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As a teenager I was barely a 34A and always...

As a teenager I was barely a 34A and always struggled with low self-esteem because of my small breasts. I just didn't feel "womanly" or attractive. At 21 I finally made the decision to get implants. I got 225/250 (one breast is smaller than the other) submuscular saline implants. This brought me to a 36B. So, not outrageously huge, but just enough to look "normal". For years I was happy with them and finally felt attractive.

As time went on, I began realizing things I did not like about them, such as feeling self-conscious when I hugged people and not being able to lay on my stomach. I also felt terrible that I had ruined the body God had given me.

I have since had two children and breastfed both of them. I couldn't get any more womanly than that!

About a month ago, after several months of vacillating, I finally decided to have them removed. Some of my reasons:
- I was going to have them removed eventually, so might as well do it while my skin is more elastic.
- My surgeon is still practicing and said he would do it for FREE because it is such a simple quick procedure!
- I would finally be me.
- My husband is fully supportive and excited about my breasts being all natural.
- I will most likely get the feeling back that I lost in my nipples when I had them put in.
- I will not feel self-conscious when I hug people, and I can hug my children close without feeling a lump between us.
- and more...

My reasons not to have them removed were all out of vanity and insecurity.

June 25 I finally had them taken out. The surgery was very quick, as my surgeon said, and the recovery was easy. I only had local anesthesia, and needed just a couple doses of Ibuprofen the next day to help with the mild pain.

They understandably looked very empty and saggy after the surgery. It has been a week and a half and I am noticing a little bit of filling in. I do think my breasts will be smaller than before I had implants, probably a 34AA, simply because I have had two kids. But, I will be happy with whatever I have. I no longer rely on my breasts for part of my identity.

I do not regret my decision to have them removed, but it has been an emotional roller coaster since the surgery. I found that the implants were a temporary fix for a deep emotional problem. Several of my insecurities have resurfaced and I am killing them at the roots this time. It feels great to no longer be living a lie.

My close friends actually say I look better now because my small breasts fit perfectly with my small athletic build. I met them after getting implants and they said they have always thought my breasts were too big for my body. I never would have thought that.

So, I am pleased with my decision and am becoming a stronger woman because of it.

Well, it has been two weeks since my surgery and I...

Well, it has been two weeks since my surgery and I am feeling better each day. I love my real, soft, warm, squishy breasts! :) I am also so elated to report that my feeling is coming back! This is huge for me and my husband, and makes the removal even more worth it. If any of you have lost sensation, please have hope that it will return.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone that has posted their story on this site. Each one helped me make the right decision, and I have gained a lot of encouragement and inspiration from your experiences.

It has been almost 8 months since my explant, so I...

It has been almost 8 months since my explant, so I thought I would give an update. I am still so pleased that I got them removed. I think my breasts look pretty much how they would have looked after two kids, even without having implants. They have fluffed up a bit more though since the explant. They do not ripple anymore when I bend over. The scars still are tethered but not as badly. And, I figured out they got tethered after healing from the implant surgery, not explant.

The other day I realized that my breasts are no longer a self esteem issue. I just don't care that they are small. They are me and I love me. And I love being able to hug my husband and kids tight, and have them lay on me with no rocks in the way. Those are cherished moments.

The only issue is still not being able to find a pretty bra. This has been a real emotional challenge at times. I am a 34AA but no bra that size works. My breasts hang low and have no volume above the nipple. So, they do not fill the top of the bra cup, regardless of how small the bra is. The cup actually caves in on top.

I have found some little cami bras that are very comfy, and look nice under clothes. I really like them, except they don't look sexy. Some of them even came from the teens section, so I feel weird when my husband sees them. Emotionally, it is also a bit uncomfortable to be an adult women with two kids and having to shop in the same section as 12 year olds getting their first bra.

I will keep looking for a bra, but I am so happy otherwise. I realize a new level of maturity and self confidence.

I would love to hear more of your stories!

I added some new photos taken 3-3-13. And, I have...

I added some new photos taken 3-3-13. And, I have made a new discovery...COCONUT OIL! For 8 months I have been using lotion and massage to get my breasts to firm up and be fuller. Well, I started using coconut oil and the results are very noticeable. The skin has firmed up and no longer wrinkles when I lift my arms or bend over. And my breasts have shockingly fluffed up a bit more. They really look better after only 2 weeks of using it. There are a ton of great uses for coconut oil. Check it out online.
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon

He is an outstanding person and physician. I chose to have him do the removal because he put the implants in originally, and I trusted his work.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing your story! Can I ask a couple of questions? How much sensation did you loose during augmentation? Which part of the breast did you loose it? My left breast is great, but my right breast lost almost 70% of its sensation, expecially in the nipple and areola. How quickly after explant did the sensation start to return? I want to get an explant but I'm afraid of loosing even more sensation! I hate how uneven the feeling in my two breast are :(
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Great tip! I use coconut oil for my hair, what a great idea to use on the skin! I will definitely try that after explant! You look great! Congrats!
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Could you please post updated pics? I want my stupid 550 ccs out!!
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Hi god's girl, I am glad you're doing good.And looking great!
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Hello! You look great!! I am even smaller at a 32AA/A....which is what i was pre-implant...but have found that I love wearing the "ZeeBra." It is so comfortable and the customer service is great! I have absolutely NO volume up top either...but even when I was 20 I didn't either :). You can check it out online. They only have 3 basic colors, but I have been told by the owner that she is looking to expand. I had suggested different colors and lace! I love the natural enhanced shape without any wires or clasps...wonderful on!...and let's be honest...I don't need any support with my itty-bitties!
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Thank you for the recommendation. I took a look at her website and they look great. I will probably get at least one. And, like you, I would definitely be interested in something a little fancier :)
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Your story and your breasts are very similar to mine. Thank you for your story.
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I am glad that you are finding women with similar experiences. I don't know where you are in the process, but I pray you are doing well.
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Just curious if you got your nipple sensation back, I did not after I had my salines removed 4 years ago.
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I did get it back almost right away. They are not as sensitive as before I got implants, but I can definitely feel things. My doctor said that I had lost feeling because the implants put pressure on a nerve.
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My nipples are very sensitive now that I dont have the implants anymore. I like to pinch them and they feel great. My breasts were numb before. There is some damage I think to the nerves because there is still some numbing but my nipples are good. Still by far, the best decision I ever made was having the implants taken out.
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This was exactly what i have been looking for. I had my implants 5 years ago when i was 20 and in 2 days they will be removed about which i am sooo exciting. My biggest issue was that my sensivity on nipples are totally gone, where they put the implants. So now my question is where to remove the implants thinking another cut on nipples might not be a good idea. I posted a question about this but couldnt get clear answers from doctors. Maybe you could help...
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Hi Usu, I am so glad that you have made the decision to have them removed, and that you are excited about it. I am sad to hear that you have gone 5 years without sensitivity. When I had my implants put in, the Dr said I may temporarily lose sensation because he had to cut through a nerve. So, I would get sensation back once the incision site healed. Well, we both know that didn't happen. During my pre-surgery consult I told him about the total loss of nipple sensation. He said that they have since found the loss of sensation is from pressure that the implants put on the nerve. The nerve heals very quickly, but is not able to recognize stimulation because it is being smashed. That made total sense to me, and even more sense when I immediately got nipple sensation once they were removed. I am not sure if you experienced this, but I had about 5 times in those 10 years that I could feel a little something. Not as sensitive as before implants, but more sensitive than normal. Now I think it may have been the position I was in, or how the implant was laying. Maybe a weird thought, and I will never know, but it made sense. I hope this helps. Please let me know how the surgery goes, and if you notice any difference after a while. What size were you pre-implant, and what size were your implants? Have an awesome day!
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Your support is amazing, i am very thankful. Tomorrow morning is the surgery. My concern is, is it really smart to cut the nipples again to remove the implants knowing there is already enough sensitivity loss. As i read i thought the best way would be imframmary but most surgents i talked say they prefer the same incision to remove the implants since it can not make it worse than now. Besides not always that they had to cut through a nerve while putting the implants and like you say even if they did, the nerve is already healed. However since there is still numbness what you say about the pressure of the implants makes very much sense to me as well. I wasn't really able to decide about the place to remove them. The doctor says he will definitely not cut a nerve while removing them and he will really open smaller incision. So i guess i have to trust what he says and let them use the same incision since i couldnt get enough answers from experts here also. What do you feel about it ? I will write after the surgery tomorrow... Thanks a lot
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I say go with the same incision site. Why damage another non-operated area when you already have an incision site? I also asked the doctor about removing them through my lower breast fold, but he recommended the same site for ease, and ensuring no damage was done from another site.
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Yes we did from the same incision although it became a big inner conflict for me. Doesnt matter now. I am already back home feeling the happiest, lightest and normal again... So great :)
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I wanted to know how you are doing. I had my explant 6 weeks ago. I am still having a very difficult time battling depression. I had them in for only 5 weeks. I would spend time reading your posts each day for encouragement. Now, I miss reading them. I want to be normal again and happy.
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Hey! Try VS Pink, they carry 32aa. I just got my implants 7 days ago! I want them out, It is really sad..I made a huge mistake and haven't been happy about this decision at all.
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Arrgg. I went to Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom, Fredericks, VS, and JCPenney (all with a 1 and 3 year old) and found nothing! Well, I did get a bralet at Nordstrom Rack for $5, so that was nice. But, not a real bra.

I verified again that my breasts are a 32A cup size but a 36 band size. I asked at all of the stores if they carried any AA sizes and they said no. Some used to carry petite sizes but they no longer do. The other day I bought a 34A because the cups fit. The band was too tight so I got a bra extender at a fabric store hoping it would work. It made the bra fit funny and it was very uncomfortable.

So, I guess I will look online for a 36AA. Here's hoping!
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Thanks Andee! I couldn't agree with you more anout the VS bras.

God's Girl if you have a Nordstrom by you I've been told its a great place to go for sizing. Maybe you could go and they could help you out. I'm going this weekend so I'll let you know how I make out. VS measured me a 34B but I don't think so. Look at my pics I just posted.
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Hello I have you girls Talk about The natori feathers plunge bra. I have one its very comfortable. I like it a lot. I purchase another one online on Norstrom its on sale for $41.00. Its free shipping too. But the bad thing is that they dont have A cup sizes. Dont know why?I order a 34B bra but I problaby fit better in a 34A...
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I am interested in getting the bra you all keep talking about but I am concerned my breasts won't fill the cup. My breasts are the cup size of a 32A but I have a band size of 36. When I try on 36A bras I don't even come close to filling them. Is there something different about the cups on the Natori Feather bras? Does anyone have he same sizing issues I do?
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Hi preciosa...I noticed that nordstrom's didn't sell the A cups of the natori feathers bra also....but they do make it...I actually bought the 34b from nordstroms at first, but then ended up returning it because I found the 34a online and i definately needed the smaller cup. I just found it on zappos, as well as a few other online stores...totally worth it!
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free2 beme Thank you i will try 34A from Zappos I will put my order in tonight. hopefully i can get it soon....
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Kat0173 - I got the Natori Feathers Plunge. I had not been able to find a bra that fit because I don't fill them. Before the explant I was a 34C wore VS bras and those are the ones I purchased after the explant but they are so uncomfortable for me now. They kept riding up and they would pucker. Some VS bras are so padded and uncomfortable because it's just padding and they would gap at the top, which looked horrible with my tshirts. The entire bra shopping experience can be the most depressing after explant. I know it took me months before I could try on a bra and not start crying. Good luck!!
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