Doctors Offices...rude..push Info from Most of Them on Cost, Etc - Santa Monica, CA

I finally got a ball park figure from 3 doctors i...

i finally got a ball park figure from 3 doctors i thought might be good. called late in afternoon to talk about
a appointment with dr howard liu. a man answered cedar sinai and i stated what i wanted. he said a $100.00 consultation and i said i needed a answer of the costs prior to paying him $100.00. he said find
another doctor. really professional. i went to my second choice, 45 minute wait, then i sat in a little
room for another 15 minutes, doctor comes in and talks 5 minutes, gives me a questionnaire to fill out
regarding my reaction to sun, another 15 minutes, he comes back in, scores the questionnaire and
tells me i might need 2 treatments. i tried to ask questions that were recommended on real self and
he never answered any. i told him a at least needed some photos. he said they were being worked on
and he will email them. he then asked for my pharmacy to get medication and i said i was not ready
i never did see one photo. his answers on real self are different than what he gave me. real self
1-3 weeks of redness..told me it could be 1-2 months. friendly and smiling. i gave up on santa monica
and los angeles and now have 2 doctors in pasadena,to call next week. hopefully, their offices will be a little more helpful without pushing for a consultation. i went to vitals and health grades . there are
300+ dermatologists.
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Glad you are doing your research and that you have found information helpful on our site for reference. Please do keep us posted on your progress -best of luck. 
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