Finally! 22 Years Old, Waiting Since I Was 15 (38DDs, Hopefully Will Be a B or C!) - San Pedro Garza Garcia, NL, MX

Hello! I was originally not too preoccupied by my...

Hello! I was originally not too preoccupied by my surgery, even though I just set the date last week... But I'm getting more and more excited. I've been wanting surgery since I was 15 years old, and since I was 18 I've started going to plastic surgeons. Unfortunately, my family has been having financial hardships and it was unrealistic to think they could ever afford it; sadly, insurance was also not an option since that's viewed as purely aesthetic by insurance companies in Mexico. I'll be using all my savings and probably some credit, but I'll finally be getting this done.

I'm so excited I've been having some trouble sleeping, and while my family is very excited as well, it's not their procedure and they certainly can't understand why I am unable to stop thinking about it. So I decided I would need some more emotional support, and decided to come here. Hopefully I'll be able to help someone else with my decision and procedure as well. :)


Same age and same size...anddd hopefully will be the same size with Bs after our surgery! You have my full support as well! I am just joining this site today, with ten days left until my BR....Best of luck to you!!!
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Thanks! Good luck to you too! Mine is this Saturday so we'll basically be doing this together, in a way. I'll post some pictures later on today. I haven't done much since I think the part I really need to update is post-op; otherwise it's just me with my same big boobs freaking out about what a big deal this is. So anyway, let's stay in touch! :)
Haha aghh I am calm right now, but I think it's because it hasn't sunk in yet that I'm getting it done. Its been like 4 months since I last saw my plastic surgeon, and she's going to be 8mth pregnant when she does mine....So I am not sure what to be more nervous surgery or her going into early labor lol.... I just can't wait to actually run with only one sports bra in a few months haha


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Well as promised, here are my pictures. Terrible, I know, but well, that's what we're fixing! My major worry right now is that I've been thinking... I used to be a decent size C-D and I still wanted breast reduction. I know that there's a physiological limit as to how much the surgeon can remove while preserving function, but will it really be small enough for me?

Looking at the pictures, I feel terrible. Not because my breasts are awkward, lopsided, droopy, and have pale, stretched out areolas that you can barely even tell are there... But because of the way this has affected my body. I used to be a not thin, not fat size 6. But ever since they began growing out of control about 2-3 years ago, they have made me feel physically incapable of doing any kind of physical activity. I am beyond couch-potato sedentary; I work at home, and my longest walk every day is to the kitchen, or outdoors to see my pets (only like, 5 steps further).

I can't let myself run. When I run it is because I am in a SERIOUS hurry, and I have to hold my breasts with my hand! Yoga is my workout of choice, but my breasts are either too exposed during things like downward dog, or compressing my breathing to the point of choking during halasana. What I am most looking forward to is being able to run, to jump, or bend or just plain move without feeling like my body is too awkward to be doing that. I want to feel FREE! :)


You will do great and you will feel great. Will be thinking of you!
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you will benefit but you are right to be realistic about what size the PS can make you, a B cup is very rare indeed. most people are c or d which is a normal, attractive size. i am a dd but it is a massive improvement on a G - read my review
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Actually I see it as a reply to mine :) my new review however, was not posted as gracefully as I'd hoped, lol!


My surgery was just changed. JUST CHANGED. AS IN 3 MINUTES AGO. I was offered the day off from work and my mom thought it would be a good idea to have the surgery ASAP so I can have more recovery time (just a day, but still). I won't even have a pre-op visit, the PS gave me the important stuff over the phone and we'll discuss anything else in the morning. I guess I'll leave it at that, there's really nothing else at all I can tell you at this point. I'm really excited of course but WOAH!


Hellooo! I am just so excited to hear how you are doing! I just had my br this Friday! hope all is well!
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Good Luck on your Surgery ! Let us know how it Goes ! Remember to really try and REST so that you can Heal !
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let us know how you get on, good luck
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Dr. Rodrigo Munro-Wilson

I've been going to surgeons for four years and there is no doctor who has ever made me felt more secure than him. I've been offered a more affordable amount for the same procedure, but I decided he was definitely worth it to have my surgery. The cost may not seem a big deal in the US, but this is all my earning + overtime from all of 2014 + credit. Still, quality and safety are of course my primary interests, rather than cost.

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