binder. Felt pretty swollen and exhausted by the end of the day. I don't know how people go back sooner. I'm still very swollen but doing a poor job of hydrating. I bought bromelian but haven't taken it. I'm feel really upright but my coworked mentioned I was hunching. Well everyday gets easier :)

Wk 4- I've been at work for four days and each day...

Wk 4- I've been at work for four days and each day got better. I felt like my old self today at work. I got lots of compliments today from my girls (xoxoxoxoxo girlies). I'm swollen a lot though. I'm more swollen on my right than left. It's pretty obvious in my pics. I get hunched as the day goes on. My vajayjay is still swollen and sporadiaclly things ache. And my abs super contract when i exert myself. They get tight like a contracted uterus The pressure makes me feel prego. Despite all that i feel good :) I'm weight 160.4 again. My PS wants me to get more active walking etc. He suggested I leave my cg and binder off at night and let my blood flow and my blood and lymph system work. It's just an experiment to see how it works. He said my muscle repair is still 4wks from being healed. I can't wait to get back to the gym. Everything else is getting soo flabby.

Just want to add I'm extremely short waisted. All...

Just want to add I'm extremely short waisted. All my height is in my legs. My rib cage is only one inch from my hips. I will never have a long torso and I don't expect my front view to look long and slender.

POD 29-Day 2 sleeping with no compression. I dont...

POD 29-Day 2 sleeping with no compression. I dont know that I like doing this too much. I wake up swollen but its not isolated to my lower abdomen its generalized throughout my entire torso. I feel unsupported throughout the night. I might wait another week before trying this experiment. I noticed im still bruised on my flanks and very tender on my hips. Super sorry for all of the update emails. I am constantely trying to rearrange and delete pics as needs.

POD-31 I took off my own tape today and took a pic...

POD-31 I took off my own tape today and took a pic of my scar. It's a bit red and you can see pleating where I'm swollen but over all very happy. I'm sleeping on my hips comortably now. Also I realized I've been saying the swelling is in my right but it's my left..I got confused between mirrors and photos reversing everything. Silly mistake.

POD 31-Today I walked for an hour. Then I had an...

POD 31-Today I walked for an hour. Then I had an ab muscle spasm for 3 hours. Weird. It felt good which scares me because give me an inch and I want a mile. But yesterday I over exerted myself and had stabbing pain in my upper abs for hours so who knows whats too much.

Week 5- Well my presurgery sz 10 jeans are too big...

Week 5- Well my presurgery sz 10 jeans are too big in my waist but for the first time ever they are too tight in my thighs!!!! WTF OMG! I've never in my entire life had something not fit my thighs that wouldn't of been too tight in my waist. It like I'm a pear shape now and not a muffin topper apple. So weird. So that leads into the fact that I haven't worked out in 7 weeks and everything else is going to hell and I am going to try spin and the elliptical next week. Weird experience nĂºmero dos: so for two days I had extreme swelling and was just at the point of calling the ps and I started my period the next day. I this Pms bloating? Could it be that since my ab muscles have been weakened since I was 19 that I never have experience true bloating? TBD. I'm not weighing myself because I've been eating like an idiot And drinking so TBD on that too lol. I've been not wearing my binder and cg to bed for the last two nights and unlike last week it feels good. I've also been taking it off for a few hours during the day and its fine. But when I'm walking or active I feel unsupported. Not ready to be binder free. I still get tight and sore from sitting for a long time so it takes me a few minutes to straighten up after sitting. Also not 100 % upright yet. Still not lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. Feeling great at work, very more mobile, sleeping with only one pillow under knees and not driving cautiously anymore :)

WK 5-DAY 5 TodayI noticed my tum was soft and...

WK 5-DAY 5 TodayI noticed my tum was soft and pliable and when I sat down it muffin rolled over my incision. Im a little worried about that and was wondering if that was normal. I do have pleating on my incicion which is a sign of swelling. I hope this isnt going to be the final appearance because I didnt pay all that $ to have a mini spare tire. Ive heard a lot of people say wk 7 is the worst for swelling so maybe Im fast approaching that. Also I did a 4 mile hike today and will see what hell there is to pay tomorrow. Other wise feeling great. Sleeping on hips and comtemplating on tum. Ive got two white stitched poking out and have just left them to be. Sorry about the rashes in my pics im having a severea allergic reaction to poison oak and am on prednisone.

Wk 6-really swollen and scale reads up 8lbs from...

Wk 6-really swollen and scale reads up 8lbs from last week. I think it's all to do with the prednisone. Can't wait to be over that. Otherwise getting more active and thinking less about it everyday. In able toay completely flat and sit up instead of needing to roll to the side. :)

WK 7- Time is flying but recovery is slow. I...

WK 7- Time is flying but recovery is slow. I really was not prepared for the extent of this recovery. I can walk, squat, bend over no problem. Sleeping on my sides but its still too tight to lay on my stomach. I can sit up without having to roll to my side now and my abs feel more stable and secure. Exercise is tough. Walking is the best I can do. The elliptical at a slow pace. The exercise bike is too strenous on my lower abs. Lifting my arms and twisting make weird twangs and pains so not ready for that.I feel like my abs are very fragile and any wrong over exertion can do them in at any time. But everyday it gets better. Ive had two white stiff stiches jutting out of the end of my inciscion for a couple of weeks now. I can't pull them out and I am not going to cut them.Recently stitches have appeared out of no where. I am pretty swollen still. Its more of a pressure and a water balloon feeling than a visual. My swelling is still isolated to below my BB and into my thighs. Recently my inner thighs have developed tennis ball size swellings that bruised. Interesting. Im really eager to get active but I like to push myself to the limit so I am recognizing my limits are less these days. But warm weather has me biting at the bit. I think I might have a dog ear on my right side but am trying not to jump to any conclusions until my swelling is gone. Also Im still disappointed that the PS and I miscommunicated about my back fat. Its so weird to have a flat stomach and a back roll. Also I feel like there is a discrepenacy with my flanks where it goes flat to fat. But all of these things I am not really concerned with until I can become active again. 9 wks of no work outs is for the shits. Also Im up in weight. 165 this a.m. but im on day 10 of prednisone and my face is pretty swollen so TBD. I got asked if I got my boobs done. Ive gotten more comments on them than my stomach. Ha I guess my buddha belly masked the girls. Im so shy and not really digging the attention to them. I think thats about it. XOXOXOXO ALL

WK 8- Swell Hell! Every night I get a water bed...

WK 8- Swell Hell! Every night I get a water bed belly. Its no big deal. I just put my binder on tight and its gone in the a.m. I have some aches in my abs and am not ready to lift any weight but I get better so much week to week that I can be singing a different tune next week. I havent been doing scar treatment but think I will start some mederma. I have been at the gym all but one day this week and am able to get the ellipical up to sweating pace. I am suprised how much more aggresive can be this week. Also I can walk at a fast pace now. 3.5-4mph no problem. I just hate dreadmills. No running though. That gives me weird tightness. Im thinking about maybe yoga and spin next week. The bike seems to irritate my lower abs. Im up in weight, 165 but really feel swollen. My hands, wrists and face look puffy to me. I think I still have residual effects from the prednisone. I stopped it 3 days ago. I feel a tight rubber band feeling in my abs. Its weird and I wonder if it will ever go away. I stil wear my CG and binder everyday but sleep without it unless im really swollen. I saw my PS on Monday and all looked well and I wont see him for 2 months. Everything is great xoxoxox

Yesterday I did 90 min at gym with cardio and...

Yesterday I did 90 min at gym with cardio and lifted weights. Then I did a 4.5 mile hike and only felt minor ab pain today and moderate swelling.

Wk 10- I didnt want to update but if Im going to...

wk 10- I didnt want to update but if Im going to share my story the bad needs to be told as well. Its nothing horrid just that the last 2 weeks ive been hit with fatigue. Its got worse as time has gone on and I am not the only one. It seems to be commonat this stage. I also have pinching burning stabbing muscle pains that are worse when I suck in or engage my abs. Its sporadic as to what spot on my abs hurt but when it does its for a day or longer. Its really exhausting. Also Im still having the full contraction of my abs at night and when I first wake up. I also get where I have to stretch my legs out and they have muscle spasms and my abs contract. I dont know why the muscle pain is so late in the game and if its because my muscle repair was so wide. (4in). I thought it was because I was working out so I stopped but that was 2 wks ago. Its kinda depressing. Im so eager to get fit and strong but hesitant to hurt myself. Another weird outcome is Ive all of a sudden have an ass. I dont know if thats because my weight can no longer deposit on my stomach or if its from the sitting. Ive never had one before so this exciting. I hope it doesnt go away when I lose the weight. Which is up BTW. It has steadily climbed since being on prednisone and now im on BCP to help with adult acne. So im back to presurgery weight. But it hasnt reflected on my stomach which im just thrilled about. Apparently its all in my ass lol. No new pics until 4 months PO. XOXOXO

Wk 12-Well last week was rough with aches and...

Wk 12-Well last week was rough with aches and pains but the swelling has gotten just out of control. Ive finally captured it on photo and my tum looks like my presurgery tum. On top of everything im up 10 lbs. Yes ive been eating like hell but ive been my most active. I started birth control pills 2 1/2 weeks ago and was up my usual PMS 3-4 LBS and that just never went away once I started the pill and then about 1-2 lbs a week now. I also think my prednisone is playing a role some how even though I quit it weeks ago. Im on BCP for adult acne and I will give it a chance and see if my body will eventually let go of the water weight. I did cardio kickboxing tonight and did ok. My abs fatigued by the end and I did yoga last week. Ive been hiking swimming and am going to try to do Hot yoga and bike this week. Im starting to get weird sharp pains as the nerves reconnect and am some days just so achy. Im feeling good overall just feeling disappointed with my weight gain but happy that I feel well enough to start being active about it =) xoxoxoxo

Hi Tt sisters! I tried bikram yoga yesterday for...

Hi Tt sisters! I tried bikram yoga yesterday for the first time since surgery and holy smokes. First of may I say that no matter which mirror I looked in my stomach looked great!!! At one point I thought my upper abs were saggy but it was just my shirt is baggy now :) and when in triangle my tum don't rest on my thigh. But normally I have excellent torso and back flexibility. back bends and camel were never a problem. But now I can barely bend my torso side to side or backwards due to tight abs. But in some poses I could get a better stretch now my tum isn't in the way (forward bending). But even though im no longer hunched over it was a reality check of how far I still have to go. Also the stomach poses were a bit strange as I couldn't get my stomach flat on the floor. Im not sure if that's from not being able to stretch my abs or that I'm so flat that my boobs and hips are now the high spots. Most of the stomach poses i couldnt do because my tum is so tight but i attempted every pose. Tbd but none the less yoga seems to be very helpful. I didn't do any of the sit ups. I rode my bike too and feel very unsteady and am afraid im going to fall. But that must go back to core strength and will improve over time. I did cardio kickboxing and felt great but my abs fatigued by the end of the hour. So I didn't do a lot at the end. But over all everything is coming along :) ps I greatly depend on my binder for workouts and even ordered a new one so I can always have one available.

Happy week 18 and 35th Birthday to me today :)...

Happy week 18 and 35th Birthday to me today :) This will probably be my last update for awhile until there are significant changes. As normalcy returns there is less to talk about. Overall I am very happy with my results. I have good ab definition which doesn't portray we'll in pics but the low bump on my side pics is actually ab muscle. My scar is starting to lighten but is still quite red. I am using Mederma on the drain sites and bb and steristrips on the scar. My doctor said its kind of thick but I'm happy. Advice for steristrips is don't pull them tight when putting them on or they will peel off. No tension is best and Mederma will oil stain your clothes. I'm up in weight, 171. I dont gain in my stomach at all. Pretty depressing but I'm getting active now. Cycling BOotcamp running etc. I cannot do sit-ups or ab work yet without pain and it hurts up to my sternum. I feel I am behind on this part of my recovery due to the severity of my muscle repair. I am no longer using my binder for support but use my spanx because swelling is still a very annoying part at this point. Exercise makes it worse for me. I usually look quite different by the evening. I have a 6 pack most mornings and gone by the pm. I get tingling sensations when I run and still can't stretch my torso in yoga. My abs are still very tight. I feel much more urgency to go to the bathroom and pms bloating now I think because my bladder and uterus have less room to expand. I am still very tight in the mornings and when I sit for a long time. I no longer get stabbing pains or spasms but am still numb in the area o my abs. And when I scratch my bb I feel the sensation on a different part is my belly-weird. I'm feeling very good these days overall and I hope the same for all of you! Cheers xoxoxox

I just want to say that I'm 9lbs heavier in my 18...

I just want to say that I'm 9lbs heavier in my 18 wk po pics than I am in my preops. They removed 5lb and I'm 4 lbs heavier than preop weight. Hard to believe huh?

Omg omg gross - I've had this little scar above my...

Omg omg gross - I've had this little scar above my incision and at first I thought it was a stitch and often wondered what it was but figured the ps didn't mention it so no worries. Then I realized its my old bb piercing scar!!! Gross seriously would it of killed a guy to have cut that extra 6mm off! Blah!

6 months- the good the bad and the ugly

Well I wish I could say time flies but not with this recovery. I am still sore in my abs and tender to touch. They still hurt with coughing. My numbness in my stomach is going away and my skin is hypersensitive to touch as the nerves reconnect. When i sit I can feel my ribs and hips curl in now not a roll of skin. It feels bizarre. I'm still super happy with my results but due to still feeling dibilitated I doubt my choice a lot. I get very stiff from sitting and have to slowly stretch my torso out and find myself still hunching and having to remind myself to sit upright. Swelling is still a daily occurrence. Some days are worst than others. The heat and sodium make it worse. I feel like my abs are super tight. Almost unnaturally so. They feel like a hard knot in my stomach. When i do a crunch my abs surface and a hard ball. I posted a pic. But despite all I feel like my ps did an awesome job but sadly I feel like I'm destroying it. I've gained a ton of weight 176. From the front I look wide as my fat rolls spill on the flanks and from the side i look disproportionately flat. I don't gain weight in the tum at all. I'm so disappointed in myself. The other thing since my abs are so tight I feel a frequent urgency to pee with the littlest amount in my bladder and if I sneeze cough or jump I pee myself. I've never had this before and I feel like my bladder can't expand because my abs are so tight. I'm hoping losing weight will help. Im embarrassed to post the pics. But I want to keep this all real. I haven't worn my CG in a long time but am contimplating wearing it again. In clothes I look proportionate and good except the fat flanks. But I'm very optimistic I will lose this weight because I believe it's due to not being active. I will update once in lose those lbs. I hope this post isn't discouraging. I'm just trying to present that facts and not everyone's recovery is the same. Hope all is well xoxoxox

Month 10

Funny how in the past my stomach made me look fat when I was skinny but now I'm fat and my stomach makes me look skinny. I weigh the most I have ever not due to a pregancy 175. But I have such a nice hour glass shape I'm always dumbfounded why my size 10 pants won't fit. I still swell a lot but no where like I used too. I just try to avoid salt and put my feet up. My PS said i am one of the few who is going to take a full year to heal and I believe it. Hes even reccommended resorting back to my CG. I still get pulling and pain in my abs when exercising. My scar is still red and not fading much. And boy is my tummy tight. Now time to work on the rest of it. I'm thinking about running a marathon. Maybe I will post pics soon! Xoxoxo

Month 9

Oops dummy me just realized I'm only 9 months out not 10. Adding a few pics. Side profile is great but I get wide in the front due to extra pounds.

1 year post op

Yesterday was my one year and I thought about what this journey has been for me a lot yesterday. It was a long year but I've come so far. I am still not who I used to be but in many ways so much better. My stomach still swells and I can feel bloating from eating or Pms so dramatically now but it's all manageable. I still have a lot of numbness in my stomach and am not sure if that will ever come back. And I seem to have a frequent need to pee because my bladder has no where to expand. My abs are still tender when working out but oh so freaking strong. Unlike any strength I've ever had. And when I work them out I can feel it unlike before it was in my back or thighs. I feel like I can do 100s of sit ups no problem. I've put on a considerable amount of weight this year and in the last two months have adopted back a consistent exercise routine and look forward to losing the lbs 2013 have gave me. But it most all seems to be in my thighs which is an area I would never of gained in before. My stomach is softer now more natural. My scar is dark red still but this is how Heal generally and assume it will just take me longer to fade. I've received lots of compliments on my waistline from people who don't know me which is nice. I will do new pics soon but unfortunately I started my period on my 1yr anniversary ad I didn't want my Pms to distort my results. Xoxox
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon

There are several choices in my area. I interviewed 3 and he has the best results and has been awarded best PS many years in a row. His results speak volumes and a TT pt of his "Waiting to Exhale "results on real self sold me.He thrives for perfection and even took the time to do extra work on me to make the results look better. He does a quilting technique where he takes the extra time to suture the skin back to the muscle also known as the drainless technique. But he puts in drains for a short time because he sees the benefits of both. He also triple stitches with nonabsorb sutures for muscle repair so to guarantee your muscles stay put forever. He took 5 hours on my surgery which speaks volumes for me on his need for perfection. Super popular guy so expect to wait for surgery dates. So if you have a date in mind get your consult early.

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Great post, thank u for being so honest..despite ur weight gain, u look great. I'm only five weeks po and the swelling discourages me
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Hang in there unfortunately swelling still continues for me but for most it diminishes more and more everyday and will be gone soon. :) congrats on your big decision
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Thank you so much for sharing your journey! It has been tremendously helpful! I love how you write keeping it real for us who are just days and weeks postop. You look wonderful!!
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Your results give me hope! I've had a few days of feeling discouraged!! I have the same swelling below the scar, in my vajaja, however mine wiggles and is flabby! So are my end of the incisions! I'm happy with results but seeing the flab reminds me just how horrible my belly was before ;(
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Swelling is gonna stick around for awhile. Month 4-6 is when all that will start to go away! Hang in here it's quite a journey and your results look great!
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You look great! I still have extra pds too... :(
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Ty Ty you look awesome I don't see any extra lbs
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You look great your results are awesome i love the bb! How are you doing now? Thanks for all the support you have sent to me though all my struggles It has helped me through my unexpected journeys I had to take! Hugs to you!!! Take care and I will chat some more soon! Later my friend!
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Aww thanks M26. It's been almost a year and I'm still having aches pains and lots of swelling. And even though it's getting better but still so tiring. It just makes me think how brave you are to be starting your journey over again. I really wish you a fast recover so you can put all this behind you.
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Thanks so much for your updates!
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You look great, I am not seeing the swelling.
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Buffy your a sweet heart :)
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Don't worry, I see the swelling in the first picture just like I have, I'm going to take some pics so you know what I mean. Some days it's not there so I know it's swelling, unfortunately most days it is.
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Yep it's usually gone in the am but I had it this morning. It feels like a tight water balloon. I know it will be gone soon. Off to go see your pics :)
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Through look great! And you're so right, not an easy or fast recovery at all. Congratulations.
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Thanks xoxoxo
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Time has gone by so fast for me, I'm 10 1/2 months out and still can't believe that big fat belly is gone. Part of my scar has disappeared, but most of it is still pretty red. I still get puffy on the sides sometimes, it's very noticeable when it happens and it happens a lot. Not much feeling in the lower abs, some itching, which does no good to scratch cause there's no feeling. Hang in there it will be a year before you know it.
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Sounds like we're just doing some normal healing :)
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I am sorry that your healing processes is going slow. I am right there with you on a LOT of the same issues. I, too, have gained weight (10lbs since surgery). I weigh more now than I have ever weighed, even while pregnant. I have gotten a exercise buddy and plan on putting a stop to this! I hope you get back to "normal" soon!!!
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We can and and we will do it! My goal is by surgery date!
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I'm sorry your healing is taking so long! You're blaming yourself for the weight on the scale, why?
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It's ok jelly bean I am ok with it taking so long. It's all part of the process. The weight is entirely due to bad eating and not exercising but I'm nipping that in the butt literally :)
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Hey Stranger seems like ages since we spoke. I'm sorry to hear it's taking a bit longer to recover but at least you can look at that lovely hour glass figure. I will now go and update my profile as I have been very neglectful. x
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