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I am 23. I have always had "under eye hallows"...

I am 23. I have always had "under eye hallows" (just genetics), but in the last few years I have noticed that due to volume loss in my face that they had started to appear deeper. When I smiled, it looked as though I had bags under my eyes (not bad, but enough to bother me). I had botox injections around my crows feet area, and found this to make matters worse, as it only accentuated the look of bags when I smiled. I discussed my options with a few different doctors. One doctor told me that the only thing that would help would be surgery (lower blepharoplasty)! I feel that I am too young for surgery at this time and it seems too scary as I did not want DRASTIC results....
So... I found a different doctor that I went to see, as I was interested in laser treatment. She suggested that I try restylane to fill in the hallows to reduce the look of the bags. I was hesitant, because 2 other doctors had told me that it wouldn't help much. Plus, I read all the horror stories online about people's experience with restylane injections under their eyes.
I decided to go for it, and I had it done yesterday morning. I was so nervous about bruising and swelling, "lumps" and "tyndall effect". The PA who performed the treatment made me feel very reassured that I would probably not bruise or have side effects. She went very slow and she was careful. I left the office with no swelling or signs of bruising. I saw the effects immediately. I thought I was going to have to wear makeup and hide behind sunglasses, and make up a story as to why I was bruised or puffy... but now it is the next day, and still no bruising or swelling!! I am pleased with the results so far. Now when I smile, that tear trough doesn't appear as a "bag". I feel that I looked refreshed. The technician did not even use a whole syringe of the restylane for the procedure. I didn't need much.
This has been my experience so far. I know it is only the day after, but so far it's all good!


added photos

I'm glad you posted pictures. Its so helpful to see the changes. The area looks great!

Did you use numbing cream or ice right before the injections to make things more comfortable?

No numbing cream or ice before. We used ice for a couple minutes after treatment was done, we also put arnica cream on afterwards. It wasn't too uncomfortable.


Your results are great! How long is it supposed to last?
Im not sure how long. I have heard various things. I expect about 8 months.
Wow, the PA did a great job! I'm actually kind of surprised. I would have been scared to have this type of thing done at a med spa.

touchup one week later

I decided to update my review. I wrote my first review the day after the peocedure. I noticed a big difference right away.... however, after the initial swelling went down it appeared as thouhh the bags were "coming back" I couldn't see very much of adifference from what it used to be. I called back the office and went in for a touch up. We looked at before and after pics before I had the touchup... and there WAS a huge difference although It was hard for me to tell. Anyway... we did a touchup and added a bit more to my left eye.. no pain or bruising. It looks good :)

day after touchup. lighting has a lot to do with pictures looking good or bad

Tell me you are kidding about not being sure! Fabulous improvement.
I'm the same as you, dark circles, under eye hollows, I've had them my entire life even when I was a teenager as they are genetic. I never left the house without concealer or people thought I was "sick", everything was fine until I hit my late 20's and had my kids then it was like BAM the hollowing sped up into overdrive! I am lucky to be spared wrinkles Ect due to genetics. My grandma at 87 only had a few, but these eyes, at 34 even with makeup I looked 44 instead. So like you I got restylane and it ended up not being enough because I was so hollowed out. I did a lower lid blephoplasty with fat transfer and it was the best thing I ever did. Only thing though is I do look different I think than I did before because my hollowing was so severe, but it's nice to leave the house with only my sunscreen on (we live in Florida) and mascara. You pretty much have the same exact type of bag/hollowing that I used to have/began with and then it ended with a large hollowed out space that went all around my eye orbit and made me look skeletal. You look great now with the restylane vas I absolutely loved restylane as that is what I used before surgery, but if you decide to get surgery later (I don't know your age I waited until 36) please do your research. I went to an ENT, facial reconstructive specialist, board certified plastic surgeon and all he did was faces. Even though I look "different" he still did good and did mess up my face. If I had to redo it I would and not had let it go so long. It is like one day you get up and don't recognize the face in the mirror anymore. Again you look beautiful and I'm glad to hear it went well. Also be careful with Botox, I tend to stay Away from it as I hear mixed reviews of it, but everything in moderation right?
Auto correct messed up-he did NOT mess up my face lol. I'm using my iPhone and I know I typed he DID NOT mess up my face but my wonderful iPhone changed that for me. :D
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