Lifestyle Lift, Upper/lower Eyelids, Lipo and Laser Treatment - A Life Changing Experience!!

If I had it to do over...I would have done each...

If I had it to do over...I would have done each procedure separately instead of all in one day. I not only had the LSL, but I did the upper and lower eye lids and a laser treatment around the mouth for line removal and some lipo in the cheeks and neck. However, I am fairly satisfied at this time.

It has been 42 days since my surgery. Everyone just loves "my new hair cut." They say that it took 20 years off my face. No one realizes I had a Life Style Lift. That is just fine with me.

Please note: Read your instructions very carefully for your at home care. I used peroxide for 2 weeks. It should have been for 1 day.


I too looked like the survivor of a train wreck after my surgery. It has been about 13 months now since the surgery and I am loving my looks. I had a very sagging neck line for a 55 yr old. I would say I appeared to be at least 70.
I had upper and lower eye lid, some lypo on the neck as well as the lift. I also did the upper lip laser treatment. All of this in one visit. The laser treatment was by far the longest to recover from.
I would guess it took about 6 to 8 months for me face to lose all of the swelling from surgery, but I was out and about in two weeks after surgery.
Would I do it again? Yes, but I would do all of the above in several visits.
So cheer up girl!!! You are going to look great in a few months!!!
My best to you. Remember, a positive attitude is a plus when you are recovering from anything.
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Chrystal, my face looked just like yours after the procedure. At first I was taken aback, but fortunately did not have anything pressing requiring me to "look good" right away. I'd been considering this for a long time. I wore foundation and sunglasses to church 5 days after the procedure. I had just flown into NC from LA. I am now 65 and it has been about 9 months. I think the laser was a waste of time but the LSL, neck lipo and blepharoplasty have made me look years younger. The price was appalling as the "extras" brought the bill to over $12 K!!! I had mine done in Beverly Hills which is, I believe, their flagship office. I was visiting my son in LA and there is no place close to where I live in NC, so it seemed the best choice. Glad you are feeling and looking better now. I don't want to post my photo here but if you want to see my before and after, email me.
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PAT, I would not recommend this surgery to my worst enemy. If you feel that you absolutely must go due to price, go and get the free consult, then turn around and find a private practice plastic surgeon (certified), tell him what they are telling you and the price and see what they say. Some of the surgeons here at realself listed give free consults. Please take the time to get a 2nd opinion. Best, Chrystal
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He does not give you any misleading expectations. My expectations, however, were exceeded.

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