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I gained 100 lbs in about 3 months due to...

I gained 100 lbs in about 3 months due to medication I had to take when I was 18. I have lost the weight since (I'm 31) but I lived through my 20's with my stomach covered in stretch marks and my boobs sad and saggy like wrinkly bread dough hanging off my chest.

Finally I've lost more weight and my mom has offered to pay for me to get a mommy makeover. I feel like it's depressing because even though my body looks like I gave birth to an elephant I don't even feel productive, like I actually have a child to show for it... In any case, even though I'm scared, I'm starting to feel like I do want to have the surgery (at least so I won't be embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of a man, which I'm hoping will happen eventually. I think I would rather explain a tummy tuck scar than the wrinkles (I guess?) especially with hoping it will fade.

I just want to clarify: I am only 31. and I have never had kids. I am 5'5" and I weigh 151 lbs.

Wow, congrats so much on losing that weight. There are definitely other ladies on RealSelf who've gotten "mommy makeovers" but are not moms. Here's a thread on that for you. I truly hope this gives you a confidence boost and makes you more comfortable with your body. IMHO, scars can be hidden a lot more easily than loose skin! Please keep us posted as you get closer to your big day! Oh, and here's a list of supplies to get for recovery.

I am worried about the scar, and worried about it being numb... but it's probably worth the risk... I'm also scared because I live alone and I'm worried about the recovery process...
The scar really is not a big deal. The docs are very good at what they do and we trust in their ability to do their best on every patient. I had a c-section scar and it never really bothered me because I had a beautiful baby boy .... So likewise you will have a beautiful body that you will be very proud of... It's a fair exchange. Just know your incinsion will be somewhat numb as well as your bb for several months but the feeling does come back, it's different for everyone. As far as help after surgery you will really need it for the first few days. You won't feel like getting up or even making your own meals and having someone there to keep you on track with your pain meds is really a must. There are a lot of ladies on this site who have hired a cna or home health care person during the daytime so that might be an option for you. Maybe your mom can help on the weekend and in the evening. You really dont want to do this all by yourself. You will not be able to drive for a while either. There is a lot to plan for when having this type of surgery. I know it will all work out for you...Good Luck and keep us posted !!!

UPDATE: I haven't scheduled my surgery yet, I'm...


I haven't scheduled my surgery yet, I'm not sure if I'm going to do it in Santa Cruz or Los Gatos. I went to family therapy today with my mom and we talked about the surgery. I am probably going to stay with my mom for a while while I recover. I might go with a dr. in los gatos so I don't have to drive over 17 right after the surgery, or I might stick with dr. kerley. I am not sure exactly what to expect for the recovery process although I have some kind of idea from what i've read on this website...

i am really scared of the idea of not being able to do my usual workouts, i have worked really hard to lose weight and i am a very physical and active person and i am sensitive to anxiety and depression if i am unable to exercise, so i am very concerned about being confined for a while, but it will probably be ok...

i'm also super freaked out about the DRAINS!!!!! yuck!!!! i guess i will have to buy a big loose pair of digusting sweatpants to walk around in?? maybe i can get some from victoria's secret so even if they are loose i can still feel kind of cute in them...


it will (probably!?) all be worth it. if i do it. i'm still not 100% decided. thinking about it makes me anxious, and i am definitely needing to keep the anxiety under control.

Thanks for the update! It's a big decision.

dr. kerley

my primary care physician recommended her. I like having a woman dr. and she has good reviews on yelp.

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