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Hi I would like to share my experience with all...

I would like to share my experience with all of you because I am very happy with my new body shape, I have waited 5 months to see my body like I really wanted!
For some months I wasn’t happy, in fact I felt quite disappointed because I thought that my surgeon hadn’t removed all the fat from my belly, I think I became obsessed!!,every day I spent hours in front of the mirror analyzing the way I looked, this didn’t help me at all because I started feeling quite depressed because I didn’t obtain the results I was expecting.

I had my surgery done in Santa Cruz,Bolivia with Makeover Travel a Medical Organization, I read excellent reviews about them and I had the chance to meet a woman who went to Bolivia last year to have several surgeries done, she showed me her body and pictures from her before the surgery, she looked AMAZING!!!I couldn’t even believe it!All this made me take the decision to travel over there to have my surgery done.

I was happy with the whole experience but as I said for some months I felt disappointed, I guess I didn’t really believe that the body needs time to heal, I sent an e mail to the company expressing my feelings about the results more or less 3 months after the surgery, they said to me I had to wait at least 6 months to evaluate the results, I really thought they were lying to me, but I am glad to know that they were right, after 5 months of my surgery I am very happy with my new body shape.

I let you know all this because probably you have felt the same thing after your surgery and I don’t want you to feel the way I felt for some many months, it is true that everybody is different but is true also that the body takes time to heal, we can’t expect to see results right after the surgery, at least I guess that not in the tummy tuck.

I have no regrets at all after my experience! I love my surgeon Dr.Ligeron because he did a great job and I love also the people from the company because they were very helpful!

I glad to know I have chosen to go to Bolivia because I have saved a lot of many because I would never afford to pay my surgery here , it is too expensive to me.


I wanted to go with Gospcultura but I changed my mind because when I was doing my research I contacted several companies and some of them gave me good quotes but the one I chose definitely convinced me most of all because they never asked me to pay any cent in advance which made me feel confident.

I think that going abroad is a good option for people who don’t have a lot of money, like me, I don’t have other experience than this one, it is possible that there are other wonderful destinations to go but if anyone want to go to a save place, I recommend you to go to Bolivia.

Search a company that offers you a guarantee and also ask them about other patient´s contact information this way you will be sure, or less afraid that everything is going to be ok.

If any of you decides to go also to Bolivia with Makeover Travel I advise you to stay in the Buganvillas Hotel, I stayed for a few days in the Royal Lodge but then I decided to move to the buganvillas hotel because I wanted to cook my own food, in the Royal Hotel they don’t have a kitchen is just a room but in the Buganvillas Hotel you can stay in an apartment so this is just my advice, I didn’t have the money to spend every day in Restaurants so I decided to move to the other hotel, pay a little bit more but I wanted to be more comfortable and the most important I wanted to have where to cook the food I like(I am vegetarian ) so it was complicated to me at the beginning.

I hope all this details help you in some way.If you have any question about anything(surgery, etc., let me know).



5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Did u have to get a passport to travel there?
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Hallo ASHLY... Am researching on makeover travel and you've made me slightly comfy with my decision....how are you getting on now???..you look great...Am looking to have multiple surgeries and i must admit am totally scared....please advise more or as Aisha suggested...can i communicate with you more directly or carry on here coz i'd appreciate more advise from you...thanks anyway for your advise so far.looking forward to hearing from you....thanks loads
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Wow reading your post is like dajavu ! All though my tummy is way better than it was before I still was expecting better results than what I have been seeing especially when I lean over and it didn't seem flat as I wanted
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I'm unable to see your pictures but thanks a lot for the info, I've been unable to listen reviews on Makeover Travel
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Hi - Here's some info about Makeover Travel...everything was going well with developing a plan/schedule with them (though I got really irritated by the hype in their e-mails) until I asked some logistics questions and they just stopped communicating! Examples: "Is there someone to help me wash my hair?" and "Is wi-fi available in the rooms?"
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Hi Aisha,nice meeting you. I dont share this opinion because I always got the answers of all the questions I had ; my assistant was very helpful,honestly I think that there is no reason to not answer to you this kind of questions. When I asked about Wifi (because I needed to talk with my family on skype)they told me they had in all the rooms and in the lobby of the hotel. I would never judge any company just because of this sorry! By the way one time I didnt got the answer of a question I wanted to know and I just sent them my e mail again, asking to answer as soon as possible thats it! I think is the normal thing to do. I guess you was just scared,this is different, but judging a company because of what you said is not really good sorry! There are people like me who are very happy and had a nice experience.
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Wow... thanks. I think I've decided to go with Dra. Yily in the DR
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Hi, Ashly - As I said, I just encouraged Tiffany to check it out, said that I didn't doubt the quality of their results, and made it clear that this was MY experience, not a judgement of the company...and not an opinion - just the facts of what happened in MY case. There isn't much gray area when communications stop on the company's end. I'm glad you had the wonderful experience you did. I believe everything turns out as it's meant to.
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From re-reading this chain of reviews, I think you missed the one I sent to Tiffany this morning. That's the one I refer to in my earlier reply to your post. But...even in the review I wrote on the 14th, I didn't write anything that was "judging." And, as I said this morning, I wasn't writing an "opinion." I was just stating what my experience was.
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I was thinking of going overseas as well with makeover travel but a little nervous... Can I email you to ask some questions? Thanks! P.s. the say your doc would be mine as well! Thanks! Tiffany
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Yes you can!!
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Hi, Tiffany - my recommendation - check out CosMed in Tijuana - you can read my reviews about Makeover Travel there. Even though you might have excellent interactions with them and like the results of their work, be sure to wrack your brain for every question you can imagine (they stopped communicating with me after I asked about wi-fi in the room and someone to wash my hair until I could) and see how you feel about them.
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Also, you can e-mail me with questions.
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You look amazing! Congrats!
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Hi, Ashly - Thank you so much for your detailed review and tips for Makeover Travel!!! After doing enough research to write a PhD thesis, I was excited to discover this company. Part of the appeal is the cost, but the other important factor is having a good place to stay so I can be independent and not wearing out my welcome with a friend. I'm glad to know about the Buganvillea - sounds like it's worth it for the extra money. After going so far for the procedures, might as well go all the way, right?? It's also great to have your recommendation for Dr. Ligeron, so I can schedule the surgery for when he's available. I'm planning to get there a week early so I can go on some tours. What an exciting adventure - rejuvenating for body and spirit!! Cheers - aishasolo
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I am glad that my experience could help you in some way! I am sure you will like Buganvillas Hotel. I think is a good idea to arrive a week before your surgery to visit a little bit Santa Cruz, when I arrived I didnt have enough time to visit the city because the next day of my arrival was my surgery, it was ok for me because I didnt have enough time to stay in Bolivia and I wanted to recover as soon as I could because I had to go back to work. Enjoy your trip and if you need any advise once you are there just write me ok?I would love to help you because I was already there.
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Thank you for posting this, Ashly! I would like to ask a couple of questions about the procedure, and what to expect. As you can imagine, when I told a friend about having the surgery done in Bolivia, she looked at me as if I had a screw loose. Is this the best way to communicate? Or maybe meet on Facebook and exchange e-mails that way? Or do you want me to keep posting questions here so others can benefit from your answers. Whichever you think is best. Maybe this weekend. Gotta head to work now! Cheers - Aishasolo
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You look amazing! How much did you weigh before surgery and how tall are you?
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