After months and months of research I finally...

After months and months of research I finally found a wonderful PS, I went to my consult this past Wednesday and it went great! She answered all my questions took her time with me even though I was the last appointment, I really like my PS she is not like other PS I have been too. I have 3 kids and I am done with having kids, so now its my time to shine, I'm pretty young 24 years old and i want a 24 year old body and some. Growing up I've always had a lil perky butt, but after 3 kids gravity kicked in and made my booty lets just say droop a little lol. I'm going to be having lipo on my arms, flanks, and full abdomen. I want to do the upper back but its not in my budget right now. Ill post some pics later on when i get a chance.


Oh I have a consultation with her on the 15th. How many cc's youthink you'll get?
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welcome to the bbl sisterhood
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8/6/12 Update: My surgery is scheduled for this...

8/6/12 Update: My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday the 9th!! super excited, they knew my situation and knew I had to get this done pretty quickly because my Sister's wedding is coming up. So they were able to squeeze me in, its all happening so fast which is how I like it! It hasn't even hit me yet that I'm getting the surgery, I think it will the day of the surgery when I first walk into the surgery facility, It seems like everyone else around me is more excited then I am lol. Dr is going to be taking before and after pics so I'll post that up when she does. Just counting the days now...


Congrats Jessie in ur upcoming bbl!!! I'm having mine in 14 more days in TJ... Hope everything goes well Hun!
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Yay days away
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Im going in to see her this Wednesday, to talk to her about that, when i initially went in for my consult I was so excited I forgot to ask her alot of questions, so i made a list and the cc's is on my list, I want to get 1000 cc in each cheek, ideally i would want it to be at 800 cc but im making up for the reabsorption. Good luck at your consult, you'll love her shes super nice!

Only hours away now... the receptionist at the...

Only hours away now... the receptionist at the surgery center just called me to confirm my surgery now it has finally hit me! they bumped my time up to 6:30 AM it was suppose to be at 4:00 AM but I definitely don't mind getting that extra hour of sleep. She said no eating or drinking after 8 tonight, so i gotta eat my dinner early. Im nervous and excited, Im going in to talk to my doctor today after work around 4, just to calm my nerves and ask a whole lotta questions i forgot to ask her before. I'll update yall tommorrow after the surgery wish me luck!


U already
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i guess kinda scared bout the anesthesia part, but other then that I'm pretty much ready to go!
Sorry I accidentaly posted the above comment, but wasn't what I was gonna say is that u already have a nice body so ur resullts are going to be bangin!! I will pray for u! God is with u and u will be just fine! Wishing all the best for u!

1st day post op i have to admit i defintalety...

1st day post op i have to admit i defintalety underestimated the pain, i had lipo on my arms, abdomen, and flanks. my whole body is sore!!! But my butt hurts soooo much i feels real hard. doctor put 1 liter in each cheek thats 1000cc and some on my hips. My but and hips is huge right now, a lil too big for my preference but its just swollen so it'll be going down soon. She contoured my waist really nice i know once the swelling is down i know my body will be bangin'. Ill be seeing dr tomorrow then ill post some picstures, Ill ask her for the before pics she took of me.


Hope your surgery went well. Stay positive & keep moving as much as possible.
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Thank you.

2 days post op not including surgery day, still...

2 days post op not including surgery day, still pretty sore saw dr afifi this morning she says everything looks good still swollen a bit, posted picture today.


I think your butt looks great! I can't wait to see her now!
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Hey girl Congrats on the Booty! Looks real good. Ur doctor did a greAt job! Make sure u walk to get ur circulation going and drink lots of water and pineapple juice! Stay away from salty foods. Hope u feel better every dayM
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Thank you, my hips are too big for my liking but I know it's swollen so hopefully it goes down a lot more .

5th day post op and feeling way better! still...

5th day post op and feeling way better! still walking like a duck a little bit, went back to work today kinda difficult to drive i swear my thighs will be so toned soon, because the way i sit i put all the pressure on my thighs and legs. i have a office job so its 8 hours of sitting!! i get up and walk around every now and then because my legs be killing me if i sit to much. Alot of the swelling has went down which is good cuz it was way to bigg, my coworkers definitely noticed my butt, lol i just said my lipo made my butt stick out more now that my tummy is flat my butt looks bigger ;) which is believable to them cuz i did have a little junk in the trunk before not much but it was there. I just cant wait for week 6 to see the semi final result.


Hi Betsie, congrats to you and new booty. Dr.Afifi is one of my choices actually she's a choice of mines.
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I am so happy Dr. Afifi is getting noticed on here. I am going to her for my BBL december 19th. I cant wait.
Thank you, you've made a wonderful choice!

Tomorrow will mark my 1 month mark and I am still...

Tomorrow will mark my 1 month mark and I am still very happy with my results! So far everything is healing and coming along perfect. I'm so happy i chose to do the BBL especially with Dr Afifi, I don't think my results could've been any better! I just cant wait to go to Vegas next friday with my new booty lol!!


Hi, I live in your area and I really want to have the procedure done asap. I have done extensive research but have never actually seen or felt one. Would you consider meeting up with me? I will take you to lunch ! Or do eyelash extensions on you ( I am very good, I do it for a living).
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OMFG Betsie, ima hurt you girl, you said you dont have a small waist, YEEESSS you do. Girl you are looking like fine wine, No homo but damn your curves look so sexy. I almost cried cus Im so happy and so anxious even though being too anxious is wrong, I cant help it. You look amazing. Look at you taking sexy pics. No lie I have always wanted to take some sexy pics (without) clothes for my personal use. I also like that slim cognito, you look so smooth, Im about to buy that right now.
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Totally agree with everything RedBonz said =) Love it Love it Love it!! Do you have any pictures with you in a bathing suit/undies? And like RedBonz sais NO HOMO >.< LOL just want to see how it looks. Thx Betsie...

So tomorrow I will be exactly 8 weeks post surgery...

So tomorrow I will be exactly 8 weeks post surgery yay for me! I cant believe i've come so far in my journey to get a nice big ol' butt :) I can say im 100 % healed I've been for a while actually. Thank goodness i had a fast recovery which I knew i would be having because I'm a pretty strong person when it comes to stuff like this. My whole experience was amazing and Im so happy i went through with it and I for sure recommend this procedure to any one who is thinking about doing it, its all worth it. I want to thank all you girls on here for all your support and comments its always nice to know your not alone and there are girls out there that feel the same way you feel, you girls are super sweet with all your comments and i want to say THANK YALL for helping me through my life changing journey. :) :) :)


you look stunning :)
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U look good. She did a great job .
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OMG lady u look fab and killing them 2013 outfits!! Do u mind if I inbox u some questions about this dr?
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Update w/pics 10 months Post-op - Dr Ghada Afifi Fountain Valley, CA

Hi ladies! I've been meaning to update y'all with recent pics but I've just been super busy! Finally found a minute to post some pictures. :)


Hello you look great I had the procedure with Dr afifi recently I would like to know where did u get your garment ??
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what was you r weight before and after surgery
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Wow! You look fab!
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Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr Afifi is wonderful, I wouldnt have chosen any one besides her, she makes you feel really comfortable and she is really down to earth. I definatley recommend her for the braziliian butt lift, and plus the price was right!

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