Lifestyle Lift for Jowl and Sagging Area Under the Chin - Fantastic!

I had the jowl and sagging area under the chin...

I had the jowl and sagging area under the chin going on and wanted to get my jaw line back. I had had my brows and lower lids done successfully 5 years earlier and wanted to fix my whole face picture.

The procedure was somewhat uncomfortable but better than being totally under anesthesia. This was done 5 days ago and my bruising is going away each day and I haven't needed pain medication since day one.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take years off your look. I always recommend checking into the doctor who is to perform the surgery, as I did.

Dr Kevin Sadati

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I am interest in the procedure also in Santa Ana. Who is the doctor that you are happy with. I am nervous to get someone not recommended. Thanks.
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Glad you are happy. Patients who have anesthesia are very pleased with no memory of the surgery, lack of awareness of the surgery, and absence of pain.
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