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Hello. I am 45 years old and feel it is way past...

Hello. I am 45 years old and feel it is way past due to have my implants removed. I was ready five years ago after the birth of my son, but was advised to wait until he was a little older so I could recover better (less lifting of a baby, etc.). My PS at Kaiser in San Rafael,Ca. also felt they looked fine and that I shouldn't an unnecessary procedure. Two weeks ago I experienced servere tightness, almost like I pulled a muscle type pain in my left breast. My left breast appears to be swollen on the top portion of my breast, but not severe. In the past two weeks the pain has subsided to a slight pull in the chest cavity, and pain in the shoulder/neck area. My breast is less swollen. My Obgyn believes I torn a muscle weight training, but my PS believes I have developed capsular contraction. Maybe I did both. Either way, I am opting to have the implants removed Sept. 11. (I would do it sooner, but I am taking my son on a trip to Vancouver Island Aug. 1.)

I am very concerned about the surgery and how I may look afterwards. I was a 34B, went to a 36C with 320/360cc with gel/saline implants that are textured silicone. Apparently, these were discontinued. I am now a 36/38D, as I grew after my son was born. The original surgery was subglandular...does this mean under the muscle?...through the areolar. My PS is planning to remove the implants through a new incision under the breast. She mentioned the capsule and scar tissue may need to be removed, but will not know until surgery. She said I will for sure have drainage tubes.

My questions for this forum are:
*Expected recovery time. I am a massage therapist and worried about taking more than three weeks off for work.
*Is there more recovery time with removing the capsule and scar tissue, and if removed, will it effect the look of my breasts?
*if one breast has contraction, will they appear different once the implant is removed? At the moment, my right pec muscle appears a touch higher than the left, but is not hard.

Thanks for this awesome support group! Any answers are much appreciated.
Hi my explant is17 th sept 2014 - wishing you well xxx
Thanks Bluebell, I wish you well also. We are so fortunate to have this web-site for support to exchange experiences and well wishes!
I totally agree - I'm So grateful & don't feel so alone / my hubby is 100% supportive but obviously doesn't understand like all you ladies & he sort of can't understand why I'm Glued to this support group / no one apart from my children know about implants, so it's kind of a lonely place with out you girls xxxx thank you All & heal well xxxxxx

Finally free after 23 years!

It has now been a week since my implant removal surgery. I am very pleased with the quality of care I received from the entire staff at Kaiser in San Rafael. My plastic surgeon, Dr. Anne Delaney is extremely skilled and gifted. Surprisingly, she did not have to remove the capsule, so my own breast tissue was only slightly disturbed. Apparently, there was no calcification with the capsule, as the capsule was soft and able to be braided into my breast tissue. I had no complications, little pain, and was up that day hugging my five year old after he returned from kindergarten. I was put under general anesthesia, which wore off quickly. I opted not to get a lift, and I doubt I will need one. My breasts look fabulous! (Sorry for the lack of photos.) There is a natural sag to my breasts, which was to be expected, but in time they should perk up. I was a 36/38D and most likely be a 36 B. It's a bit early to bra shop for anything cute besides a good support bra, as the skin needs time to form a natural cup size.

I am walking twice a day and stretching. I will admit that I'm using my arms too much, but it's hard when you have an active 5 year old to keep you busy. It's been great to be off work this week to spend more time with him walking to the playground and making cookies (oops, just told on myself...making dinner and doing the dishes is quite a task).

I hope this review is helpful to anyone having this type of procedure. I would urge you to check with your insurance company, as this was covered by my policy (a lift would not be covered). All I paid was my deductible, which was $600.00, plus $30.00 for a follow up NP appointment to have the drains removed. I am extremely happy with my results and the quality of care I received.
Thank you for sharing your story, your situation is very similar to mine. I am 44 and have had my silicon implants since 1989. I just had my pre op appointment yesterday. I consulted with two different plastic surgeons prior to making my decision. I am scheduled to have them removed with no lift (wait and see approach) Dec. 3/14. Mine too were placed over the muscle. I am very nervous and I've been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I had a mammogram done over a year ago. The results of the image "suggests possible rupture" on both sides with capsular contraction. I've always been happy with my boobs and had no real issues. However at the 20 year mark I started to worry about them getting so old and firm. I've had two children and breast fed them both for six months. They are now 10 and 13 years old. You give me hope, considering my age and the age of my implants, that its possible to have a favourable outcome.
Hi Sandy. Thanks for sharing your story as well. I'm happy to hear you will be having your implants removed, considering the possible rupture and capsular contraction. Your surgeon may find less complications once the procedure beings, as mine did. Believe me, you will be happy being not only free of the implants, but free of worry about future risks. I love my new look and will not be needing a lift. My best advice is for you is do not rush your recovery. I'm having that problem where I am doing too much too soon and now I have some swelling and pain. Taking it easy today! Best of luck to you and your journey. Please contact me anytime you need to chat.
Congrats and I am glad to hear that you are have been healing so well! ENJOY your time off work, rest and take care of yourself!
Dr. Delaney

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