I'm going to have a full tummy tuck and 330cc high...

I'm going to have a full tummy tuck and 330cc high profile gummy bear implants. The Natrelle 410. I"m 5'3" and 125 lbs. I have 2 children 9 and 13.
I have been stalking this site for 2 months now. I pulled the trigger and paid my surgeon in full. So there's no turning back. My surgery is only a week and a half away. I've told the people close to me what I'm having done since I'm going to be MIA for a month. They all have been very supportive and non judgmental and some very excited and some very scared for me. I've told my children and they are surprisingly ok with it too. I figured I had to tell them so they don't freak out when I all of the sudden show up all bandaged up like a mummy.
The closer I get to the surgery date, the more nervous I get. I think ugg, do I really want to put myself through that pain? Then I see the girls at the pool and on this website my age that look great and I think hey! that could be me! I work out and eat healthy but my pooch doesn't go away! Don't forget the cow utters that I have for boobs! I didn't always look this way. Before children I was fit, 117 lbs, flat abs and perky breasts. Now I look like a melting candle.
I am an RN and I used to work for a recovery center that cosmetic surgery patients come and stay post op. The PS I chose is one of PSs that I recovered patients for. His patients incisions are always very fine. Their pain was minimal and they were walking that night after surgery. He is very honest and really cares for his patients. I trust him and I know that I'm in good hands. But I still dread being under for 5 hours! What if I wake up in excruciating pain? What if I can't handle it?What if something goes wrong? A lot of what If's.
I've read that the first 48 Hrs are going to be hell. I just hope I can keep up the meds or just be knocked out. Wish me luck!
I literally just finished my procedure. BA and full tummy w/ muscle repair. I had the same fears as you and I woke up. It hurt a little, but not horrible. It started to hurt when I was leaving, but I took pain meds and the pain went away. Hurts when I walk. Just really tired and don't want to talk that's about it. So far it's only day of surgery. You will do fine. I don't remember we anything after meeting the antistisiologist sc. Sorry. I'm a worry wart so you be fine.
Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad the procedure went well for you. Heal well

My before pics!

Hey there!! I'm from San Jose and have met Jasmine and Dr. Beck. I am still deciding my doc. My surgery is going to be end of October so I can make use of the Thxgiving break for additional recovery. I'm a working mom. I'm soooo glad to have your review. You will do really well!!! Have you rented the recliner, bought a walker and a toilet seat riser. I hear these 3 help a lot.
I have a recliner. I'm going to buy a shower seat. I have a very supportive husband who will be helping me. My mother will also be helping . So no walker for me right now.
Ok. Btw I forgot to tell you that I'm 5-3 and 122/125 pounds too. But i have a lot more stretch marks than you do and will be getting a BL too. Total surgery time both docs have estimated to be 6 hrs..I have the same nervousness as you do. I won't be telling any friends family except hubby of course. I'm telling my inlaws who are in town that I'm getting appendix surgery or some such :-)

My wish pic;)

I'm so glad you started your story on RealSelf! I know days leading up to pre-op can be nerve-wracking.

You might want to check out this (humorous) post about the different emotional stages of an MM.

And, on a more useful note, here's a great post by Blonde in Bluffton about her first three days after surgery.


One week away!

Yes I am in an emotional roller coaster ride! I've just got a couple days of work left and then I'll be off for one month. Too bad I can go on a nice vacation too. But I guess it's a get away. Get away from this bode lol!

Just out of the shower pics

I am so glad you are going to take care of your self. All I could think of was what many other ways to use the surgery money. My husband said he would rather me feel satisfied than us go buy some oy or electronic, especially after daily religious workouts. Recovery was not as bad as expected. I drank tons of ice water and slept the first three days away only to be woken up by hubby for pills. When i was finally awake really the pain was much less than expected. Stick to no/low sodim and drink your water and the swelling will not plague you. I anticipate you will be very pleased with your results. Best wishes!
Thanks for the tips!
Good luck you and and your upcoming surgery! I am 2 weeks post op today, I had the sand worries as you but go over them before my surgery day, was not really in too much pain when I woke up from surgery, more groggy and in and out if sleep that first day and night. Stayed overnight in the hospital which was great! The first couple days are hard, but slowly each day improves! I'm still walking hunched over a little, but overall just more soreness then anything in tummy and boobs. I am very happy with my results so far. Again good luck to you and I will follow your journey :)

Boob greed!

I think I'm developing boob greed. I agreed on the allergan 410 MF with 335cc. I'm currently a 34b/ 32c. What will the implants get me ?
I started as a very small 34a and got 400cc silicone behind the muscle and I am currently at 2 weeks out a full 34c, small d in Victoria's Secret. In other brands a d. But I wanted to be a full c so I am happy :)
I'll talk to my ps about being bigger. Thanks for the input :)
Yep :)

4 days away what!!

So I owned up to having my procedure. I got mixed feelings from everyone but that was what I expected. I'm very excited to have my mommy makeover. Since people are going to talk anyway, I thought it would be best if they heard it from me. So if you think did she? Yes I did. I can't wait to see the new me. I've been working out, eating healthy, and cocktails. I got everything I pretty much need for surgery. I'm very blessed to have supportive people to help me out ( my hubby and mom). Just 2 more days of work then I'll be off for a month . Yippee!

Pic laying down

Congrats! I'm soo happy for you! Please provide pics please as I'm also in the process of looking for a PS. I live in Pacifica and have been looking for about a yr. If he is as good as you say, I may have to call and set appt. My thoughts are with u on the 31st good luck!,, Hope u have a fast recover!!!!
Thanks so much!! Yes I will definitely update my photos on day surgery.

No cocktails!!

I meant no cocktails !! Omg

Day of sugery

I haven't had much sleep for the past 2 days. Now I'm up at 430am and wishing I would be able to close my eyes for another hour. Bit no success.
I've showered with chlohexidine and wiped myself with the wipes. One more again this morning. I've packed my meds and make up. Although I'm not sure why I packed my make up? Just in case I guess. My hubby is right I am such a girly girl.
I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Can't wait to wait up to a new me.
I got things pretty set up at home. We bought a recliner . I've placed a shelf next to so whatever I need is with in reach. Shower chair is in shower. Low sodium, high protien snacks and lots of water. I got all my great tips from all of gals! So thanks so much for all of your bravery, strength and getting through your own procedure and then shraring it for the rest of us. It takes a lot of courage to be able to do that and you all are an inspiration for me.
I will update with my post op photo. Hopefully I can come to enough to manage my phone. Ok wish me luck!

Increased boob size

Because of everyone's advice and for the fact I plan to excerise vigorously after my ps has given me the green light, I went with the Natrelle 410 mx in 375cc. This implant has an extra high projection and an increase in 50cc. I plan to go under muscle via inframmary incision. I some weight lifting and I know going to lose some breast volume for that. So I hope this will compensate for it. Well we'll see. Mt hubby is so worried that I'll end up looking like Pamela Anderson . Which I don't want that look either. I just want curves where they are suppose be with a little oomph!

Nude pics!

Here nude pics from morning of surgery.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery and happy healing!
Hope everything goes well today! Happy Healing!!!
Thank you so much!


Here are preliminary markings
I think the size you chose will look natural on your frame! Good luck with your procedure!
Good luck today and happy healing! You will do great!
Can't wait to see the after pictures!!!

Post op pics

I actually went with 335cc. My doctors recommended it. I'm glad I took his advice. I'm very happy with my results. My pain is well controlled with my pain meds. Incision looks great . I've been pretty much sleeping on and off. Drinking lots and lots of water. Peeing lots too. I'm walking around hunched over and my back is killing like everyone said it would. But it's all with it. Here some of my post op pics. I'm not comfortable taking off my binders yet. May be tomorrow :)
Thank you everyone for your good thoughts.
You looked great before so you're going to look like a super model!! Hope you heal well!!

Bladder Spasms

Ever since my Foley catheter was taken out , I've developed bladder spasm. I have increased urgency and have to every 5 minutes! My poor hubby keeps getting up and the putting me back in my recliner. I apologize for being annoying . He just helps me with a smile! Doesn't complain but is glad he can be there for me. I'm the luckest girl in the world. I just took a muscle relaxer. Hopefully it will work! My back is killing me :(
Congrats!!! I'm sure your results will be amazing.

Camping in the living room

My hubby and kids slept near by on the couch and on the floor. They wanted to near by to help .
My bladder spasms hasn't stopped! I get every 5 minutes feeling like I'm going to fill up the whole toilet bowl. But with all the effort and drama, I only can produce a couple off cc.
I left a message at the doctors office. I hope I don't have a uti. That would suck badly but I guess the antibiotics will stop the cramping and the feeling I'm going to pee on myself
I had similar peeing issues throughout the first week after surgery, and it was so annoying! I thought I had a UTI as well, but I didn't! Something that helped me was to just sit on the potty for as long as I could and pee, then wait and pee more. I know it hurts to use your abdominal muscles, but I found that if I actually concentrated on peeing and used those muscles, I was able to produce more urine in one sitting! Wicked annoying but it got better for me after a few days! Good luck!
Thanks I will try that
I'm glad others have this problem. I swear I am up every 20 minutes at least going pee. Sometimes I just feel like I have to go and sit there for 5 minutes with no results. My husband keeps telling me I need a catheter so I can rest more.

All I want to do is pee

I've read many stories about having a difficulty time pooping but never about peeing. My poor hubby got me up every 15 minutes to get me to the bathroom. I felt like was going to explode! I called my ps told me to go to the ER. They ended up putting a foley in and got 1200cc out! Thank god for the foley . No more bladder spasms! Yay!

Post op pic

I feel better today. I pooped last night. I'm on my way. I had a very good nights sleep after taking some lunesta. I'm down to taking only one Percocet every 6 hours instead 2 every 4 hours. My belly looks nice and small but seems very high. Hopefully it'll go down after I straighten out some more. How did it take you guys to straighten out. I want to but I'm afraid to pop my stitch.

My mole moved

If you compare my preop photo with the post op photo, you see my left stomach mole moved down significantly.
Wow looking good. Had my TT yesterday. I feel pretty good. Hunched, but not as bad as I thought. Happy healing..
I'm straightening out but still a little hunched over. Getting better everyday. You definitely have to be patient. Even this not a "quick fix". It's a lot of work. Bit it's going to be worth it!!

Back pain

I've been trying to wean myself off my Percocet. Took only 2 tabs yesterday . I started taking extra strength Tylenol . I slept pretty good last night. I had best sleep I had in a long time these past few nights. My back is killing me. It hurts more than the tt . I'm standing up straighter but boy does my back ache! My chest feels tighter this morning and I'm making sure I take deep breaths. Oh yeah my hubby pulled out my foley yesterday and I've been peeing on my own! (Knock on wood) maybe I'll take a shower today. I've been cleared but was hurting too much to try. I probably feel better after. This mommy makeover is no joke. You really can't to this on your own. You definitely need someone there with 24/7. I'm lucky because I have my parents and my wonderful hubby. My mom does all the cooking and cleaning and my hubby empty my drains and cleans me after I go to the bathroom. He makes sure I'm comfortable and taking my meds.

Post op appointment

I saw my ps today. It felt to get dressed and go outside. Everyone has been treating me like a "sick" person. My boobs look huge under my dress. My ps says everything looks good. And it does! My incision is so thin. My ps cleaned it and reapplied tegaderm dressing which i think stabilizes the wound very well. I'm down to 2 percocets a day. i wish I could stand up straighter. My upper abdomen feels so tight. I feel like if I stand up any straighter I will pull myself apart. Otherwise so far so good and I'm a happy girl

5 days post op pic

Bikini pics

OMG! My bikini ( that I never wore) is too small. It doesn't cover the incision and my boobs are falling out of top. Looks like I'm going bikini shopping !

Up and out

I have been feeling well enough to go to Walmart and I even got Mani/ pedi yesterday! Which felt awesome. I still walk slightly hunched over. My husbands says not to worry because people prob think that I have scoliosis or something! As if that's better! My ps cautioned me about going out and doing too much. He says there's a high risk for seroma with can affect the healing process significantly. It feels good to be out but I must remember my ps knows best. I've been getting this sharp pain in my left side. But apparently it's just my tissues reconnecting. My boobs look good. They're softening up. I'm also starting to feel my incisions. I'm applying silicone tape on them now. Heard they are very good since there's a lot if science behind it.. We will see. I got one of my drains takes out yesterday which was a snap. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. I get my other drain out tuesday. I can't wait to wear regular clothes and go clothes shopping and try this new body out. I only wish I could stand up straight. It's still very tight in upper abdomen right under the breast bone. I've been taking norco 3 times a day since I've been up and about. It works really well. My back pain is much better. It's getting better everyday . Thank god.

More pics

Drains out!

I woke up with awful pain in my right pelvic area. I notice my drain had no output. It was tender to the touch and I was oozing from the drain site. I called Dr. Beck. He said for me to come see him. I was like its Sunday! He wanted to make sure I was ok and didnt care that it was Sunday. He took my drain out. Thank god there was no seroma . I felt so much better after. I am very thankful for Dr. Beck. Now that my drains are both out, I feel more like myself . I am very happy with my results.
Wow looking Fab!! Sounds like a great Dr. ;)!!! Gosh life begins woth no drains. glad they are out!! Ur not too far from I'm in SJ. We're on our way!!!
Dr. Beck is the greatest . He's in foster city now at his new office. I recommended him before I had surgery. His results are always very good and he strives for perfection:)

Feel 80%

I got up made some pancakes. Showering by myself without getting winded. Spending time off the recliner. I finally made it to my own bed yesterday. it feels so good to be able to sleep in my own bed! Now if i can only sleep on my side it would be perfect!!I still feel exhausted at the end of the day but its getting much better.
Hi you look great! Looks like the bb positioning was not an issue after all. I'm happy for you! Happy healing!
Wow! You look really good! I'm glad your starting to feel better.

3 weeks

I feel so good! My advice for you all would be walk, walk, walk. But also take it easy. I still have some swelling in my pelvic area but mostly has gone down. My only concern is that my breast still feel very firm. Does it ever soften anymore? Anyways here are more pics :)
Hi there! Glad you are feeling super! Btw your latest pics are not showing..
Sorry about that. My phone was slow. But they are up now :)
Looking fabulous!!! U are a few days ahead of me. From the friends I know who got boobs, yup they drop a bit and soften up. Can take up to 6 months. They look great very natural!!!

New pics

Thank you everyone for the nice comments!
Is the vertical scar where your old belly button was? You look fabulous btw!
Yes it was. There was not much skin above my belly button that's why I needed the vertical scar. But it was well worth it to get rid of a lot of skin below my belly button

Bra shopping!

Got fitted at VS and Im a size 34D what!!!!!!! I got very cute bras. I signed up for a credit card which i seldom do. But its fun shopping for bras now and you get coupons off new bras so it wasnt that bad. I paid 27.50 for each bra.. so I bought 3. My PS says I have to wear my "medical" bra for another 2 weeks and Im getting so tired of wearing it. My nipples show right through. My only problem is getting clothes that will fit my boobs and tiny waist. BOO HOO for me lol!
Holy shnikeyz...you look amazing. Hey, what kind of silicone strips are you using? Those look nice..and I'm not the search for some good one's :)
Thank you. I purchase mine on amazon. They are called scar away strips. They come in 1 inch X 7inches. I cut them to size and wear them 24hrs a day. I cycle between 2 sets. They are washable and each "set" should last 7 days each. I got 3 sets that includes using them on my breast incision . I just purchased a new box because they are slightly losing their tackiness. Tip* after I wash them , I hang them on the towel rack sticky side up

New pics

Off my pain meds. I feel good except when I'm sitting around for awhile. I get really stiff but it goes away once I get get up and walk around . There is still swelling in my hips more on the left than right. Swelling in my pubic area is still there but very mild. I applied some lotion onto my stomach which keeps it from feeling so rubbery. I'm due back to work wednesday but is very nervous about having to lift people but we'll see.
U rock!!!! In so happy for u. Happy healing! I hope my results will come out as good as yours :-)! Closer to my surgery I may reach out for advice ;-)

Here are the pics that didn't upload yesterday

Hi there I got my TT also done. Dr b was amazing. I was thinking about how well u must be doing since you are several months along now. I heard dr. Beck moved to foster city. Happy holidays!
You look great. Hope you're having a good recovery.
Hi there! How are you? Hope U r rocking away in recovery!
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