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I was looking for a surgeon to perform a breast...

I was looking for a surgeon to perform a breast augmentation operation on me when I fortunately came across Dr. Teitelbaum in the Allure magazine. I was instantly captivated by his outstanding background and grounded philosophy regarding breast augmentation. A woman's breast should be proportionate, graceful, and feminine and should look as close as possible to real breasts without any evident signs of surgery. Immediately, I felt excited with the prospect of being restored after nursing three babies and naturally losing my volume and shape. I selected Dr. Teitelbaum as my surgeon because of his extensive experience and notable recognition in the field of breast augmentation which assured me that I would be in excellent hands. I also selected Dr. Teitelbaum as my surgeon because of his expertise in measuring the breast to perfection so the results are natural and the breast tissue is kept healthy. In fact, Dr. Teitelbaum's first words upon our first meeting were, "We have to make sure we preserve your tissues." All in all I had two breast augmentation surgeries with Dr. Teitelbaum and during both operations he was attentive, thoughtful, and conscientious of my expectations; he delivered exactly what I asked of him each time and there were no surprises. Initially, during my first operation I decided to go smaller (240cc) than what he originally recommended. However, after reflecting on my new breast size, and although I was pleased with the outcome, I decided it would be in my best interest to have a second operation using the implant size Dr. Teitelbaum initially recommended (300cc). Immediately after both of my operations my breasts looked completely natural, proportionate, and symmetrical which is a reflection of Dr. Teitelbaum's surgical abilities and artistic aesthetic. Both of my recoveries were flawless and I had very little swelling, pain, and bruising. I hardly needed any pain medication or any special massages following my surgeries, although I did experience some minor soreness and a slight feeling of tightness which quickly dissipated. Twice I have been astounded by Dr. Teitelbaum’s precise surgical techniques. Following both surgeries I was able to shower and go out to dinner the same day. It is unbelievable that with each passing month my breasts look and feel more and more natural. At this point, ten months after my second surgery, I cannot even tell that I have implants because they feel so natural. In fact, if it wasn't for those small incisions I would say these are my original breasts. They are perfect in size, shape, symmetry, and are harmonious with my build and frame. These superb results are the exact reason I selected Dr. Teitelbaum to be my surgeon not once but twice. To any woman a beautiful pair of breasts is a reflection of youth, beauty, and allure. However, it is Dr. Teitelbaum’s ability to make breast implants look like they are real that truly increased my sense of femininity.
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At every step of the way Dr. Teitelbaum has shown attention to detail and his incredible dedication shines through. In fact, even at times when he was busy post-operatively he still made himself available. Clearly, he makes sure his patients receive the highest level of care and are ultimately comfortable and happy. Furthermore, it was his patience, openness, honesty, and understanding that allowed me to feel comfortable to discuss my breast implant sizing issues. It’s been the greatest pleasure to be served by Dr. Teitelbaum’s staff. I am an out of town patient and on several occasions I required flexibility in scheduling appointments and follow-ups. His patient coordinator, Vicky, assisted me with every single detail and was efficient and reliable. His nurse, Audrey, is a highly professional, skilled, mature, and nurturing nurse. She was consistently calm and caring pre/post-operatively; I am certain her soft demeanor would calm down even the most anxious patients. Dr. Teitelbaum’s anesthesiologist, Dr. Moorman, shared a personal story that made me feel that she was completely approachable and down to earth. As a result, I felt “at home” at Dr. Teitelbaum’s clinic and I am sure this feeling stemmed from the terrific care I received from beginning to end. Lastly, while breast augmentation is a relatively common surgical procedure the natural-looking results that Dr. Teitelbaum produces are anything but common and I am truly lucky to have found such a remarkable surgeon who enhanced my appearance which ultimately increased my sense of self-confidence. Dear Dr. Teitelbaum, Thank you with all my heart.

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Just read your review! Thanks so much for sharing
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You are very welcome! All you can do now is to make sure that this next time around you are in excellent, capable hands. I never visited another Dr. because I felt that Dr. T.'s philosophy about breast augmentation matched exactly with my expectations; breasts that blended beautifully with all of my body. Sometimes you find incredibly successful doctors but whose philosophy don't match yours and then trouble begins. Take care.
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Congratulations! Glad to hear you are happy with your results! How long did you have to wait between the two surgeries? Was there a significant fee for the revision? It sounds like the additional cc's in the second surgery really made a difference for you. Did you notice a change in cup size after the second surgery? Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! 

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Hi Beth, I did wait 4 months. Dr. Teitelbaum recommends waiting 3 months to heal so the next surgery is accurate. I did pay the full fee for the second surgery. At our 1st consultation, Dr. Teitelbaum measured me to be 300cc's and that size would give me natural-looking results and keep my tissues healthy. Except I got scared with the actual size of the implant and thought I would feel too large. I had spent 10 years with very little volume and had no idea I would love the results so much. Now, I fit perfectly in a 32DD or in a 34C. Before I could still fit in a C but I wasn't completely full.
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Sounds like it was a fairly stress free revision. Based on your experience, would you advise women to go with a little larger implant? I always hear women saying you lose about 50 cc's once the implant is placed. Did you have your implants placed over or under the muscle? Thank you for answering all my questions. Your information will be very helpful to other women on RealSelf!

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Hi Beth, I did have my implants placed under the muscle. I am not in a position to advise anyone to go bigger or smaller, only a plastic surgeon can do that. In my case, going smaller at first was the right decision; I was concerned I could feel top heavy and consequently unhappy. Also, because I've had 3 pregnancies in 4 years I had lost my volume rather quickly and I couldn't visualize myself with full breasts again. Lastly, if your Dr. told you that by going bigger you would be stretching out your breast tissue over the limit and possibly creating complications for yourself in the future, what would you do? Thank you for continuing this conversation.
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I can relate to 3 pregnancies in 4 years...took my B cup down to a AAA cup! ;) I went with 210 saline implants 8 years ago which got me to a full C almost D cup. You bring up some great points. I'm certain I would have chosen to avoid complications in the future by sticking with smaller implants for my body size. It really sounds like you found a wonderful PS!

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