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Hello. I am 45 years old and feel it is way past...

Hello. I am 45 years old and feel it is way past due to have my implants removed. I was ready five years ago after the birth of my son, but was advised to wait until he was a little older so I could recover better (less lifting of a baby, etc.). My PS at Kaiser in San Rafael,Ca. also felt they looked fine and that I shouldn't an unnecessary procedure. Two weeks ago I experienced servere tightness, almost like I pulled a muscle type pain in my left breast. My left breast appears to be swollen on the top portion of my breast, but not severe. In the past two weeks the pain has subsided to a slight pull in the chest cavity, and pain in the shoulder/neck area. My breast is less swollen. My Obgyn believes I torn a muscle weight training, but my PS believes I have developed capsular contraction. Maybe I did both. Either way, I am opting to have the implants removed Sept. 11. (I would do it sooner, but I am taking my son on a trip to Vancouver Island Aug. 1.)

I am very concerned about the surgery and how I may look afterwards. I was a 34B, went to a 36C with 320/360cc with gel/saline implants that are textured silicone. Apparently, these were discontinued. I am now a 36/38D, as I grew after my son was born. The original surgery was subglandular...does this mean under the muscle?...through the areolar. My PS is planning to remove the implants through a new incision under the breast. She mentioned the capsule and scar tissue may need to be removed, but will not know until surgery. She said I will for sure have drainage tubes.

My questions for this forum are:
*Expected recovery time. I am a massage therapist and worried about taking more than three weeks off for work.
*Is there more recovery time with removing the capsule and scar tissue, and if removed, will it effect the look of my breasts?
*if one breast has contraction, will they appear different once the implant is removed? At the moment, my right pec muscle appears a touch higher than the left, but is not hard.

Thanks for this awesome support group! Any answers are much appreciated.
Dr. Delaney

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Hi my explant is17 th sept 2014 - wishing you well xxx
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Thanks Bluebell, I wish you well also. We are so fortunate to have this web-site for support to exchange experiences and well wishes!
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I totally agree - I'm So grateful & don't feel so alone / my hubby is 100% supportive but obviously doesn't understand like all you ladies & he sort of can't understand why I'm Glued to this support group / no one apart from my children know about implants, so it's kind of a lonely place with out you girls xxxx thank you All & heal well xxxxxx
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I love the old African proverb..."Sticks in a bundle are harder to break." People really do need one another. Hugs.
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Congrats on scheduling your explant! I hope you will feel comfortable in posting updates and pixs....we are all here to offer support. I cannot speak from experience as my procedure is scheduled 4 days after yours but there is a wealth of information here from others' stories!
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Hi Happy and Holistic. Thanks for your support. I would like to add pictures, but my lap top is down, and I don't know how to upload from an older IPad (or if I can at all). I am not very computer savvy! I'm getting a bit anxious as the surgery is draws near. Each day I receive a call from my doctors office with pre-op information, so I get to ask many questions at this time about the procedure and recovery time. The recovery time is going to be tough, since I am very athletic and my work as a massage therapist requires use of my arms. Certainly a time for self reflection. Good luck with your journey!
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Thanks DeniseAngela - don't let the anxiety affect you too much - turn the nervous energy into promises of hope and healing. Like you, I am athletic as well and this state of health is in your favor for recovery. Muscle memory will allow you to get back into your exercise rhythm before you now it. The mind is also very powerful and self-reflection during your 3 weeks off from work can be used to your advantage. I look forward to following your updates!
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Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! Subglandular means your implants are in front of the muscle, not behind. Here's what some doctors say about recovery time after capsule removal.

I hope all goes well for you and that you'll keep us updated in this space!
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