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Hi everyone, im 5 days post op from a breast...

Hi everyone, im 5 days post op from a breast augmentation with a mini lift. So far, ive been feeling great so im quite happy with my choice to get my surgery done in bolivia.

I got a 340cc BA, hiph profile prothesis, scar around all the aureolas because of the lift.

I already had a fairly good sized breast so i think its a little bit bigger then what i expected. I hope it will get smaller enough with time.

Right now the nipples are a bit uneven and the shape of my breast is not the nicest but i think in a coupke weeks it will already be better.

The reason why i got my BA is because ive aways hated my breast, they were too soft and already saggy while im only in my early 20s and havent gotten any child. The size was not so important, i really just wanted to have firm breast so i could wear any kind of bathing suit, lingerie and clothes.
I have to wear the post op bra for 3 months...thats what my surgeon said. I find it horrible but at least, the healing will be over by summer! Im really excited to see the final result!

I paid 3390 UDS for the lift + implants (price including the stay at the hotel, clinic, surgery job, every thing!) + 1000 usd for the plane ticket + 90 usd for blood analysis and electrocardiogram.

Every thing has been simple and great! I just wished getting my breast done wouldnt be so taboo back home. I dont want people to judge me because of that. But whats sure is that no matter what people say or think, ill still be very happy with my decision!

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Where are you from originally? If it's the U.S., you might be surprised how many women actually have implants.

I'd love to see your before and after photos so we can follow your transformation.

Please keep us posted as you continue to heal. I hope everything settles into place just how you want it to.


I'm almost 2 weeks post-op! Its been great! All my...

I'm almost 2 weeks post-op! Its been great! All my sensation is back on my left boob and my right one is almost all there too, there's a great improvement. My scars are also doing very good, although, my right one is healing slower, especially where the drain was. I can sleep on the side and I can touch almost every where without it being too painful. Basically life is back to normal!
My clothes are pretty tight, especially my coats! Ive been shopping for nice supporful sport bras and found a couple of them!
Everything is awesome, its by far the best money Ive spent in my life!
Congrats ! They look awesome already ,
Thanks! :D I love them!
odd question-did you have to remove your nipple ring? i really dont want to have to take mine out haha

Hi girls! I'm getting close to one month...

Hi girls!
I'm getting close to one month post-op! Its awesome, I really do see a change since the last weeks. My scars are getting a lot prettier, I dont have to wear bandages anymore. I had trouble with the dissolvable sutures which my skin didnt seem to like a lot so I took some of them out and the scars could finally start healing! I can sleep on the side (both) and be 100%! And sleepling on my belly is not so bad anymore! Hugging my boyfriend is almost normal too :) Its almost like if i ve always have implants haha!
They have gotten a little bit smaller which is a very good thing since getting a bigger size was not my main reason for getting them. I was worried people would notice too easily when wearing a bathing suit (Im always lifeguarding during the summer). But honestly, I really dont think its gonna be so obvious.
My boobies are just gonna look soooo much nicer!! Its perfect!!!
They look amazing! How long did they take to D&F?
They look great! I'm really interested in your experience because I'm in the same boat as you were. I've already what most people would consider to be decent sized boobs (34D in La Senza sizing) but they're saggy and spread out way too much (despite the fact that I'm only 25 and no children). Like you, I want to be able to wear more types of bathing suits and so on, and basically just look good naked! Also, I know that if I got implants I'd probably look more proportional while naked. Question - given that you had a fair amount of breast tissue to start with, do you think your new boobs are "softer" or a bit more natural feeling than fake ones? (I.e. your own tissue is softening the look of the implant in a good way)
Thank you!! :D I really thought I was the young person with that kind of boob problem... So to answer your question, I do believe they are a lot softer than if I didnt have any breast before. I hadnt touch implants before but my boyfriend had. The person had a pretty big BA since she didnt have any boobs before. He said they were less less softer then mine. And obviously when I touch them I dont think they are very hard unless I grab the whole boob. Its pretty surprising! I was worried about the natural feeling but it turned out to be pretty nice since my natural breast tissue is very soft...too soft lol which caused them to sag at first. So if I were you, I wouldnt be so worried about the implants being too firm :)
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I wanted to go to Cuba to get the surgery done because it is a lot cheaper then in Quebec but while I was looking, I found out about the makeovertravel agency. I called both the agency in Bolivia and in Cuba but never got a reply from Cuba so Bolivia it was!

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