Butt Implants out of the US

Hi ladies I'm writing to ask if anyone has any...

Hi ladies
I'm writing to ask if anyone has any advice on butt implants recovery. Since I'm going to El Salvador I want to pack as much as possible. I'm going out of the country because the one I wanted to get my implants with told me that he no longer does implants and only fat transfers. However I just read a post from someone that had implants by Dr. Jimerson last month. :( I'm very disappointed because he's results look amazing but his secretary was the only one I spoke to during my consultation back in April and after laughing at me for being skinny said that they had been getting a lot of infections with their implants and recommend Fat transfers. Its impossible for me to gain weight. Also I was quoted $12000 for the lipo with transfer which is a little crazy since most pts here are claiming to pay under $10000. I feel like I was not taken seriously when I spoke to Dr. Jimersons staff but I guess it wasn't meant to be. So anyone have any advice for me on recovery post butt implants?
I have had lots of experience with plastic surgery. Ive done the fat transfer which looked amazing for about 4 months then mybody reabsorbed tbe fat. Dissapointed & $5000.gone. Did the butt implants. Worst pain ive ever been through. You need at least 6 weeks to recover. Sleeping, sitting is very difficult. I developed an infection, soon after. Doctor kept me on antibiotics & a drain in my butt for a year. Almost a year to the day, implants were removed. My butt looked disgusting. It sagged so bad it bounced off my thighs. A year later I went to Venezuela to have reconstruction surgery. Best doctor ever. Dr. Tomas Rosewick Fortoul. He was able to make my butt look like it had before implants. Will never have any more surgeries in the US. Doctors in South America are so far advanced. Bee

The night before

So excited and worried tomorrows the big day!!
Hello! How are you feeling? Am feeling great now am 5 weeks post op with doctor flores! Post some pics please!
Bee1 wow that's unfortunate that u had to ensure so much problems. I'm scared of an infection myself. I'm glad u are now better.

3 days post op

Here is a photo of 1 day post op. I haven't taken anymore since its a hassle removing garment but so far very pleased with results.
Love your results!! Looks great! How many ccs did you get and what shape?
350cc Quartzo Implant not round teardrop shape
What ended up happening with the seroma? Are they feeling softer?

4 days post op

What an adventure..... I'm sitting in this hotel room waiting for this stool softener to kick in and enjoying a little time without my garment. TMI but need to find some humor. Butt augmentation is no joke. I am swollen beyond belief my abd is so big and my butt is very sore. I am on muscle relaxers and some pain meds that leave me feeling tired but the pain is tolerable. No narcotics tho because I had a reaction to Demerol in OR and my PS is afraid to give me something. I am on ultram and if anyone of you guys know that's a mild wannabe narcotic synthetic kinda an extra strength Motrin. Vicodin or lortab isn't available in El Salvador and I am allergic to codeine so I can kiss OxyContin goodbye. Siting on these implants feel like you are sitting on footballs. Ug I can't wait till I can look back appreciate the procedure. However I'm very pleased with my results so far and let me just tell u ladies that Dr. Flores-Lima is amazing. He has visited me in my hotel everyday to check on my incision, remove the drain, had flowers waiting or me on the day I arrived and his office staff absolutely amazing. The pharmacy delivers the medications free of charge and the nurses at the hospital (clinic) I stayed overnight were lovely. This is care that I would of never received in the US. Ill try to post pics later.
Also, could you give a rundown of what the price included and hotel & transport cost. Happy healing ☺
LOVING your results! Does he do cohesive gel or solid silicone? Im too thin for a bbl so Im exploring my options. Also, did you feel safe there. I'm going to the DR for my BBL and tt, not afraid of traveling out of the US, but Venezuela is so far... How was the trip?
Thank you . He does cohesive gel not the hard silicone they use in the US. I can't wait to post pics at the end of the week when he takes the post op pics. I still have tape and the dressings on the lipo spots. Also I'm pretty swollen and bruised. I highly recommend Dr. Flores-Lima. I did about 6 months of research and after learning he trained with Dr. Raul Gonzalez in brazil (the creator of the XYZ technique of butt augmentations) I was sold. I was going to go to brazil but was unable to get a reply from Dr. Gonzalez until about a month ago. Google them both and see the publications Dr. Gonzalez published you will be amazed. Also Dr. Flores-Lima will only place implants that suit your body so if you are looking for a Kim K or J-Lo booty he is not who you want to see. He will only place the amount your body can safely hold since its intramuscular. I'm very happy. On the safety of El Salvador I feel ok but I don't wonder off at night , I'm staying at the crown plaza which is a block from his office and I have been using the same cab driver that picked me up from the airport. He is contracted by the hotel and has been great.

6 days post op

I'm laying here by the pool without a bathing suit and trying to relax. Yesterday I decided to cut my med consumption in half since the constipation isn't getting better. I took one ultracet at 0600 and went about my day. Saw the doctor at his office this time and he is very pleased at my progress. My only concern is if these implants can dislodge because I spend 80% of the time sleeping on my back or side. If I lay to the left I feel the implant shift towards the center and vise versa. I don't like laying on my stomach because it hurts my neck. However when I do lay on my stomach wow is it nice I kinda forget that there are two footballs in my ass cheeks... Haha The doctor guaranteed that they are secure intramuscular so no shifting is possible. Kinda like a ham sandwich the bread is the muscle and implants the ham. I then asked about the bloating and swelling and he said it will resolve in about 6 weeks. Ug frustrating. I then went to the mall walked around tried on some clothing but I can't appreciate my figure with this swelling. Then off to the grocery store. My taxi driver and I are now friends and he will take me anywhere wait for me and is a gentleman all for minimal pay. I too him well tho. I then went back to hotel and decided to take one muscle relaxer then I did laundry. At about 5 I decided to take a stronger pill so I took an ultram 50mg. The effects of those two together is like heaven on my ass. I massaged them well in shower and was in bed by 7. I slept till 2 woke up took another relaxer and slept till 7. Best sleep ever. Today I took one ultram 50mg a muscle relaxer at 10 and will try not to take more till the evening again. I will take a Motrin in between to help with swelling. Hopefully this keeps the constipation away. So I took some pics for my boyfriend yesterday I will post them unfortunately u can see the tape that the doctor is keeping on till tomorrow when I get my sutures from the lipo out. These pics are not pretty since I am still bruised in between the crack from the lidocaine injections but if you look pass that you can really see the nice results . Looks a lot like my wish pic I'm so glad.

I forgot this one

I should check my spelling since I don't know how to correct on the postings once they post . I tip the driver well. Is what I tried to type .
How soft is the implants? Do they feel natural? with your partner be able to feel them
You look awesome! Am glad you are doing well! You are blessed with a slender figure to star with! I had yo loose 45 pounds after my baby last year! Enjoy your sexy body!!!!
My surgical cost were $4500 glute implants and $1500 lipo per area. I got two areas flanks and abdomen so I paid $7500 + 5% non cash fee. I paid with a debit card. I am staying at the plaza hotel and suites which is the sister to the crown plaza they are on the same grounds however its apartment living so it has a microwave, fridge and a seperate living room. I got the hotel and flight through Expedia. Staying 12 days with breakfast included I paid $1600 total. They have airport shuttle for an extra cost but the PS sent a taxi to pick me up. There are a variety of taxis outside the lobby waiting but since this particular one picked me up I took his card and just call him whenever I need to go somewhere. He charged my friend $27 to take her to airport when she left. Charges me $5 to take me to grocery store and he waits there for me I pay him when he brings me back. I bought a garment in the US for $97 but the PS gave me one which happened to be from the same company. I ordered from marena garments suppose to be the best quality for the best price. You need two so when ones drying I suggest you just buy the second one from the PS tho because I ordered the wrong size. And the medications were included too. The pharmacy will also deliver additional meds free of charge. Since I had all this trouble being allergic to my meds I became friends with the pharmacist now I just call him and he sends me additional supplies such as stool softners and Prilosec. I came with $500 cash because I didnt want to carry a lot and planned to use my card for the surgery and so far I still have $300 left. Buying my own groceries, eating a big breakfast from the hotel and walking down to the plaza for some meals is great for my budget. I'm taking 6 weeks off work so I am being very thrifty. Hope this info has helped out I will post updates daily since I'm bored. :)

7 days post op

I had a horrible day yesterday with constipation so after an enema and finally feeling better I decided this morning that no more pain meds and no more muscle relaxers. I feel fine other than the nausea so I just took a zofran and 600 mg Motrin and headed to another follow up. The lipo sutures came out and the doctor is extremely pleased with the results. I'm still swollen in the abd but otherwise the constipation has resolved. My booty is getting softer now must be all the laying on them. I just look like I spend time in the gym... Haha The way Dr.Flores-Lima places the implants u are suppose to lay on them as much as possible. Not fun but its a must. I'm suppose to be out of the seroma window now. For those of you that don't know a seroma is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery. They are common with any type of plastic surgeries however post op care includes " milking" the incision 5 times a day to prevent any pockets of fluid from forming. I'm very tired today from last nights pooping fiasco so I will leave this pic.


Dr pic
... did you get to select what size you wanted or did he kind of choose for you. Divalatina says he uses the same size for everyone, but I see that your size differs....
Actually he chose 300 after I send him the pics but when he saw me he said "oh no u can go bigger ur tall" so he put the 350. Im 5'11. I know he did a girl the day after me and she got 270 but let me tell u he showed me her 5 day post op yesterday and with the lipo he did on her it looks great. U can see the difference I think he said she was 5'5.
Did u see his website I think there is only one girl on there with 350 too. Most of them are 300 or less. Something about the technique. The Brazilian guy said the same 300

10 day post op

Hi ladies
I'm super excited because today's my last day here in El Salvador I'm ready to get my ass back home!! I saw Dr. Flores-Lima yesterday for my final in person visit and took additional post op pics. I got my home care instructions and if everything continues on this path I should be able to return to work next week ( with some restrictions of course). Since I'm a nurse im blessed with a sweet schedule however the shifts are 12 hrs. I may try to pick up one shift and try it out if its too much then ill continue with my time off. I went to check out the beautiful beaches here but was hot and i was sweating in my garment. Oh how I wanted to jump in the ocean. I bought this really cute maxi tank top dress for only $10 and when I got back to the hotel quickly tried it on. I got tears in my eyes because I finally got some curves. Its always bothered me that I'm not your typical Latina. I'm 5'11 and thin as a rail I'm always struggling to put on pounds. I used to think that after I had babies things would change and I would fill out well not here Im shaped, as one ex put it, "like a bagel" weight goes in the middle not like a pear. As times gone by Ive enbraced my height and weight seeing myself as an undiscovered model. haha but then there are those days when u try on a form fitting dress and bam no ass no curves just a neverending back. Now I finally feel complete. I'm so happy with my decision and as vain as it may sound I would do it again.
Hi, wow it looks amazing! Does it feel natural to the touch? Can your partner feel them? And does it cause any kind of discomfort?
How was your seroma resolved? In their own? I have one and is driving me crazy bcause is making my but cheek garder and high. The other side is looking good.
Dr. Gerardo Flores Lima

Crazy to think that the only negative part of this experience was my allergic reaction to Demerol. An unforeseen circumstance. After my pain was controlled everything else went smoothly. Dr.Flores-Lima maybe ill see you again in the future but for now thank you so much!!!

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