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Went for a consultation on my assumed melasma...

Went for a consultation on my assumed melasma (dark spots and hyper-pigmentation on my face) - doctor did a full body cancer screen and confirmed mild melasma (he said I was a 4 on a scale of 1-10 and we could get it down to a 1, or zero). Started a treatment of serums, vitamins, retinol and hydroquinone - the combination is WORKING! One month in, my spots are at least 1/2 as dark. I'm excited to see the end results!

Hi Jennaputt- do you mind updating your review to share exactly what serums and vitamins you are using?  Thanks!


Treatments for Melasma (topical)

I begin by washing my face with a green-tea gentle wash in the AM- it's a proprietary formula that the dermatologist sells.Then I use a Vitamin C exfoliating pad all over followed by a Vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid serum (also both proprietary). I put a few drops all over my face. Once all of that dries, I put on SFP 50 (they recommend a brand called Elta but I've been using up another hypoallergenic SPF first).

In the evenings, I wash off my make up with the green-tea foaming face wash again, moisturize with a very light, sensitive moisturizer (called Moisture Dew - another proprietary product of the Dermatologist) and then wait 30 minutes for the cream to dry.

At this point, I rotate treatments every other night. Once night I use a .25% retinol all over my face and on the other nights I use Tri-Luma - a 4% hydrquinone, 0.5% retinol and hydrocortizone blend. This is the real bullet in the arsenal. The hydroquinone is a bleaching agent and the retinol sloughs away skin cells allowing the hydroquinone to penetrate. The cortizone is a cortico-steroid to help with any inflammation or irritation that can be caused by the entire regiment.

Though I notice slight stinging and it took a few days to get used to the routine, it's a comfortable regiment overall and not difficult.
Would love to know who the derm is and what serums and vitamins you use exactly and skin are products please. Thanks!


Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon

Very professional, knowledgeable and quick. I wish some of the products cost less but $500 in consultation fees and products is much less than $3000 in laser treatments - and they are WORKING! Plus he gave me a credit toward future procedures! (My consult fee of $140 plus a $25 refund for a slightly overpriced product will give me a credit to spend on something else. That's awesome!)

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