Lipo on Multiple Areas Plus Mini Tummy Tuck and Fat Graftting to Cheeks- Santa Barbara, CA

I am very excited and nervous for my procedure on...

I am very excited and nervous for my procedure on 11/28/12. I will have lipo on my back, flank, upper arm, thighs outter and inner, chin and on my abdomen beside lipo he also going to remove some excess skin only without tightening of my ab musscle. I will also have fat tranfer to my cheeck and under eyes. I am a petite person and not soo overweight but have visible pockets of fat on those areas. If it wasn't because of this site I will never have the courage to do so. I will have general anesthesia for my procedure. I am very nervous of the pain and all the trouble I will have to go throug during the recovery since I will have my whole body treated plus the incision on my tummy. And also I read some people mention they have nausea and vomitting after the general anesthesia. Anyone have suggestion for what to take or what to do after having all of these (multiple lipo, tummy tuck and general anesthesia). Thank you.

Tomorrow will be the day of my procedure. Actually...

Tomorrow will be the day of my procedure. Actually I am felling very well today, not too nervous. I share some of the my before pics from my pre-op appointment. I have been taking bromelain since sunday so it will be total of 4 days before surgery and I will continue taking it after surgery.

Hi ladies! Today is day 6 since my surgery on...

Hi ladies! Today is day 6 since my surgery on 11/28/12. All the pain are very tolerable and better than what I expected. The worst part is wearing the garment. The zipper poking my croch like crazy, especially when I am lying down. I am extremely swollen til to the point I am 5 pound heavier than before surgery, eventough according to my PS he removed almost 4 liter of out of me(mixture o blood, fat and fluid). This is very discouraging. Does anyone experience like this that you weigh 5 lbs more lipo? Any encouragment and tips will help and appreciated. I have not take any picture yet since I am still super swollen. I didn't drain that much and they took out my drain today. So far I think my PS is okay but spends very little time with me and always seem in a hurry. For now I will give him three stars but it may change later as I will see him more and I am expecting to see improvement.

I meant to ask does anyone experience like me that...

I meant to ask does anyone experience like me that you weigh 5 pounds more after lipo?

Today is 13 weeks after my procedure. I have not...

Today is 13 weeks after my procedure. I have not seen much result like what I expected. I still have bulge on my upper abs, bra rolls and thighs. I hope that this is not the final result since I still have 3 more months to receive a full result.
My mini TT incision healing very well and no more pain after exercise.
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon

I saw my PS yesterday for my 3 months PO check up. I show him the area of my concern that I think I didn't see good result on the lipo and fat grafting on my cheeks. He said that we need to wait for 3 more month to decide wheter I need a revision or not because with liposuction the full result will be seen after 6 months. I will see what happen after 6 months. Keep hoping for more result because I am not happy if what I see now is the final result. I give two stars for wait time because my surgery was scheduled at 12:15 and I didn't get on the surgery table until 1:58 pm. I was super hungry already when I came in at 11:30 because I was fasting since the night before and still have to wait for more than 2 hours. I was told that the surgery prior of mine took longer than expected. I might change this review after the final result. This is my review for now (3 month PO)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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That's not cool! I'm sorry you feel that way... Me too... 5 months today and although I feel and look good with cloths on, I now have loose skin. I will see ps in April and see what she has to say.. Did you have mini TT? Did you know that mini was not gonna help you with upper abs? How are your cheeks?
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Daisy I saw your after pic and your upper abs looks better than mine and you did have a TT, didn't you? My problem is not loose skin but I still could pinch my skin with like 3 inches fat under the skin. You look fantastic. I think you have a great result. Congratulations!
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You looked great before surgery!
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Hey Taxi, I just saw your pictures and as I said in previous comment, if I dont get the result I want, I may consider a mini TT, but what is it? My sister had a TT at same time I had my lipo and my recovery has been way better and faster... I hope that by now, you have lost the 5lbs you gained... I think its just fluid, extra fluid... I started exercising very aggressively at week 4 and rather that helping me, it was working against me. I would swell and be so uncomfortable and nevertheless the way it made me feel about my self emotionally. Remember it takes six months to see final results. Good luck.
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Hi Daisy! Yes I lost the extra 5lb I gained from surgery and know I am back to my original weight before surgey, haven't lost any pound though :(. I had a mini TT for lower ab only. I had a little pouch above my C section scar and my PS removed some skin there and tightened my lower ab muscle. My TT heals a lot slower than the lipo. I am still having a good amount of pain from the TT. How is your sister doing after almost 3 months, does she have good result? I have not post any new pics as I am still swollen and not much diference with before surgery picture. Do you think it is normal that at 6 weeks PO I haven't lost any weight and not seeing much result yet eventhoug my PS told me he removed almost 4 liters?
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Fat is volume... so we dont expect to loose lbs after surgery. We loose lbs because we are eating cleaner and exercising, right? My sister is doing good. For some reason she cant walk straight... idk if its because she feels she is going to pull stitches or what? pain wise she still is, she tires easily but she looks amazing! super tight skin and no fat! i am so jealous... but i love her! and happy for her... it helped her with her self esteem too. I know six weeks for you is a LONG time, but when it comes to this type of surgery, thats just the beginning... Sadly you will look worse before you look better. I dont want to sound mean but it also happened to me and to a lot of others on this site. I am exactly 15 weeks today since I had my surgery September 28th 2012 and I still swell. Have I lost weight? yes! but I lost it because I started eating cleaner that ever before and exercise at least three times a week, cardio and free weights. I do wear CG all day, I only remove when I go to bed. Sometimes I do wear it at night just because I love the way I look and feel when removed in the morning. Do you wear yours still? Remember to take pics just for your records, it really helps a lot.
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Hi Daisy thanks for your encouragement. So I am 2 months behind you, mine was on Nov 28, 2012. Yes I do wear my CG. Sure, I will take more pictures and post them.
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I have not done excercise as much as before surgery because of the TT still give me a lot of pain when I do weight lifting or any vigorous exercise. Have your sister done any exercise after the TT?
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Taxi, my sister is back to gym. She's hard core. We don't work out together often. She does weight training and spinning classes. She says she's ok. No pain. You asked about a good cg, I wear Marena stage two. Google it. It's like $85 but its good compression.
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Hi!Yes I am healing well from the liposuction. Just a little slow healing on the mini TT. The liposuction didn't hurt that much for me. Just like sore muscle. According to my PS he removed almost 4 liters which was a mixture of fat, blood and liquid. However I have not seen much result on my body. My PS said I am still very swollen and I tend to believe that since I have not lost any weight since the surgery. I am hoping to see more result soon.
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Hey, I hope you're healing well. I'm thinking of getting multiple lipo too. Can I ask you how many cc of fats were removed? Thanks
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I wish the best of luck to you Taxi452. Keep us posted with your recovery. thank for the pictures and as soon as you after pictures. I am sure tha you will be find.
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BEST OF LUCk to u with ur sure to take lots of pic;s..b4 and after...It will help when u get down...this procedure has alot of ups and downs...but thats why this sight is so great...u get lots of support going thru it with u and those aheadof you.
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Thanks so much for your support MuffinLess. Yes, this site is GREAT. I will post some pics soon.
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Taxi, Best of the luck to your procedure. It looks that you are going to look very goo. It sounds interesting the small tummy tuck procedure. I have never heard of that. As Sharon said, take a lot of pictures so you can compere before/after..My doctor told me that it is easy to forget how we were before.
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Thank you Edelweiss. I agree, I have not read any post of the small tummy tuck procedure like mine. My lower ab skin is a bit loose but my ab muscle seem still tight enough. My PS will see and decide on the surgery if he needs to tighten my ab muscle or not after open up my lower ab.
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