A Lift in All Ways - Santa Ana

One of the best experiences I have had. My doctor...

One of the best experiences I have had. My doctor was double board certified located in Santa Ana, CA. The support staff treat you like a very special person, which you are!

My results are wonderful...I moved from California to Illinois so I am unable to share the results of my Dr's work with the office where I received the Lifestyle Lift. NO PICTURES AVAILABLE!

Dr Lee

He was double board certified and took extreme pride in his work. So gentle and professional. I have to get back to California to share my pictures with that facility.

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No,it did not interfere w/ moving. I had it about August 7, 2010. Moved on August 23, 2010. Amazing recovery...no down time for me...I have a great doctor. I will share my pics and story when I go back to CA for a visit. I wish the company would let me open a facility here in Hillsboro...lots of money here for those things we girls want! That is, if the company would set me up in business. Don't share this email! Jackie
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Thanks for sharing your story. How long ago did you have your procedure? Did it interfere with moving?

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