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I thought this would be a gimmick but it was only...

I thought this would be a gimmick but it was only around $30.00 or so on Amazon so I thought, what the heck, I am going to give a whirl, rather a roll! haha!. After reading the reviews on Amazon I purchased the DermaRoller with the best reviews. I used this for about a month and a half following the directions exactly. DOES absolutely nothing but cause pain. And as expected it is a waste of money and a gimmick. It will do ZERO for any acne scarring no matter what kind, ice pick, rolling scars etc. It is a gimmick and possible way to get infections also. You get what you pay for. Save your $$ for a chemical peel, laser or derma fillers for acne scars.


I have used it myself and yes it takes time, you have to study what you're doing, use sterilility, (clean roller, don't use more than a few times, soak in efferdent to remove skin debris post roll and then soak in hydr peroxide or alcohol). The big mistake I've read about is people over rolling. Unless you're using a .25 or .5 mm for product penetration, you shouldn't roll more than once ever month, in my opinion. I got the best results from doing a deep roll with a 2mm roller. My skin became much more ''juicy'' and plumped up after that roll (done 6 months ago). I have used fillers in the past, but doing the roller I don't feel the need as much as I did. I am 58 and no one believes my age. I also believe your skin reflects what you eat and your lifestyle, you can't just work on the surface.
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Hey xoxoxo: would you mind sharing a source with me for a derma roller that is truly U.S. or European manufactured (and not just assembled in US)? Curious because pretty much EVERYTHING be it derma roller, syringes, furniture, dishware, toys, on and on, is China manufactured.
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Check out OWNDOC.COM. This site inspires confidence. It is Europen. The products they promote are made in Korea. Read the results of their tests on the "Top 5 Dermal Rollers". I purchased from them, their house brand.
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Not for a doctor, but for Derma Roller! GIMMICK

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