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So i decided to write this to get support,...

So i decided to write this to get support, hopefully! Am going to my country to get a a breast lift with butt implants as well, am going there for a month, am excited but now getting nervous after reading so many stories on this site! I have to children and i lost 30 pounds since my last pregnancy, am 130 pounds now, 5'5" tall, and am 32, My butt has been so flat my whole life, my breast sags really bad after two children, when I was younger and 165 my cup size was a C but now am a saggy B, my doctor is one of the best in my country if not the best, he will charge me $8500 for both procedures, but I need some info on how to prepare and what garments to buy!
I will post everyday So you know how my experience goes! Am 10 days away and so excited!
Am so sorry about my misspells! Lol i wrote my post from my phone! Hoping to hear from people soon!

3 days until my surgery!

Went to see my doctor thrusday! He is great! I will get a breast augmentation, gluteal implants and lipo! All for $8600 am excited! For the breast augmentation with no stiches, no post bra! No bruises, no swelling! I will post the day of!

1 day post op!

Everthing went well, surgery took 6 hours, I ha ve no pain, bruises or swelling in my breast! They look amazing! Lipo left me bruised but the pain was minimun!
Now the glutal implants had kill me! I been in pain since I woke up from cirgury, so uncomfortable, I stayed at the clinic overnight, and the nurses had been great! Here are some pics! Will write more after the doctor gets here and removes the drainage tube and makes me walk :/ wich am terrified about!

6 days post op!

Sleeping is a problem, my doctor says I should sleep on my back, semi sitting position, but I cant!! It hurts too much, my butt is hard and my legs camp up every time I tried! So I been sleeping on my sides! Which leaves me tired and with a back ache when I get up! Am still swollen! So the doctor said it should b another week before I can see my real shape! But everytime I shower and take this garment off am amazed of how good I look! My boobs look great! No pain, just iching now! Am happy!

A setback

:( am so sad am 2 weeks post op and realized that my incision was bleeding! I went to my doctor and he demolished me at his office!
He took stiches off cleaned me up roughly ! He made me cry ! But I know it has been my fault! I been out and about with my friends and tought that nothing would happen! Am so disappointed on myself, the doctor gave me antibiotics and ask me to clean the incision at home wich made more depresed cause I saw more discharge :( am crying, upset! Am 8 days away from leaving and I need to get better soon !
I'm so sorry this happen to you. I'm sure you will get better soon. Rest and think positive drink plenty of water and eat healthy fruits and vegetable and add beans to your diet. Your result look amazing think how great it will be when everything heals. Think positive have a great recovery Hun. Keep us updated

Back in the US!

So my Doctor closed the incision 6 days after he reopened it, it was painful, came to find out that I got a seroma, he assured me that the incision will not leaked again, well not true! My incision has been leaking since the day 2 after he stitched me again! Am now back home, working, standing all day cause is kind of a hassle to sit down, am tired!
The incision healing process is the only thing that is bothering me, I love my results so far, my boob implants are great! They still don't hurt, I now have a waist! Which I never had! And my butt looks good! Its not as big as I was expecting but it looks natural! I will post later to let you know how my healing goes !
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Los drenos me los retiraron a las 24 horas! Creo k fue muy corto tiempo y el doctor debio haberlos dejado mas tiempo ya que creo que eso pudo influir en el problema que ahora tengo (seroma) aun no me siento al 100% y me siento incomoda ya que la mayoria de mi incision se ha curado pero tengo un agujero de aproximadamente 2centimetros de largo y 2 centimetros de ondo que drena liquido! Gracias por tu pregunta!

Feeling a lot better!

Am now a lot better! Am enjoying my new shape! Clothes are fitting better!
My incision is healing properly! So its been 5 weeks post op and feeling great!

6 weeks post op!!!!

Am posting new pics! I feel great! I still have to loose the 5 pounds I gained back home but am taking it slow because the most important thing is to recover completely!
Ive had my implants since May 5'th. About three weeks later the ensision split open do to the access fluid build up and I didnt have drain plugs. He re stitched me up and I kept the stitches in for almost a month. I was still leaking while the stitches were in, just clear fluid. Once the stitches were out it leaked for about another week. As of not I can pretty do everything I could before. I still have pain if I sit for long periods of time on the top of the implant. Maybe where they are connected. Now it is september 1st and they r still hard and when I bend over you can see them. Will this go away? Im trying to make t he decision to keep them or have them removed. Thanks in advanced.
Hello, am so sorry about not replying earlier, I didn't realize I had comments! And haven't get on this website since I finished my review, my incision is completly closed, but I ended up with an ugly scar! :( I can feel my implants as the top of my gluteus are harder than the bottom! If I bend over they are not visible, am still sore if I massage them, I still can't run fully, just jog a bit! I hope this helps and hope you had recover! Thanks!!
I think you can do implants boobs and butt at the same time as long as the you get the boob incision glued and not suture! Also I needed it a lift but I chose to go with the implants cause of the recovery time, i only had 24 days to rest and recover, if you have pain tolerance I suggest to get everything done at once, it hurts bad but its wort it!
Gerardo Flores Lima

I met him in 2009 then i was just thinking about butt implants but he made me feel at ease to get a breast lift i need as well, his office was immaculate and his service was great!

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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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