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So, I lost 120 lbs! I am 5'8 190 lbs and 24 years...

So, I lost 120 lbs! I am 5'8 190 lbs and 24 years old. I really want to have a nice flat tummy, but I am very scared of the surgery portion. I am scared I will not wake up, or anything that could go wrong during surgery. I feel very comfortable with my doc...But I am just scared...And what if I dont like my tummy after? Because its not terrible now....Just wanted to hear anyones did you get over the fear of going into surgery? I just want to be sure and be happy. I don't want to be unhappy after spending all this money. I am having lipo on outer thighs too to make my shape even....I like my shape now..just want it flat!


I really don't believe you will be unhappy with your tummy. If you really want a flat tummy and have a good surgeon you won't regret it .
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I'm 32 and I'm sending my picks to Dr. Yily tomorrow so I can get a quote...if any of you ladies would like to Travel together for the discount rate PM me
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Also every PS is different but most do epidural which doesn't put you under it's merely a nerve blocking agent same as the one used in delivering a baby to block the labor pain
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