I've been checking this site religiously for that...

I've been checking this site religiously for that past year and now I've finally decided that I'm ready to start my journey! I am 5'3, 140+/- lbs., 34A, asian, and have no kids. I live in northern california and I have just started scheduling my consultations. So far I have scheduled with Dr. Kimberly Henry, Dr. Miguel Delgado, and Dr. Eric Marriotti.

I am super excited now that I am finally ready to get my new boobs! I will continue updating on my journey.... Xoxo

..and if anyone has any dr recommendations in the bay area it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
I would recommend Dr. Howard Rosenberg in Mountain View. Also, learn from my mistake when I first had BA in my 20s, if you don't have kids yet DON'T have an aerola incision. As much as you may think you don't care about breast feeding, once you are holding a baby, the instincts kick in and my BF was limited because of that decision. It was painful psychologically. I was also flat but once you've had implants for awhile, they will fall so a crease incision would be okay or armpit. I was an AA and went to a B cup and just had a revision because of problems after 23 years - yes you read that right - and I think I'm a C cup now but I am 7 days post-op so they look fairly huge at the moment but very nice. My skin was already stretched from implants so they don't look as tight as they do on newbies to the BA world. Good luck!
Spelled areola wrong but I think you get it! Also, I wanted to say I got sientra silicon gel round smooth implants at 465cc. They look amazingly real and are close together, no gap, so I have real cleavage and it was like that from Day 1 but like I said, I didn't have skin to stretch. I had 3 kids and they did go up and down several times with my breast feeding. I would have liked to exclusively BF and that was the problem. In your 20s you just usually don't care. I never thought I would have kids, no interest in my 20s and was convinced I wouldn't have them. People change and they are the best thing that happened to me so just think of that. Also, the areola is a source of pleasure. Ok sorry I said it but I used to get so turned on with just my BF stimulating the nipples and that has never returned to what it was. Another reason to avoid that incision but that's just me. Also, my first implants were saline. I thought that was safer but they aren't as soft as silicon. You can't lay on your stomach, it's like 2 water balloons. I was worried and silicon was different then and could leak. I think saline gives a much more fake look. Well congrats on the journey, girls with boobs just don't get how painful it can be being flat-chested but I get it. Having people tell me you don't have to wear a bra! You are so lucky! Well, I hated it when they said that because I wore a bra because I wanted to and it's insulting to have someone say I was lucky and why the hell do you bother wearing a bra? And those girls that complain about their big breasts...they act like they hate them when you know they are just bragging. If it makes you feel better, it's your life! :)
Thank you for your comment! Very helpful especially on what implant you got and how there's "no gap". Actually that was one of my biggest worries was I have a huge gap (but being flat chested it's not a gap as it is just overall flat everywhere). I am definitely hoping for cleavage. I get such boob envy when I see my friends wear those tank tops with a built in bra and their cleavage looks so nice or when girls in bikini tops actually fill out their tops. My chest is so flat even the smallest triangle bikini starts just floating away from my boobs lol. I am also considering silicone because I have felt differences in my friends who have saline and silicone. I really don't plan on having kids (I'm a little selfish..sorry!) but I still don't think I would do a nipple incision. i am afraid of loss of sensation and honestly I'm scared it might look not heal okay and look like Tara reid's :X Thank you again! I'll look into your doctor and I hope you recover well and post pics soon!! Xoxo

More consultations...

Am I overdoing it with scheduling multiple consultations? I feel like it's a big decision and I really should find a doctor I have a good feeling about but at the same time would it just make me more confused?? I'm taking into consideration quality of work, how comfortable I feel with the doctor, cost...

So far I have 2 more consultations, along with the other 3 I booked before, with Dr. Brian Klink (Vacaville) and Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh (Folsom).

That's 5 doctors!!! All scattered through the bay area...am I being crazy?
No you are a smart girl! For my first BS I went to several. Personally I found the young male PS all wanted to go BIG. This made me nervous, they seemed too eager and I would see women walking in and out for check-ups with huge knockers, like they were going to tip over. The PS I chose had been doing it for a long time. A woman walked out and the secretary said that woman had the doctor do her implants 25 years ago. I thought wow, that's older than me! So I figured he was good. My current surgery, I never saw anyone else. I guess because I saw him 2 years ago and said I had 20 yr old implants should I have them removed? And he said they were fine. He said unless they give you problems you don't need to do anything. He didn't push or pressure. He has also been a PS so long he doesn't need the money and really knows his craft. He knew exactly what was right for my body. So I went for experience. I found the young PS to be over anxious. Sure they can't be short of cash but maybe they have high maintenance wives and private school tuition for all their kids plus they are probably building up their fortune. I really got the feeling some were in it for the money. An older PS with grown kids is at a different stage in life. I would guess my first PS about 50 and my recent PS older than that but really good. He graduated from John Hopkins med school in 1969! So I guess he'd be about 71. My first PS graduated from Yale med school in 1949! Those are top medical schools. I hope this helps. It's scary but us girlies who weren't endowed deserve to feel good! All the women in my family are B to D cups. I am the only one that was born a member of the itty bitty titty commitee!
Actually just did the math and my first PS must have been about 68. So don't overlook the older surgeons. He only did the areola incision because I said I'm never having kids. He actually said if breast feeding in the future is a concern, you should avoid the areola incision. He was willing to do a different incision but I said, well what is the easiest? And the areola is a very direct entry way and it's a smaller incision than a crease incision. Anyhow, they lasted 23 years until my daughter jumped on me and then they started to harden. I was not sure if I should have a revision or explant surgery but I seriously would have been left with nothing and I don't think it would have looked good or made me feel good about myself.
Well I was convinced I wouldn't have kids but anyhow, the lost of sensation is NOT worth it! I hate to be graphic but just nipple stimulation could almost do it for me (before). After that nipple incision, forget it, and you will regret that! This is the first post I have responded to because I saw you just posted and you are in the Bay Area. Now, as far as a gap, I have seen other ladies with 465cc sientra silicon get implants, smooth, round...and they have a gap but you need to allow for the skin to stretch. After 6 mons the gap is probably gone. I saw a girl on youtube with the same implants and her gap went away after a few months. Also, when I first had it done, I chose a very experienced and more conservative PS and he tried but wasn't able to insert something that would have taken me from AA to C. However, times have changed and I totally feel you can go from an AA to a C but just give it time to soften. Just wear higher cut tops for a bit. If you look at Nicole Kidman, her implants look awful and my PS said for sure she has saline. They have the bolt on affect and she was very flat and is very thin. What I am saying is, skinny and flat, you just need to give the skin time to stretch. I was 120 lbs (and I am 5-9) when I had the surgery. I have gained weight over the years, so I'm not super skinny anymore. I will post a picture of my boobs if you'd like (that sounded really creepy and weird writing that!) but I am SO happy! And kicking myself that I didn't revise earlier! Oh and one last thing - they JIGGLE! When I walk down the hall, my boobs jiggle! The saline ones didn't move much. So my recommendations would be avoid that aerola incision, go for silicon gel and go about 465cc because that sounds big but when you are flat, and I was flat as a pancake, it only brings us up to about a C cup. I had no crease, nothing. Then when the PS took the saline implants out last Friday, he also got rid of all the scar tissue, the capsule? Anyhow, so he said I had less than before which I find hard to believe because I really had nothing. So give them time and sure, at first, if you chose a crease incision, it's going to show because the boobs haven't fallen, but then I think the boobs will cover. Maybe an armpit incision is another option except I've seen pictures of Christina Aquilera and she has scars under her arms and I'm not sure if I would like that. And yes, Tara Reid? The surgeon obviously slipped with the knife. That also happened with me, not anywhere as bad and I have super small nipples, but it was noticeable, as least to me and my BF. He slipped just a little. Okay, now you can't notice a scar but things like that can happen. I just wanted to help because I see lots of young girls being steered towards things by PS, so I wanted to give my 2 cents. Also, I think PS just have their thing and they like to stick with it. Some seem to favor one type of incision, and/or an implant brand, or silicone vs saline, some are conservative with size, some aren't. So try to at least go in with some things decided. I for sure, agree that the lost of sensation is not worth it with the areola. Most PS are men, what do they know about that? If I had known it was going to affect how enjoyable sex was, I never would have done it that way.

First consultation today! Mixed feelings...

Well I finally have some pictures and just had my first consultation...literally just got home and made myself some oatmeal and plopped down on the couch to write this post.

I know for a fact I will not be going with this doctor, but it was a good first experience because I have an idea of what to expect with other consultations. I was a bit overwhelmed and my mind went blank. I went in thinking I had all these questions and as soon as I met with the doctor, I forgot everything. She was very sweet which I loved but at the same time she didn't really pay attention to my opinions. Yes, she's been doing this for decades but she kept pushing for me to go big (like, really really big) and even suggested lipo (which maybe that's normal for a doctor to suggest what they think might make me look better..but hey lady my consultation was for boobs! not my fatty love handles!) She thought I would regret wanting a more moderate size. I got to hold a 350cc silicone implant that I thought was HUGE but she thought I could go 30-40% bigger. I get it....I'm curvy but I'm very short and I don't want to look top heavy. No matter what I said about smaller sizes like being a full C she just ignored it and kept pushing on bigger implants. I left with 2 quotes....1 for the breast augmentation alone and the other for breast aug+liposuction. A bit thrown off...plus anesthesia fees are not included and with how high her prices are to begin with I would not feel happy about forking out so much dough to get humongous cantaloupes :P
I know 100% I will not be going with this doctor.
I mean as I had my previous implants over 20 years....I left out the word pervious...I was scared to have another surgery but I certainly should have had a revision a long time ago.
So you may be a D with 465cc but the next size down (in that implant) is 435cc. Which isn't major but you are bigger than I ever was to start with. I think you would be happy with either. I certainly love the size and am glad I didn't go with the 435cc. I am not the type who would schedule another surgery just because I wished they were bigger. Some people do but as I had the implants for over 20 years, you know I don't like surgeries! If you are petite, the implant will probably fill the area more. The implants I have fill the entire area completely and I have cleavage and a little side boob.
Just wanted to say, I had the 465cc sientra silicon round in a reivision 3 weeks ago. I was a AA before my first BA. Went up to a B. Had them removed, and scar tissue removed and the 465cc. My PS said I would be a "full C" but I seem to be a D. Which is totally fine with me. They don't look huge but I am tall. 5-9. Then again, it's only been 3 weeks maybe things will change but as I had implants in for over 20 years...I never had any swelling or anything. They won't get smaller with weight loss because I just never had any boobs to begin with. Maybe some bras, I would be a C-cup, I don't know but I don't look huge. They fill up the area nicely, look SO much better than the saline I had before. If I am a 36 D and not a 36 C, no tears will be shed. I fill a D cup completely, with no wiggle room. I did try on a DD and I didn't notice much difference but I am still getting used to them and am not completely sure how the bra should fit. Mind you, the DD bra, the sales lady gave me a D and DD in that particular design because she said it ran small. I did measure myself right after the surgery and was measuring a D to DD. I would say they are a D though as they aren't in your face big. I just wanted to say as I wrote before and said I would be a C. And like I said, probably in some bras I would be a C. But I most likely have a broader chest as I am a taller person.

2nd consultation...not looking any further! SURGERY BOOKED!

I had my consultation with Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh today in his Folsom, CA office. I had a good feeling about him just by checking out his reviews and his website but going to the consult was just solidified my reason to choose his as my surgeon. Drove for 2 1/2 hours to Folsom but it was totally worth it! He was very informative and seemed very gentle and kind. Didn't push me towards putting huge implants in like the other PS I had my first consultation with. He actually thought for my frame even a "full C/small D" may be too big which I liked hearing. He even let me try on sizers! :D My first time trying them on!!!! It felt so weird, in a good way. I couldn't help but stare and giggle and smile at the two nice lumps underneath my shirt. I was so excited I even wanted to cry a little. He had recommended either a 350 or a 380 cc (which I'm torn between...not much a difference but it could be what puts me over to a small D). Also he noted my right breast was slightly larger than my left.

Surgery is booked!! Took money to pay for the entire thing (I think a part of me wished I could just have him put the implants in me right then and there lol) but they only took a deposit for now. They will collect final payment at my pre-op appointment which is June 2, and my surgery will be on June 12!!!

I have a wedding to attend June 26 so hopefully I can be mobile by then :) I will sacrifice champagne and dancing for a set of twins anyday!
And BTW you will be fine like 3 days after. It is really not a big deal...it feels like it but I felt better just a few days after. After my first procedure. The second, the one I just had done, I felt better, well I never really felt bad. I was on pain meds for 2.5 days and then I didn't need anything. Just make sure you can sleep for a couple days after.
Dr did say to keep in mind once it settles in your breasts they will appear a bit smaller which was why he let me try on the 380 and the 350. I think today I was so shocked that I actually had shape while wearing a shirt over the sizers I couldn't think straight but maybe when I go back for my pre-op I will try them on again and decide. You're right though, 30 cc doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference. You've been my only commenter on here and I'm super grateful for your help. When the doctor asked what implant I'd like I was like SILICONE SILICONE SILICONE!!! AND NO NIPPLE INCISION!!!!! hehe. Now that my surgery is booked and my pre-op is for June 2, what should I expect from that? Once again I was just so giddy and not thinking straight when leaving his office that I could barely pay attention to what his patient coordinator was telling me. And since you have had this procedure twice, is there anything I can do to start prepping for the surgery? You know...things maybe the doctor doesn't see as a preventative measure (like cleaning the house fully because I have a large puppy and a mechanic boyfriend...aka dirty clothes!!!), or like if there was anything you stocked up on just for ease? I did just get a cheap front button pajama shirt from Ross and I'm wondering if just 1 shirt would do. My doc will be providing a surgical bra and he said he'll fill me on at the pre-op on whatever vitamins/lotions THANK YOU AGAIN! xoxo
Ok, well I know I have said I will but I will seriously try to post pictures just for you to see...I had 465cc and am now a 36D but don't feel large at all. I mean I can still look smaller in a lose t-shirt if I want. However, like I said, you have much larger breasts than I started with! And mine drop and everything but I had stretched out skin from my old implants and having kids. I am totally happy and I really wasn't after the first procedure which made me a Full B. My advice though is to go for the larger - 380 - because 30cc is really nothing. I'm glad you found the right person. I also didn't like the PS who wanted me with huge implants although I did want to be larger than I ended up the first time...realistically I was flat as a board so "full B" was okay I felt. It's exciting huh!

Can't wait

Countdown timer! Beyond excited!!! *and secretly hoping by some stroke of luck someone decides to reschedule their surgery and i can get mine sooner lol*
I'll be keeping an eye on your profile! Good luck!
Thank you! my pre-op is on monday and I'm soo nervous! Surgery is 2 weeks from today and I'm seriously hoping by the time the pre-op comes around that there will magically be an opening for an earlier surgery date :D not likely to happen but I want my boobies now!
ok writing way too much - but my PS said I would be a 'full C'...and I have read VS bras run small. In VS bras I am a 36D although when I was a 36B it didn't matter where I went, VS or Sears, I was always a 36B. I know I've said it but I will really try to post pics for you. They haven't changed in appearance since I had it done. They haven't "fallen" because they never needed to...but at least you can get a feeling of the size. I am still getting used to the size but I am also happy even though it does feel a little strange at times.

Pre op today! :-)

Ohh could barely sleep last night thinking about my pre op. I don't know what i'm going to do the night before my actual surgery. I may just stay up all night!! Got to the doctors office early and filled out a nice pile of paperwork. One of his staff members came and discussed some pre/post op info (basics like no eating/drinking after midnight, list of meds, caffeine use) and then the doctor came in and just like the first time he was warm and welcoming. Definitely put me at ease. I didn't have to do any blood work. He came and took pics and went over all the other last minute things the earlier lady missed. I did receive terrible news...no shower for FOUR DAYS!!!!!! WHAAAAT!?!?!? Yikes....his office assistant recommended dry shampoo. My hair is so oily i have to shower every day so this should be interesting..

So as far as implant size went...initially at the consultation i had decided on 350 but after doing some research and trying on sizes again i switched it to 380 cc. Sientra. He gladly scribbled out the 350 and changed it to 380.

I paid in full today and left the office a happy girl :) just 10 more days and i can be a part of the boob club! I am worried i cant eat or drink anything after midnight since my surgery is at 2:15pm. Maybe i'll just sleep the whole way there (2 hr drive!)

Anesthesiologist called today!

She was so nice! And funny :-) she called to ask some questions about my medical history and remind me of all the things the doctor told me to do/not do before surgery and day of. Things like no lotions/deodorant, no wet hair, and stay as stress free as possible :) and she also told me since my surgery was at 3:30 I was allowed to have clear liquids until 8 am. Whew! I love my morning coffee and a cold glass of water. Now i'm officially 4 (3ishhh) days away from my surgery date! I am so nervous! Still havenmt bought anything yet so I am feeling really unprepared. I picked up my meds last week and bought a pill organizer from the dollar store but besides that I haven't bought anything! I see girls buying front close bras, pillows, scar creams, etc but I don't want to buy anything I won't need so I think i'm going to wait until after surgery and of I need anything I'll ask my boyfriend to pick it up.
Hey!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow and everything goes awesome!
Thank you! I will post a review and pictures as soon as I am able to :)


FINALLY DONE! I thought I had a pretty high pain tolerance but not going to lie I'm dying. Not immobile or anything but I can't get comfortable however which way i'm laying. 380 cc Sientra, under muscle, crease incision, silicone. Woohoo! Happy girl! Anesthesia was not as terrifying as I was expecting. Woke up fine to the nurses talking about carpet cleaning supplies and i could chime in right away about hydrogen peroxide and dawn lol. 2 hour drive home was...painful...but do-able. Boyfriend took it easy and has been treating me like a queen. I'd say pain was a 8/10. Mostly hurts right in between my boobs. Definitely feels like i got hit by a bus but when i peeped at them before they wrapped me up i loved em! so far i cant take very good pictures with the gauze, bra, and band on but i am putting up some just to show a general size :)
Omg I go in tomorrow at 11am with the same dr. I'm so happy he wanted me to get 380cc also however I decided with the 410cc.... :)))))
Good luck tomorrow!!! He's amazing and so gentle and nice :-) not really into his office staff but the nurses and anesthesiologist are also super nice. Gina is fun! He actually had me down for 350 but i changed it to 380 last minute and he was all for it. Looking forward to your updates! You're lucky you have an earlier time because the one thing i regret is having a time so late in the day. I was soo thirsty and so hungry!

Woke up okay, feeling crappy now

Todays pain scale is about a 7/10. Yesterday felt like a 20 seriously haha. Funny thing is my boyfriend is a wonderful guy but i never thought he would be such a great caretaker. He was pretty neutral about my decision for a BA and i honestly just thought he'd drive me to my surgery and that was that. I'm an asshole not giving him enough credit because he's been fantastic. Set up a med schedule for me. Set up my little sleeping area on the couch and slept with me on the couch calling it a slumber party. So sweet of him because we have a cal king tempurpedic but he still wanted to stay close in case i needed anything. He's opened all the water bottles and gatorades so i can open them more easily. Brings me anything I need and even had a midnight walmart run to find me more comfortable pillows. I am lucky. Anyway as far as pain goes...i feel like i got kicked in my sternum. It was really hard trying to sleep last night because i had to pee so badly and getting up was torture. Today i woke up at 7am to take my meds and i almost wasn't going to take the pain meds since laying there i felt fine. However once i tried to get up from the couch i felt like death. Before bf left for work he made me a piece of toast and fed me all my meds. Here i lay now watching saved by the bell. Amazing thing is my arms are totally fine! I thought i'd be t-rex looking but i can tie my own hair and probably change my clothes on my own. The tightness and pain is just around my chest. Hopefully tomorrow will be better because i miss cuddling with my dog!!!
I am going to try stay with your updates. I think 2-3 days and you will feel much better. I didn't have the same experience but my PS removed full-B implants and inserted 465cc implants which is different. My skin was already stretched out. Also, I think the crease incision is larger and takes longer to recover from. However, trust me, I am so happy you did not go for the nipple incision. Just keep on the meds. You will get through this and be so happy with your decision. You have my support here, as a total stranger, but someone who has been through this 2 times. Yes, I think I just laided low and stayed in bed for a few days as much as possible after the first surgery. Be careful of lifting anything and especially over your head as I am sure you know.

More pictures!!!

Finally feeling a little better. I could unhook the bra and got a peep. Love it! Excuse the bloat...i am a bit constipated (yuck sorry)
You look great!!!! You must be so excited to heal up and wear a bikini! I was reading about your 1st consultation where they tried pushing lipo on you.. I'm worried they'll try that with me too. I'm short and curvy too... I just don't want my pudgy stomach protruding past my (tiny) boobs anymore!! :) You're results look perfect for your frame. Are they high profile, moderate plus, moderate?
Thank you!:) i'm actually not sure what profile they are...kinda forgot to ask out of all the excitement but i'll ask at my pre op on wednesday and let you know. I would say if they try to push lipo on you move onto another doctor but the choice is totally yours :) the dr who tried to push lipo on me just made me a little uncomfortable for a few reasons and i am so happy i passed on her. Yay for short curvy girls! Xoxo

Can't wait to shower

I stopped taking the norcos that were prescribed to me 1 day PO because it was making me so nauseous. I ran out of tylenol and my dear bf went fishing early this morning so I just hobbled around the house trying to get some really light exercise in while my sweet dog followed me everywhere. When he came back home around dinner time, he picked up some tylenol for me! I don't know if maybe the pain was just getting better or the tylenol was working but here I am writing this at almost 2am feeling pretty good. I've been feeling good since about 8 or 9pm. I just took a lot of naps lately so i'm a bit awake at the moment. The only discomfort i feel is like this annoying kind of suffocation like someone is sitting on my chest. Also my right incision gauze came off and the surgical bra was rubbing it and irritating it a bit. Again, bf was gone most of the day so I tried to make do with a pantyliner but finally I just had my bf pick some gauze up too. He folded some up to make a thick padding and it stopped bothering me. Also when i started feeling better after dinner i decided to wash my hair over the tub. I have very fine/thin hair and it gets oily quick. Bf hopped into the tub to hold the sprayer for me as i finally got to wash my hair. I felt like a whole new woman!! I can't wait to take a full shower! I'm supposed to wait 4 days...which i guess would be until monday..... I'm wondering if i can just sneak a shower in sunday instead. It's one thing to be dirty while camping but for some reason I feel terrible not showering when the shower is right there! It just puts me in a sad and weird mood. Bf peeped at my incisions and said they looked good. He also really enjoyed looking at my new additions ;-) my post op is wednesday and i think i'll be able to drive myself. I swear, that hair wash alone seems to have made a night and day difference in my mood and my level of discomfort. If i get to shower tomorrow i will put up some more pictures. The tape has to stay on me until the post of but i'll try to take one without the bra or strap
Have your BF pick up some baby wipes for you to clean up before you're cleared to shower... The reason surgeons make you wait is to protect your incisions in those crucial first few days. Once you actually get to shower you will forget about how icky you felt the day before!
I'm the queen of baby wipes! :) i will probably wait until tomorrow as required. Last night while laying in bed i was paranoid about how much i smelled so i did a quick wipe down with baby wipes...at 3am... My bf looked over at me and surely thought i was insane. Can't wait for that shower!
You look great!!! I'm asian too and I'm having mine done in September. I can't wait already. Thank you for sharing! :)

PO day 3

Curious and bored and waiting for my bf to pick up prune juice for me so i took some pictures :-) feels heavy but probably because i've never had boobies but i love it!
so happy all is going well with you - yes the BF never complains! lol...I remember that. Whenever I would complain about anything he would say "do you want me to get an old picture of you in a swimsuit?"...having had both areola and crease incisions - the crease one of course is larger and you will feel it longer but trust me, it's better than areola, I don't think it hurt as long with areola, but I lost most sensation there and it was never the same - never! :(...so everything you did was the best in my humble opinion.
Your looking great!!..we had similar stats... I am 20 days post op today and all I can say is PATIENCE IS KEY :) you el have some bloating, pain, mixed feelings, boobie greed (maybe :p).. among other things buuuut everything subsides and you will start to love them... Mine are changing so much. . And I do get the occasional boobie greed. . But overall I love them. .. Hope u love yours as well... Happy healing and keep the updates coming. .I will do a progression pic at the 1 month mark then 2... You can check them if you want :)... Take care!!
Omg U LOOK AMAZING! When did you start to feel...normal? I love my new boobs and feel like they're mine visually but physically they still feel a bit heavy. I will be sure to check on your updates!

Shower finally.

I started driving today. Took a quick drive around my neighborhood yesterday and felt good so i drove to target and old navy. Wanted to try things on but i was just a little but too sore for that so i just browsed. So many things i want to try on though! I switched my post op appointment from wednesday to tomorrow. I was extremely tired from being out all day and idk if it's from driving and being out or from not sleeping well. Whatever it is, i really hope i'm ready for my drive to my dr tomorrow. It's 2 hrs each way so .... :/ anyway. Some more pics. I feel like not much has changed.. Different from day 1 but overall shape is similar i think. I want this damn tape off and i don't want to wear this awful/painful compression strap thing anymore!

Post Op appt

Just got back from my post op appt. boy, that was a long drive. I did fine though! The tiredness i felt was mostly from how long i was sitting but everything else felt fine. As soon as I walked into my dr's office I was seen right away. Literally...walked in the front door and into the check up area within seconds. Dr came in and was like "wow only 5 days and they look great! I guess i can clear you for any bra that isn't underwire". Woohoo! He removed my sutures and when i asked about the compression strap thing he said if i liked where my current implants were set, i could stop wearing the band. I was scared i would have to be in the ugly surgical bra for longer (before surgery he said it could be up to 2 months i believe) and i talked to a few girls who also had their BA done few months ago by him still wearing the band. He said if i want it to drop more i could always put the band back on. I was told to start vitamin E (800-1000mg) and said to moisturize but not massage, and he'd see me in 3 weeks. He also gave me some info about scar treatments that i could start once my incisions were completely closed. His office assistant recommended biocorneum with spf30 and although it was $75 (ugh) i bought it from them. Came home and realized i could have bought it online for half the price. Better work well lol....
Omg! You look great! I can't believe believe that's only 5days post op... I really hope get results like you. Did you end up finding out if they're high profile or moderate plus? That's the EXACT results I want :-D
Thank you! I'm very happy with them so far :) and i did find out they are moderate plus! I will add more progress pics. It's only been a day so i havent seen too much change

Not too much change

It's been 8 days! Feels like time went by so slow AND so fast! It's a weird feeling but that's the best way i can describe it lol. I feel better and better everyday. I can comfortably undress myself now. I haven't needed help even after surgery but it was a little funky taking off shirts. Now i'm okay with even putting on a pullover sports bra. I bought a 3 pack of soft sports bras at walmart for $10 and a front close one for $8. They are both non padded and it amazes me that i can be wearing a non padded bra and i have such a nice shape under shirts :) anyway, 2 more pictures up. Not mich change. Mornings have been easier (less tight feeling). It's still there and maybe i'm just getting used to it but it has been MUCH easier. I went back the work wednesday and my boss (also one of my best friends) looked at me and first thing he said was OMG YOU LOOK GREAT! The boys i work with i'm sure noticed and i think it clicked in their heads what was going on haha
you look wonderful! you know, even though you have ummph...you should still buy a pushup - I recommend the Incredible Bra at VS. Been saying I was going to post pictures, I will try to today - but to play around with bras is fun. And the Incredible bra has an underwire that has a thick padding around because actually I wouldn't recommend any underwires right now, I forgot about the incision. Mine feels better now but at first I couldn't wear any type of underwire. Glad you are happy! See, not really a big deal? I mean it is but well, I think you get my drift...
No i totally get it! Not a big deal. My incision is still very sensitive so i have to adjust my bras a lot or put a padding of gauze or i feel like it's going to tear lol. I will check out that bra though! I had a big gap between my breats before and the omplants brought em in closer but i still want that uumph!!! :)
your latest photo, it looks like they are loosening up - I was surprised as it does take time - or it did with me...but I was flat as a chess board...you had something...well I was surprised with the Incredible bra, I bought it only because I wanted an underwire that had lots of padding - I mean padding over the wire as I didn't want it to hurt the incision. It gives me a look I really like. The first couple weeks though, it wouldn't have been a good idea. You incision may be smaller than mine, not sure...but I probably have a wider chest.

Bikini pics

The green one is a size small. It's one of my old tops. I'm bummed about having to buy all new bikini tops but i must say it still makes me smile trying them on and seeing a difference. The smalls used to even be a little too big for me. The brown top is a large. Fits a lot better. I can't wait to be cleared for swimming! It's 100 degrees here today and i'm melting!
Wow! Amazing. Your ps did a great job they fit you perfectly. Congrats! I know what you mean about melting its so hot! I heard it's going to get hotter this week
Thank you! Just checked out your progress pics and they look great! You're lucky to have been cleared for any bra and even if you went bra-less i think they would look great! I'm so scared of how hot it's going to get. I'm actually in windsor which always seems a little hotter than sr plus our house doesn't have ac...!!! :/ at least we aren't recovering in this heat ;-)
Your incisions look smaller than mine which is great!

2nd PO and other ramblings...

Had my second post op appt yesterday. It was the massage one. I thought it would hurt but it wasn't so much pain as it was kinda funky feeling. I asked about why i felt so sunburnt on top of my chest all the time and i guess it's the nerves recovering. I have also decided to stop the scar treatment i got from my ps and try out johnson & johnson hydrocolloid tough pads. They were $4.xx for a 4 pack at walmart and i just cut the pads into strips to fit (they say don't cut it but it's too big and i wanna get more use out of them). My massages are pushing the implant up for 15 seconds, pushing them inwards forming a cleavage for 15 seconds, and letting it drop with no pushing down. Again, no pain, just a weird feeling. My boyfriend wants to go out to the lake this weekend and i'm so sad i still can't swim. I can be out there but i just can't do anything strenuous, which is not a problem because i never do anything strenuous :P i had an hour to kill before dinner today so i stopped into Target, my favoritr store ever lol, and tried on a few different styles of bikinis. The biggest problem i had was that they were out of larger sizes. There were a lot of bandeau and triangle ones so i tried on mediums/larges. Triangle is still totally out of the question but i did try on a bandeau i liked. Pretty color but i didn't buy it because the medium felt a little too snug and i didn't want to compress my boobs too much, and the large was a little too loose (it hooked in the back). I'm wearing a large in the photo.
Hey! Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I just saw your newest pic in the bandeau style bikini...you look great! I have to say, because I'm not having my surgery until winter, it's hard coming onto this website and seeing all these great after pictures. I want bigger boobs THIS summer, not next LOL. You look really wonderful. I know it sucks not being able to go swimming, but you at least get to wear cute summer dresses and show them off, right?? I love strapless dresses, but could never fill one out "up top". Have you been shopping a bunch for new summer clothes?
I completely understand how you feel. I think i may have been addicted to this site for a while and it was before i even really started planning for my ba so. I haven't actually bought any new show off worthy clothes because i still have to wear either my surgical bra or a soft tshirt bra. The ones i have are so hard to cover! I can be braless for a few hours but it just doesnt feel right so i try not to do it too long. I did buy probably 10 or so tank tops with the built in bra and i just wear them when i have to wash my surgical bra. I love strapless dresses too and i can't wait to have these boobies drop and fluff so i can go shopping! Right now i'm still adjusting to the fact that i have breasts and i'm so used to shopping for flat chested styles i noticed i was having a hard time branching out into other styles lol

Hydrocolloid pads...AMAZING!

So on my last update i said i was switching to johnson and johnsons hydrocolloid tough pads. It was for a few reasons.. Firstly, as lazy as this sounds, i didn't want to wait for the biocorneum to dry before i could put on clothes. It only took a few minutes but i just didn't feel like it. Also, my incisions still seemed a little tender/sore and these pads not only covered them fully but it also acted as a padded gauze (prior to using these pads i was just tucking gauze under my bra). Also, i've only heard amazing things about it. I'm on jbi and there's a whole thread on them. With the price being so cheap and how easy it is to use, i decided to give em a shot. I put them on tuesday and left them on until last night. I would have left them on a bit longer but i wear a lot of black so i was getting lint/fuzzies around the tape so i thought i'd change em. When i saw my incisions last night they looked so good! Very clean, small, and looked like they were healing well. When i was using just biocorneum i had indentations from my bra/clothes and it just looked puffy and red but now they just look like a small line. I forgot to take a picture before i put new strips on so maybe in a few days when i change them out again i will take pictures!

It's getting hotter and hotter here and i feel so lazy being home. I want to be back at the gym and back in a pool. I didn't make it to the lake this weekend either :-( better safe than sorry right? I couldn't really get a straight answer on when i could be cleared for submerging myself lol so i was a bit annoyed after my last post op. I'm cleared for some exercising which was a clear answer from the dr but i totally forgot to ask him about swimming. Office assistant couldn't give me a clear answer so maybe i'll go ahead and write an email to them.

Progress pics from today

I went back to the gym for the first time since the day before my surgery. Felt good but i made sure not to over-do it. Just did a little bit of elliptical. Took some pictures today as well. I didn't think much had changed since the first few days but i think if i look back swelling has gone down a lot and my gap is now not as wide. As far as feeling them goes they are way way way softer and tenderness is going away. I didn't have a lot of numbness to begin with, just certain spots under my boobs, but now it's all back. Nipple area is still over sensitive. It's a weird feeling even putting on lotion or when it rubs against my bra. Bleh, hope that gets better. The sunburnt feeling i had on top of my chest also feels better every day. I just ice it for a few minutes when it feels really burnt. I think they are even for the most part but the left feels slightly harder than the right and has a bit more of the sunburnt feeling. I'm terrified of having CC so i'm just hoping this is because i'm still in the healing process. Anyway, here are some pics. It's hard trying to take them with one hand or when my bathroom lighting sucks but here ya go! One of em i tried to edit with filters so it shows where my cleavage lies
They look fantastic! How do the sientra's feel now that you've had them for about a month?
Thank you! I LOVE THEM! Well i don't have anything to compare it to but for now so far so good! I am so happy to hear about your upcoming surgery too :-) i think you had your pre op the same day i had one of my post ops because it was nuts in there. I've never seen it so busy but i guess dr was going out of town so they had to squeeze in as much as possible. I only got 380cc as i was scared to go any bigger and at 4 weeks i'm measuring at 32dd/34d. It looks a lot smaller in clothes. I haven't bought any bras yet since i cant wear them anyway but hopefully in a few more weeks i can. I'll be looking out for your updates! How exciting :) surgery will be a breeze
Oh I don't doubt we had the same appt day. I went in at ten and like 4 other people had 10AM appts lol. I really like your size. I want to be a DD at least but I'm scared 545ccs will be too much. But seeing yours definitely makes me feel like I picked the right guy lol

Incision/scar update

I really really hate looking at pictures of scars, even my own, but i thought i'd update with a picture of mine now. Excuse the gunky dirty parts surrounding the scars. I had just taken the hydrocolloid strips off so they were sticky around the edges and red from me trying to carefully pull the tape off. I honestly gag a little looking at them but they are not bad at all. I'm swapping out the strips every 4 days or so because i don't like seeing it get all linty on the edges but i think i should keep them on longer. How are everyone else's scars at around a 1 month mark? Just curious to see if mine are healing okay
I had my appt at 11:30 and the waiting room was full! Didn't even see the dr until 12:40! They did keep apologizing for the wait but really i just felt bad for the girls because there was a lady b!tching them out about waiting 30 minutes...yikes. I think you have a really pretty shape so whatever size you get i'm sure will look nice :) i'm just so short i didn't want to have them be soo big although when i look at them now with swelling gone i'm kinda like well i guess it could have been a bit bigger lol but no regrets! I'm still thrilled to have boobs at all! How tall are you?

New bikini and progress so far

I never looked right in bandeau style bikinis before. I looked like a boy wearing one...any top for that matter. I preferred triangles before but for now i think i am only looking good in a bandeau. My boobs are so much softer even from my last update a few days ago, CRAZY! I love them more every day. I tried this top on at marshalls but it came as a set and the bottoms were too big so i didn't buy it but i loved what it did for my boobs. Also, i was wondering if anyone else has tightness in their dominant side. I'm a lefty and I don't know if that's what's making a difference between the breasts but the right side basically feels "real", and there's no tightness or pain. The left is a little bit harder and tighter. I can tell when i'm massaging or getting out of bed. I hope it's not cc...i've been massaging religiously and will continue to until I see my dr next (sept 2).
You are so sweet! I'm 5'6". Love the update :)

6 weeks!

It's been a few days past my 6 week mark! Thought I would update with some pictures :) everything seems to be doing well. I massage religiously 3 times a day. Still using hydrocolloid strips. I did however take them off to go camping this weekend and used biocorneum instead since it has spf. The boobs feel much squishier now. My left side (dominant side) is a little firmer than my right still. No pain, numbness, or sensitivity anymore though :)

11 week update

Wow, almost a month since i last updated! Where to begin....since my last update, i honestly haven't seen a lot of changes. I am shrinking in measurement little by little though. I don't know how i feel about that. I know before my ba i was really wanting a modest don't-want-everyone-to-notice look but maybe i was used to how big it was at first it seems so small now! Boob greed is real lol. After looking at my before pics though i can't complain. I love my new boobs! I tried measuring my new would be bra size at home but maybe i just need to go to nordstrom and get measured and try on a few different bras. I have a post op appt next week and hopefully i'll be cleared for any bras by then. From my self measurments i am a 30DDD or a 32DD...doesn't seem right but we'll see in a few weeks. I guess i was wearing the wrong band size before my ba lol. I did however try on a really pretty natori feathers bra, size 34D, and i don't know if it fits properly but i'll put up pictures anyway. What else...boobies are much softer. There's more bounce to them when i'm walking/running down the stairs. They still feel funky to squeeze them when i'm laying down but i am finally able to sleep on my side and not feel like they're going to fall out of place. I guess this applies to my previous statement about boob greed but i wish i had more cleavage. I guess if you had a large gap pre BA then it'll be about the same after but i cant help but think maybe if i went with a bigger size it'd give me more cleavage. My gap has got so much clothes after ba of course, but i still feel like i want to wear a push up bra or something! Also, i ran out of hydrocolloid strips so i started biocorneum almost 2 weeks ago. Idk how i feel about it yet...my scars repulse me lol but i get queasy easily. I'll update again once i have my post op next week. Heres to hoping for any bra clearance!
You look amazing. We truly have a great doctor. Even your scars are healing so well
Hey, just checking in again to let you know you look great and I'm soo jealous now! I might not be able wait until Winter bc of your results lol!


Does anyone have a review that shows scar progression 3+ months out? I've been using biocorneum for a few weeks and i feel like i see no changes. Trying to decide if i want to switch it up and get mederma or something... Biocorneum was $85 so i want to try to finish the bottle :-( not if i'm wasting time though! Thanks ahead of time!
Also.........does anyones dominant side seem to have a harder time healing? Everything is going fine but sometimes i get these pains on the side of my left boob (i'm also a lefty) and it makes me think that boob feels harder but my boyfriend says i'm just imagining it since they feel the same to him. But you know men.....
Hi June12BA! I'm a horrible realself friend :( I actually recently was able to convince a doctor back in my hometown to let me do a phone consultation, so I'm working to get that set up in the next few weeks. His in-person consultations were scheduling out to September of next year!! You look wonderful.. any big changes, or do you feel like they're settled? After seeing your pictures, I'm convinced that I'll be getting the mod+ as well. Do you know if you have Mentor or Natrelle?
That's awesome you got a consultation in. It's crazy how busy he is though!! Is he the only surgeon around? I thought I was done seeing any changes at around the 2-2.5 month mark so i stopped measuring but about two weeks ago i measured and realized i gained an inch around my bust. I was cleared for any bras in the beginning of september but i haven't had time to shop for any but i'm glad i waited. Yesterday i measured again and had gained another inch. I'm 30 inches under my bust and 38 around my bust. I bought a bra last week thinking the first inch i gained was final size. I ended up getting a cheap bra at marshalls for $15, size 32dd. It's a little small in the cup now. I can't return it since obviously i've been wearing it but now i do see that i'd need a bigger size. I mostly wear target sports bras anyway so i think i'll hold off on any nice bra purchases for a little longer. Mod+ is great for side boob i think. I wish i went a little bigger sometimes but i like my size and i love how my clothes fit now. I went with sientra. What brand are you getting?
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