Wish I could have found YOU ALL first!!Santa Monica, CA

When I finally made the decision to have my...

When I finally made the decision to have my implants removed completely,I could never have imagined the horror story that I went thru. I had had 14 years of not a single problem,and then BAM!, one disaster after another,4 more exchange & capsular contraction implant surgeries, and I was DONE! ( I thought!)

I went to see a few Docs who told me " Do NOT remove them.you'll be VERY disappointed with the results!"
NOT what I wanted to hear. So,I looked at ALL the "after" photos,went to a highly recommended Doctor,who assured me that I had enough breast tissue left post explanation..and off I went into the nightmare of Breast Implant Removal. I looked like I had had a mastectomy! I was depressed, disfigured,& left with NO tissue for a completely successful re-implantation. My breasts were basically butchered,I had puckers & nipples that looked like snoopy noses ( drooping down)

After a few years,& many consults with plastic surgeons on what POSSIBLY could be done to regain my former breast implant shape, I found a genius of a PS. All the other Dr's I consulted with either said " you need to have expander s,& full breast reconstruction,or,scratched their heads not knowing WHAT to do & referred me to another specialist,or wanted to do strata from cadeavors,or pigs to do an internal bra,plus add more tissue to support a new implant.vplus THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!! Like over $ 21,000 -$35,000!!!

YEARS & months went by & I was disfigured & depressed!

Finally,Dr.Mark Berman,was referred to me by a friend who had a similar difficult situation. It was a simple surgery,I didn't have to go on welfare after paying for it & my breasts are back to lovely. Not PERFECT! ( No fault if his! he didnt have a who,e lot to work with!!) But a whole lot better than I was living with!!

He has an invention called a "pocket protector". It helps hold the implant,& hopefully will prevent capsular contraction. It's been over 2 years & all is well!!!

Be careful about the Docs who tell you..it's a breeze, you're gonna be SO happy with them out! Maybe I'm just crazy or too vain,but as long as I'm a woman..I'd like to have my breasts look pretty...FOR ME!


Do you have any photos before, after etc? Be great to see them xxx
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I have some ( afters) still on my computer, I think. But not on my iPhone or iPad. I'll try to transfer them. Never did get any befores.. My Doc who did the reconstruction may have some. I'll ask if he can forward them.
do you have big implants? what does the doctor says about your first explantation, what happen?
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I am SO inspired by all your stories & detailed...

I am SO inspired by all your stories & detailed account & photos before & after explant! I only wish I had found you BEFORE I proceeded with mine.
I've learned SO much from y'all.
Now that I was reimplanted successfully & the skin, nipples , & indented scar were revised beautifully, I can once again consider explant. There was NOTHING any Dr. could do before.
THIS time, I'll know what to ask & what to expect. Thanks to ALL of you!
You are all so brave & honest.. & SO
considerate of each other! Blows me away!!!
Trying to upload my photos of before & after


Hi Brooklynbabe! Thanks for sending me your way. I am interested in knowing more about your case. I am a little confused though. Why are you explanting now if you got the CC fixed and you were completely upset after the first explant with the way they looked? Are you considering  doing the fat and stemcell thing?
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...And may I ask what this fat and stem cell thing is?
Also, how much did Dr. Berman charge you for the pocket protector?

So many of you have been brave enough to post your...

So many of you have been brave enough to post your photos before & after explant, you've given ME the inspiration & courage to post mine. I was sooo devastated post explant,I had a reconstruction done 2 years later.Was I happy about that.? ..NO.. But,I just could NOT deal with the terrible depression that I was dealing with.I applaud ALL of you sharing your very personal stories on this Forum,so we might all be able to help each other along our journeys. Knowledge IS power.
I had so many complications pre & post explant,I,too,like MANY of you wish I had NEVER implanted.
But I did,& one day,I will explant again. But THIS time,I will have so much more information,& all your recommendations.
I am thrilled with Dr. Berman,& his pocket protectors & his reconstruction of what I was left with post explant.But,I,like you,would like them OUT..& back to my natural breasts.
Bravo to ALL you wonderful,supportive women on this forum!


sorry you went through all this! Was any of your surgeries to implant and explant through the nipple? After they were removed, did you ever feel better until you reimplanted? You marked your explant was not worth it - that's true or were you happy you did it?
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I went for a consult once with Dr. Berman in Palm Desert..(for something else) I was very impressed by him.. and he must be the most handsome PS around.. You look fabulous ..he did an amazing job!!
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Wow what an amazing job Mr Berman has done. I can't believe what the other PS did to you. Did you manage to report her? I hope so. Thank you for sharing your story xx
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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Is there a minus rating available? I was recommended by a friend.I liked her bedside manner & voice of confidence that all would be great post explantation! She's a lovely person... Don't let her TOUCH your breasts!!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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