SmartLipo - Flanks, Bra Roll, and Outer Thighs

I had my flanks and thighs treated with SmartLipo...

I had my flanks and thighs treated with SmartLipo Triplex machine Tuesday 3/30/10.

The treatment was painful but the results are amazing. I already see the extra loose buns from my flanks and below my bra gone, and from what I hear they are gone for good. I also see the extra pouch in my outer thighs gone. But the pain is a bitch. I am in terrible pain after the treatment also, it is manageable with Vicodin and gatorade(lots and lots of G2). I also had little liquid bleeding, which I presume is the tumescent liquid injected for the procedure.

I am going back today 4/1/10 for my lower and upper abdomen and chin/jawline treatment. I am nervous for the procedure and pain but excited for the results, I hope they are as good. Will keep you posted on that soon.


Hi there, I'm in San Mateo as well, do you think you could email me your doctor's info? I've done regular lipo in the past and it came back. I'm thinking about triyng this one now. Thanks, Julie
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Hi Jules,

The doctor's name is shown at the top of the review. Click on the link to view all of his contact details. Hope this helps!

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Sets realistic expectations of the procedure, uses the most advanced technology, in my case Smartlipo Triplex.

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