lifestyle lift is a horrible,painful experience ! do not use it - San Ramon, CA

The only 'con' that I have to say is that...

The only 'con' that I have to say is that it is cheaper than the usual facelift.

It is the most painful experience I ever went thru with 15+ needles being jammed in your face after you've only had 30mg of Valium, 1 Darvocette and a pill for nausea. They gave me 15 minute 'for the meds to work' before they started shooting needles in my face & carving on me! I could feel everything!. When I asked for pain medication, it was ignored [even though the brochure said 'you will be kept comfortable & pain free during the procedure'... My results were horrible! I had some 'turkey waddle' under my chin, and also wanted my neck tightened up at the same time. The 'waddle' is still there, as is the loose skin on my neck. It has been 4 weeks since the procedure on Sept. 18th,2010, and I have 'ropey' tissue under my chin, both jaws hurt like crazy and the cuts in front and behind my ears are still oozing blood and fluid.

I am a Nurse and had a 'regular face lift' [where they put you out], and it was such a beautiful job it lasted me 20 years! [unfortunately this Doc. has retired or I would have gone back to him].

I am now having to make appt.'s to see other Plastic Surgeons to see what they can do 'with this mess' that Lifestyle Lift has left me, so that when I see L.L. [on my next appt.] I can try to salvage some of the cost from them that going to a new Dr. is going to cost me. I will not let allow them them to touch my face again with more needles to 'try and repair their damage' way!!!

If you are thinking of LifeStyle Life...Don't!!! Save your money and your face the horrible pain it will go thru. ..Horrible, horrible experience all the way around....Please...Do Not Go To LifeStyle Lift, it is a total Scam and Unsafe!!

Hey Jellybeano, and thanks for keeping up with the hard fight. I do hope that you get something out of LSL. The only thing I received was a letter indicating that I needed a "Different Kind of Doctor" insinuating that I needed a shrink. They never came through for me with any kind of refund, not even an I am sorry, NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING! I had to pay for my own redo and I completely agree with everything that you have posted above. Not only has one woman DIED, but 3 that I know of. And thats the ones that are known. I wonder how many have been hospitalized from secondary infections, etc. And not only that, did you know that no one oversees the operating rooms. They do not operate in a gram negative room, the door to the OR I was in was open to the hall the entire time I was being sliced open with people popping in and out of the room. Not sterile at all. I hope that you are able to get something done for yourself. The lawyers that I spoke with said "I could win the lawsuit" and still wind up owing the lawyers money for litigation. For any person considering this surgery, please take the time to get a 2nd opinion from a Board Certified Independent Facial Plastic Surgeon. Compare apples to apples and remember, you only have one face. In the words of one of LSL's own surgeons: "BUYER BEWARE". Best, Chrystal Eckes

Dear JacFlash, please post again in 6 months to a year. Many problems do not present themselves until that time such as the lift reverting to the original status quo and nerve damage etc. I do hope that this is not the case for you. It would be a shame to have to repost negative results. Best, Chrystal Eckes

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

As to Dr. G he was unsympathetic, rushed, and I felt like 'a piece of meat' he was working on. He was totally defensive when I tried to explain the awfulness of the procedure and how 'uncared for' that I felt by him as a patient~ he acted like he just didn't want to hear about it.

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