April 10th with Campos. Whats Up with Them Not Servicing Anyone Who Stays at Club Med? - San Ysidro, CA

Hello new sisters!! I'm a 26 year old mother of a...

Hello new sisters!!
I'm a 26 year old mother of a handsome 5 year old boy. I'm 5'8 weighing 180lbs. BLAH! LOL..
Anyway. I've been stalking this site for over a year and finally decided to book. My date is April 10, 2014 with Dr. Campos.
I was planning on staying at Club Med because I've read so many good things about them but after receiving my information from Campos, it says in bold writing: "Starting October 2013, we won't be giving our services to any patient that stays in Club Med, this decision is made to avoid any kind of complication."
I've been a pretty frequent lurker.. checking this site at least once a day or 3 times a week and I have never heard anything bad about Club Med. Anywhoo, they recommend Casa de Lila's. Has anyone ever stayed there?? Prices are fair and it looks nice. This is the first time I'm hearing of this place though.
I have yet to take any pics. I will upload some tonight. I am very excited for this journey and cannot wait to be on the other side. Also, I booked my date in April cause it's the only time I can go. I could've went Jan 22!!! Gah!! Anyway, Have a great day sisters.

Breakdown of my quote. Sorry haven't posted pics yet. Campos April/2014

Hello again beauty's!

Sorry for not updating.. I haven't really had much to update. Deposit has been made. I am working to pay it off ASAP. Just been waiting for my time. I seriously cannot wait! Thank you all for posting and updating! Your reviews have helped so much!
One question.. do you have to stop all types of birth control before SX? What about an IUD? I noticed some girls stopped the pill.

So I was asked to give a break down of my quote. Also, I just rounded up to the next hundred.. (Just realized this now) So maybe this will make more sense.
This is the estimate:
Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 3400
Fat grafting in to buttocks 800
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1200
Anesthesia Fee 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op Medication 125
Lymphatic massages (5) courtesy
Total 5645 usd

Also it was Ruby who told me it was mandatory that I stay elsewhere.

Lastly, sorry for not posting pics. I will be sure to post some tonight (nervous)

Thank you all for your helpful comments! I will update more when the time gets closer!! :D
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Did you get it done ?
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Hi I am sooo excited and can't wait for your date. I was a little worried buck I was wondering where all the campos girls were????! I have not heard anyone talking about him or posting and then I found this. I am booked with him July 2nd and it feels so far away! My girlfriend just cake back from dr campos two weeks ago and she stayed at club med she loved it and the staff. I too am already booked there. Other dr's come there to check on their patients as well. Angie is bad for dr campos business in my opinion if that is what she's telling ppl. She has been nothing but nice to me but something about her makes me wonder sometimes..... I love dr campos work and have been stalking his work for almost 5 years! He truly is the hour glass dr! Lol I can't wait to follow your journey but I would stay at club med if I were you. Ppl are still going to campos and staying at club med. and so am I. Are you still going you haven't posted in a while it looks like. I hope all is well!
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Hey girl!!! I would like to get more info on what I need to get started and where do I email campos to get a quote? Please respond!!! And good luck!!
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Hey!! The e-mail i use is: info@tjlipo.com and Ruby will contact you back. Good luck!!! :)
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HEY GIRL, was april the soonest he had available? I have a consult with him this week and want to schedule a surgery date for a bbl asap!!!
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Hey! Sorry just saw this comment. I know he had sooner dates available.. that's just the date that would be the best for my schedule. You'd have to contact Ruby or Angie to find out. Good luck!!
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Hi I was wondering what email address you contact him for the price quote ,I'm really hoping to have a consultation with dr campos before to see if his quote would be any different from Angies quote .
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Hey.. sorry just saw this comment. Another way to make contact would be to e-mail info@tjlipo.com.. and Ruby will contact you.
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I definately Heard Angie gets cash for sending then to lilas to, but club meds the best!!! you wont regret it!!!
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Hi dbootyyyy ! I had a bbl done in Jan 2013 and I couldn't be happier, Dr Campos is an absolute artist. His facility is immaculate the nurse were amazing. You won't regret this amazing decision. I honestly would not have been able to get through the post op period without the amazing help from the people at club med. I truly do think Angie is behind this, it is none of there business where you stay. If you can call the office and speak with Hannia (she is an angel) maybe tell her you booked with them already and they don't provide refunds. SOMETHINGGG cause club med is the ONLYYY place you should stay. If you private message me I can send you some pics Good luck!
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Hey! Thank you for commenting. Yea, I'd honestly prefer to stay there.. idk. I'm going to look into more anyway. I've never even heard of Casa de Lila's.. and I saw a review yesterday that was all about Casa di Lila.. not even a surgeon or surgery.. so that's odd. But thanks for commenting! :)
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I'm begging you, you will not regret it!! You can contact Marvin directly through email and a gist of the whole gig. But from the moment They pick you up from the airport, you feel like family. They have EVERYTHINGGGG you could possibly need. The women there even used to shower with me cause I kept passing out. They cater to your every need, and I'm sure you heard that they take you into town to get authentic tAcos. Lol Just look into it, I promise you won't regret it
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Yea.. I've heard a lot of wonderful things about them. Marvin already penciled me in for my stay. I didn't put a deposit tho. I just don't want to be refused SX cuz I'm choosing to stay there.. Believe me, it was my first and only choice to stay there.
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Hi Dbooty! Can you break down the price for us? That seems really high compared to some other girls who have gone to Campos.
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hey sorry i just saw this! i will break it down for you.
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Good luck dabooty may what your heart desire be fulfilled muah...
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thank you very much!! xoxox
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I just had BBL TT surgery from Dr. Campos on November 22nd and I stayed at clubMed. I love it there! I miss all of them from clubMed. What I heard is Angie gets some money from casa de Lila's if Campos's patient stay there. I told them I'm staying at clubMed and there was no problem. They take you to surgery and pick you up. Take you it all the appt you have. I think they can't tell you where you stay. It's your body. Good luck for your surgery :)
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Hey Thank you!! Yeaa I really wanna stay at Club Med.. I've heard so many great things about them. Thank you for commenting. :D
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