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A little history about me first. In November of...

A little history about me first. In November of 2011, I had Gastric Bypass surgery. At my highest, I weighed 362 pounds. I reduced my weight to 170 pounds, and unfortunately my skin didn't fare as well as my overall health. I have been able to "tuck" the extra skin on the majority of my body, but there just below my cute little chin was the BIGGEST TURKEY NECK!! This could not be covered effectively at all times. It was so big, it actually laid on turtleneck sweaters. I had seen the commercials over the years, and had actually sent away for their free information on 2 different occassions. I decided to do it, and I had my Lifestyle Lift in February of 2012.

My doctor was Dr. Fred Suess at the San Ramon Office. Nicest guy in the world! Along with the lift, I had the Laser Peel. All I remember is the Assistant giving me the "cocktail", and the next voice I heard was Dr, Suess commenting to his assistant, "Boy, she had a lot of skin"! Then he proceeded to deaden my face for the laser treatment. When he got to the area around my nose, I flinched because I felt the needle as he inserted it into my skin. He apologized, and said he would come back to that spot a little later. When he came back over to that spot, the deadening agent had spread from the closest injection and deadened it.

Prior to the surgery, I asked Dr. Suess about the circles under my eyes. He explained about the "fat sacks" we all have under our eyes, and said he could remove one from each eye, and the circles would disappear. When he told me the process to remove them, I decided they were fine. When I went back to have my stitches removed, the assistant was having trouble with one of them, called Dr. Suess, and he immediately came back and took care of me. I was pretty bruised since I'm so fair, but I took 2 weeks vacation, and when I went back to work, everyone said I looked well rested and needed to tke more 2 week vacations.

Once of my bosses, a long time friend and a male asked me what my secret was. I told him,, and he told me his wife had seen the commercials and wanted him to get it done! All I could do was laugh, and tell him to "go for it"!

The laser treatment was about as painful as a bad sunburn. I followed the after-care instructions diligently, and have never regretted my decision to have the procedure.

you convinced me. I had RNY 14 months ago, I'm 60, and have the "neck" as well. LOL! I was thinking about it, but felt scared, now your story confirms there's nothing to be afraid of.

You look great! I am considering gastric bypass surgery but I'm a little apprehensive. A friend of mine had it & had to have emergency intestinal surgery twice following GB. Anyway you look wonderful! Best of luck to u.


It's real commitment, and a total "Life-changing" experience. Every person is different. Sounds like your friend "cheated" a bit on her aftercare. If you decide to have the Gastric Bypass, don't let anyone let you change your mind. Your health will improve as will your outliok on life. I haven't stopped smiling since the day of surgery! If there was a way to talk to you ons-on-one, I would be happy to, but I'm not sure within this forum if email addresses are allowed to be published. Anyone know the answer?


Date Correction

I showed the date of my Gastric Bypass Surgery as 2011. That was a typo and should read 2010.
Hi, first off, you look fab! The LSL really did make you look gorgeous. I too had the RNY almost 8 months ago, have lost about80 lbs. It really is a life changing experience! I have that Turkey neck too and after reading your post, am deciding to do the LSL. Thank you for the input, it really helped me to make up my mind :)
Good Luck I have lost over 120 in the last 6 months. I am having a breast reduction done in OCT. Wish I could afford the Lifestyle Facelift my insurance wouldnt cover it :(
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