need to give away november 15 2013 surgery date with dr salama asap to someone that hasnt scd

Hi bbl sistas So ive had a tummy tuck 2 years ago...

Hi bbl sistas So ive had a tummy tuck 2 years ago n breast aug 12 years ago n i feel like my breast are to big for my butt, n i have no hips, Well I'm hoping to get this procedure in November I've seen alot if before n after pics on here n love results that over hoping to get a super curvy hourglass body with a bubble butt lol any advice and post op after care on this procedure would be great thanks
Hey there #afifidoll I'm going to afifi next month. So excited to see her. She's doing nice behinds. Roro420 just posted her 3 day post op pics and she looks nice and big!!!!
Hi ther Icey1 I sure hope so I had sent dr Salamas office pics too just incase but i dont know if I wanna travel out I think I'd rather stay local n recover at home ;) plus ya I spoke with her on phone n she's really sweet so ur goin next month for cons as well ?!?
Actually I just did my consultation on the phone and I'm traveling in from Hawaii so I'm basically going to see her and have surgery the following day. Look up Roro420 she just had hers done 3 days ago and she looks good.

Ok so idk who I'm going to I had a quote from dr...

Ok so idk who I'm going to I had a quote from dr salama really love his work I scd a date and I can't make it out there:(so I need some one if there's anyone out there that wants a date with dr salama it would be November 15 2013 please let me I have a cons with dr dass on tues and one with dr afifi on may 29th I guess I'll decide soon :/ it's so hard cuz if u spend all this money to look good you want dr thats gonna do ur body good ya know uggghhhh decisions decisions :/

Ok ladies so I had scd the surgery with Dr Salama...

Ok ladies so I had scd the surgery with Dr Salama for November 15 2013 I can't go to Florida :/ after all if someone new is wanting to scd surgery with dr salama please inbox me he is booked out til april of 2014 or maybe later now I really need to find someone that isn't scd with him yet
Thank u

Ok so I saw DR Dass out here and he is really...

Ok so I saw DR Dass out here and he is really sweet down to earth dr his consultant Leslie is amazing and her body and butt that he did is amazing also :) I put my deposit with him also I can't wait... So I really need to give up my date with dr Salama it would be to hard to travel out ther :/ so hit me up if u haven't scd yet ;) i don't know how to update the dr I chose :/
All the best.

Hey ladies so now I don't know what to do I kinda...

Hey ladies so now I don't know what to do I kinda want to do this ASAP I don't really want to wait til nov if I do it July 3 rd ill only be able to take a week off of wrk I have a desk job so I don't have a laboring job but do you guys think ill be ok to go bk In a week ????

Take my date if you haven't scd with dr Salama

Hey ladies still need someone who hasn't scd with dr Salama to take my November 15 2013 date please :/ please inbox me if you are interested thanx
Im having surgery Nov 15th. lol Well, I'll be doing my breast lift with DR. Afifi and tummy tuck with another Dr named Dr.Lowell Hughes in the islands because he's the best I found. If you lookup tummy tuck Thursdays there's one of his clients that does a documentary ( bomb) Anyhow., good luck! I'm sure will go great
Hello That's Koo ;)
Good luck to u too hun


i swear i am so undecided on what to do to do it or not anyone else have these feelings???
hey! are you still looking to give out your november 15th schedule with Dr. Salama? I hope you still have that date :)
Girl why u switchin salama is the king of barbies
Lol I can't go to Florida after all :/

Anyone that hasn't scd with salama

Want my nov 15 th date inbox me if u seriously want it I get bk pretty quick

Still need to give away my surgery day

With dr Salama please if anyone is interested inbox me if u haven't scd surgery with dr Salama

November 15 2013 avail with dr Salama

If you have not sch surgery and really want my date to have not to buy just take please inbox me.
Anyone want my oct. 25 for a Nov-Jan date
is this date still available??
No it's not sorry :/
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