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Following a relationship breakup in 2001, I...

Following a relationship breakup in 2001, I decided that implants would give me the confidence that I lacked. The surgery was performed by a doctor in Australia. I had small perky B cups. I told the surgeon I wanted to be a small C cup (or just a C). The surgeon advised that I probably wouldn’t be happy with a small C and would probably have to spend more money and come back for more surgery. He suggested a full C. I went with my surgeon’s advice and had saline tear drop implants inserted above the muscle via incisions below the breast. I can't remember the size recommended by the surgeon. When I came out of surgery I thought OMG! They are huge. When I had my first follow up and said they were huge, the surgeon told me they would settle that I was still swollen from the surgery. Eleven years later I am still waiting for them to settle I am a DD.

I enjoy exercising and just feel these breasts are not me. I don't like how I look in clothes and feel like I am always trying to cover up. I have had no problems with the implants, however have had some slight rippling in the left breast that is not visible, but I can feel it. They make me look bigger than what I really am and I find myself longing for my small B Cups. I have had a consultation with a surgeon in Marina Del Ray, total cost including his fee, Operating Room and Anesthesia is $7,500! Wow that’s almost how much I paid to have the breast implants in the first place. I am now looking for another surgeon in the LA area and hopefully have found one in Valencia after reading someone’s blog on this site. If anyone has any recommendations I would be grateful! I am a little worried about how my breasts will look after the surgery. I breastfed my daughter with the implants 7 years ago, so I am worried what they will look without the implants. The Dr I saw in Marina Del Ray said I would probably be a full A, small B. But at least I will be my natural self. I can’t wait to find a surgeon and have them out – the sooner the better! I have found this site so helpful, and don’t think I would have the confidence to go ahead without reading everyone’s journey.

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Had another appointment with a surgeon in Valencia...

Had another appointment with a surgeon in Valencia who quoted $3800, a little different to $7500 quoted by the surgeon in Marina Del Ray! Turns out I have capsular contracture in both breasts - they definately have to come out.


Hi Lilstar, his name is Dr Lussier ph: 661 260 3021. I rang this morning and they had a cancellation so saw me this afternoon. I got his number from this site from someone that had her explant surgery with Dr Lussier and was really happy with the results. They can fit me in as early as next week if I want to go ahead. His operating rooms are at his surgery in Valenica. Hope this helps! If you decide to see him, tell him you got his details from this site. I mentioned the site and received a $300 discount. Kylie
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Hey, what was the dr's name in Valencia...I live in LA as well and am looking for a doctor to get mine removed as well.
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Thank you so much Ely25 - appreciate it!
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Wow - things have moved pretty quickly. I am...

Wow - things have moved pretty quickly. I am booked in for surgery on the 8th. I am nervous about what the results, but I am looking forward to being me again! Will post pics and update when I can.


Just wanted to wish u the best of luck for tomorrow!!
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Thanks Kim. A little nervous, but also just looking forward to having them out! Dr Lussier rang tonight at 8.30pm to ask if I had any questions and see how I was feeling. He seems lovely - fingers crossed the surgery goes well. Thanks again!
Dr. Lussier did my silicone 350cc implants 5 years ago and he was excellent. thinking of explanting soon. Good luck!!!Pst pics.

Well surgery went well, I went in at 11am and was...

Well surgery went well, I went in at 11am and was back on the road to home by 1pm! I am glad to have the implants are out. However was disappointed to find out the my original surgeon put in Silicone implants and not Saline implants as we discussed! Lucky they didn't rupture.

I have been following doctors orders and taking it easy, even though I feel great, I don't want to over do it and end up with an infection! Took pain medication the first day but haven't needed any today.

I am a little nervous about the result. My breast are certainly a little saggy. They look ok from the side but they have a slight ridge at the front. This looks awful - you can't see in the front photo yet as still have the stitches covered - will post photos next week after stitches are out. The ridge could be some swelling and from the stitches. My doctor removed the implant from the original scar and it was a little higher than he would have liked. I am straight into underwire to try and give the breast some shape and hopefully the ridge will re-shape - it is only day 2 following the operation so I guess I will have to wait and see! Overall it is definately worth it.


Hello everyone!!....just got back from a consultation with Dr Arishita...(san antonio texas) ...He does do explant "enblock" he was not familiar with the name "enbloc" but he did explain the removal he does and it is en block because it EVERYTHING capsule and all..he said he removes it completely...He did say that my breast were going to sagg and that he would highly recommend me to do a mastopexy .....(breast lift) at the same time...However, he said in order for them not to sagg he would have to do it the "lollipop" removal....which means alot of scarring...around the nipple down the breast and accorss under the breast. When I originally had my implants put in , they went in under my armpits and the scar fadded away ....I litterally have ZERO scars.. I am very scared of how the scars with look.....I asked him about the internal breast lift and he said in order for me to get the lift i need it that way....(lollipop)....I am very very very very scared....I did like the fact that he did not recommend me to put some other implants in as a matter of fact he does not recommend that at all he does agree that removing them will make me feel alot better physically!!! He is an expert on doing breast reconstruction surgery for breast cancer patients....I thank god do not have breast cancer but I chose to go to him since I figured they would be experts on breasts......What do youll think? about he mastopexy? (lollipop).....I still would like to travel to dallas texas and meet with Dr Edward Melmed...I heard he is one of the best for explant.......I dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what I do know is that I WANT THEM OUT ASAP!!
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Thanks for telling your story on here...I got my implants last week after having a breast reduction in Feb. I'm absolutely miserable and want them out! I am was worried about how my breasts would look afterwards but, after looking at your pictures my mind is more at ease. Can you tell me what your recovery time has been like?
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Hi Kim, Thank you. This website definately helped me make the decision to have my implants taken out. I am happy to have them out! I felt great after the surgery, but my husband and doctor made sure I took it easy for the first 2 days. I took pain killers for the first day and did not need them after that. I was up after day 1 and up and driving after 3 days. I will be back excercising within the next week. Recovery process has definately been easier than when I had the implants put in. I know it is different for everyone, but I have read a few stories on realself and it seems that the explant surgery is easier to recover from then the implants themselves. I wish you all the best on your journey. Kylie.

So its been 2 weeks since my explant surgery. I...

So its been 2 weeks since my explant surgery. I originally went to Victoria's Secret to be measured for bras and had 3 different girls measure 3 different cup sizes (A, then B then C). I then went to a lingerie shop, and the lady who measured me, estimated correctly before measuring what size I would be. She had me take off my off my top and bra to measure (said that was the best way to get the right cup size) - Victoria's Secret measured in clothes so could have been why they suggested 3 different sizes. They suggested great bras at the lingerie shop, that fit me well. Some brands do run smaller or larger so it can be a little hit and miss - I found you have to try a few different style bras to see what is best for your breast shape.

I have posted some pics that show the ridge I've been talking about and one holding my shoulders back (the ridge seems to less prominent), one showing the stitches and a bra shot just to show how they look now.

The ridge looks different just after I take off my bra at night (there is less of a ridge) or if I hold my shoulders back - but I certainly can't walk around like that everywhere - lol!

Anyway very happy with my decision, and my husband loves them, I guess that's all that matters. x


Thanks Explant. I know I won't regret it. My maternal aunt died of breast cancer at my age (57) back in 1970. My maternal grandmother had it and so did my paternal aunt. Honestly, what in the heck was I thinking when I had it done. My health is much more important to me now than ever. I retired last year and now I'm able to take better care of my self.
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One good thing about smaller boobies is that you can buy cuter, sexier bras! I'm so grateful that I came upon this site because now I don't feel so alone. I'm now one step closer to getting them removed. Thanks to everyone for all your comments.
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Hey Keco, I wish you all the best with making your decision and with your journey. For me it was the best decision and I haven't looked back since my explant. This site has been amazing and very helpful. x Kylie
Dr Marc Lussier

Dr Lussier and staff were excellent. Made me feel very comfortable. Dr Lussier rang the evening before surgery, the afternoon and evening following my surgery, and also rang the day after my surgery to check my progress. He also gives his home number in case of emergency. He was very professional but also very caring and concerned for your well being. I am sure I made the right decision in choosing Dr Lussier as my surgeon!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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