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My Transformation Journey - Santa Cruz, Bolivia

WEEK 2 Pre Op Today is August 14th, I have spent...

WEEK 2 Pre Op
Today is August 14th, I have spent the week undergoing dental work. I Chose this particular orthodontist, because he was recommended by my friend. So far I have undertaken two sessions of laser teeth Whitening. First session was good, i had teeth cleaning, followed by teeth whitening a few hours later. After the second session , I began to feel sensitivity in my teeth. I read somewhere online that this is normal. The doctor also told me this before hand. He recommended me to by sensitive toothpaste. My teeth are looking very white, even though i still have one more session to go. Next week I will undertake 2 porcelain veneer for my two upper teeth after which My dental work will be complete. He gave me a total quote of $550. Which I think is a steal !

In the mean time, it's 2 days pre plastic surgery, and I am beginning to get the jitters. Hope all goes well. I have read up on what to expect afterwards. I am so not prepared for all swelling , black eyes, bruisings and the pain. :( But I'm sure ill be fine, with pain medication. Beauty is pain huh ? :))

I will be sure to post pictures, as the days progress

2 Porceline vineers , teeth whitening & cleaning

Here's is before and after pic
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With the right Doc in those part of the world, you can leave with a celebrity smile and easy on the pocket and everyone is happy.
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It's sound like a great dental deal plus a great cheap vacation , can't beat that here.
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It's very expensive. Otherwise there is Teeth Whitening Machine for home use. My friend recommended for me. But it must company with Teeth Whitening Gel 15% http://www.zetadental.co.uk/Denjoy%C2%AE-Teeth-Whitening-Unit-411-B-Home-Use-Type-167752.html
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You only spent 550??

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Did you think it cheap??
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Please what is the name of the dentist? Your results are excellent!
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I LOVE that you are writing reviews for each piece of your total makeover. I'll be sending good vibes your way as your surgery date approaches!! You will get lots of support in the BBL community - those ladies are awesome!!

Back to your teeth - glad they turned out well, and can't wait to hear about how your veneers look. I bet you will have a stunning smile to go with that new backside - exciting!

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Thanks dear. Everything went superbly well. I've left Bolivia now. My swelling are going down too :)
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So glad to hear you are doing well!! I'll be hoping you continue to heal up and feel great!

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