Finally Fixed my Small Asymmetrical Breasts 540cc & 490cc - San Luis Obispo, CA

Well i have known i would get a breast...

Well i have known i would get a breast augmentation since my breasts started to grow at 12 years old and then stopped growing that same year. I am very small chested an A cup on the right and a AA on the left. I have always been so self concious of my breasts and have always felt incomplete and not proportionate to my body at all. Today i had my consultation and booked my surgery for Jan. 3rd i am so excited words can not even describe how i feel. The office staff were all very friendly and Dr. Hosn was so welcoming and extremely informative. I have decided to go with saline unders moderate profile...the size is still kindve up in the air but i will probably be going with 450-480cc with my incision being placed in my breast fold. My next appt is in about a month and a half there we will make the final decision on the size and placement... i cant wait!!!

Hey Brittanyb Well 800cc's is large no matter how you slice it :0), that's the look I wanted though :0). Do I think they look to big on me? No. I'm a bigger girl though. Right now I don't think they look good but they are bruised and swollen and they still have to drop, so I'm really trying to be patient. :0) being patient really isn't my strong suit. What I wanted was to wake up with perfect (to me) boobies, unfortunately that's not how it works :( but I would say that they look as good as they can under the circumstances. :0) my only advice on size is: trust your ps to give you what you want. :0) after all that's what you're paying him/her to do ;0) take care Brittanyb. I hope you get great results. :0D Jen
Hey thanks for getting back to me. I had my procedure on nov. 4th. so I'm just trying to recover right now. :0)
yeah i saw that you had it done thats so exciting i cant wait to be recovering just like you :) i saw that you went with 800 cc's do you feel like the look good or too big? im still so unsure of the whole cc thing sometimes on one girl it looks too big/small but on other women its the exact look i want....anways happy recovery and hope everythings going smoothly :)

Hi everyone well i still have a month and a half...

Hi everyone well i still have a month and a half left but everyday i get closer and closer to my surgery and am so anxious to get them done. My appt time is all set i will be going in Jan. 3rd @ 6am and the surgery will begin at 7am i should be out of there by 12 or 1 depending on how my recovery goes...Ive been looking at tons and tons of before & after pics and am getting really nervous about how my breasts are going to many after pics im seeing just arent what i want. Thankfully i really like & trust my surgeon and know he'll give me what i want. I think my nerves are getting to me and this whole waiting game :/ Well thats it for now ill probably write back after my 2nd pre-op december 14th. Have a great thanksgiving ladies :)
Hey tori thank you so much for sharing your story with me hearing your story makes me feel much better and excited about my new addition :) hope your recovery goes great :)
Hi I just wanted to write a quick post. I went through the same emotions you are going through and it was a tough time for me. Pre surgery I was a 32A/34AA depending on the bra. I wanted to end up a full C to a small D but was worried about getting too large of an implant. I initially went in hoping to get an implant ranging from the 380s to 425ccs. I was naive and didn't account for the fact that I had no breasts to begin with. I also needed extra skin removed from previously being a 36E while breastfeeding. I decided to go with silicone under the muscle because I wanted a more natural feel and not having much breast tissue of my own I didn't really consider saline too much. (my mom and 4 of my aunts ll have saline and want to get them redone with silicone). Anyway I had my surgery last Monday the 5th and my ps put in 490cc I was a little shocked when I heard the number but they don't look big at all. I forgot to mention I am 5'8 118lbs with wider hips and shoulders. So far I am completely happy. Sorry my post is so long I guess I just wanted to let you know not to be scared of a number because they look completely different on everyone. Trust your surgeon and just express to him the look your trying to achieve. I am going to get on my laptop later and try and post some pics if you want to look at them. Good luck!
Hey Brittany, I posted on my page to answer your question. But just want add that: don't be nervous, I went through the exact emotions, you need to be fully relaxed so you will have speedy recovery. What incision point and brand of implants did you doc discuss with you? I had allergan natrelle brand. A lot of people say saline implants feel hard, but mine doesnt feel hard at all, the only hard parts is the top pec muscle, but that's because during surgery they were pushed up and now they will slowly relax and be soft again. Don't work out before your surgery, you want to be fully relaxed. Hehe, I'm excited for you, best luck!

Well i had my second-to-last pre op today and i am...

Well i had my second-to-last pre op today and i am getting so excited!!! We looked at different sizes of implants again and have agreed on a final size of 540cc in my left breast and 490cc in my right. I loved the look of these sizes and really felt like they suited the look im going for. I cant believe its only 2 1/2 weeks away i am so anxious to get them!! We took my before pics today as well and he feels very confident that he can achieve the look i want which makes me really happy. Well thats all for now ill probably update a few days before my surgery...woohoo so happy :)
Hi I'm glad you updated! I'm excited for you, like I said before I also had small breasts before surgery (9 days ago) 32A/34AA I went with 490cc silicon unders and am beginning to wish I went larger :( still totally worth it and I'm thrilled they are sooooo much better than before. I am still swollen and wishing they would stay the size they are now haha. Oh well, I think I will be happy with the size I am because I can always wear a victorias secret bra if I want the extra size but they also look great in a completely unpadded sheer bra. I think you will look great with the size you chose and love your decision!

My surgery is in 2 days and i am so excited/...

My surgery is in 2 days and i am so excited/ nervous i cant believe its finally here!! My husband went out and bought me a wedge pillow which will be great for propping me up after surgery and im picking up my meds tomorrow. I do have a quick question for anyone that can answer...i was wondering if your nipple color or size changes after surgery? In alot of before and after photos it doesnt look like to much of a change but in some it does so im just kindve curious what peoples experiences have been. Well wish me luck girls and ill try and post something the day of surgery if im not to knocked out.
for afitnessfan- for my first consult my husband came with me so there was no assistant but at my second consult where we agreed on the final size i went alone and there was a female assistant present but she was very nice and i actually asked her opinion on sizes...thanks so much for your encouragement and ill definitley try and update tomorrow :)

for Ladytee- i definitley stressed my #1 concern was to fix my asymmetry but yeah about the areola size im going through the breast fold so i dont really think he can change the size of them but i know that sometimes the skin can stretch them?? i guess ill just find out tomorrow lol thanks for the good luck :)
Hello. I am two weeks post op and I had a breast lift as well as implants. Make sure you stress the importance of fixing the asymmetry. Although my breasts look alot better than before I am still not happy about the asymmetry. I do not think my doctor understood that I disliked that as much as the sagging. His main concern was the lift and giving me larger breasts. I have to wait 6 months for them to heal completely but I am 99% sure I will be going back to get them more symmetric.
As far as the areola I think you should discuss with the doctor how you want them to look. I think each doctor does what looks best to them. I am happy with my new areola size but my husband preferred them larger so I wish I would have specified that to the doctor ahead of time.
Good luck tomorrow you will be thrilled!
One more question, was there an assistant present with the doc the whole time? There was an assistant present for my consult and it made me feel uncomfortable. Well, it's almost surgery time. Happy New You! Please keep us posted on your recovery. I want to know what to expect. Thanks again.

Well girls I now have big beautiful breasts :) I...

Well girls I now have big beautiful breasts :) I am so happy my surgery took a little under 2 hours and I woke up feeling great and not sick at all I do have some pain and pressure but nowhere near what I thought and it's very bearable I'm already home and all set up in bed I am so happy I did this and can't wait to see the bandages come off tomorrow woohoo for boobies :)
Awesome! Cant wait to see your results!
Yay!! I'm glad you're home and that there were no complications. It's done. Give us an update tomorrow or sooner if you feel any changes or think that there's anything worth sharing.

Post op day 2 I slept great last night and woke up...

Post op day 2 I slept great last night and woke up feeling so refreshed around 9am I got really nauseous and the shivers I took an anti nausea pill and drank a smoothie and that seemed to help a lot I honestly don't feel any pain when I'm lying down its only when I get up from a laying down position... I saw my dr today for my first post op and I finally got to see them I am so happy I wanted to cry my asymmetry is almost 100% fixed and the size and shape are exactly what I wanted I get to take off my bandage tomorrow and as soon as I do I'll post pics :)
I'm honestly feeling great I stopped taking the narco yesterday afternoon and am now just on extra strength Tylenol I really have no pain just tightness and this feeling of rocks on my chest but it's really just weird not painful they look pretty good so far still high and swollen but that's all to be expected hope your search is going good :)
How are you feeling?

Well today is Post op day 5 and im still feeling...

Well today is Post op day 5 and im still feeling great i have almost full movement back in my arms just a little tightness when i reach too high, I went into town today to buy a comfortable underwire bra for once my stitches are removed, My surgeon said that my tissues around my incision (under my breast fold) are a little weaker than others so i need to wear an underwire bra for 6 weeks instead of my surgical bra because the underwire will help shape the breasts better. I got measured as i am now as a 36 D which is so exciting because thats exactly what i wanted i know theyre still going to change alot but i think that im going to end up with a D or a DD. All the bras i tried on fit me great and it was just so exciting to go bra shopping for once and actually be able to fill out bras and be happy with what i was seeing. Oh getting out of bed has gotten so much easier as well its not even painful anymore i just use my stomach muscles a little more and im up....well thats it for now girls :)

Yesterday was post op day 7 and was also my first...

Yesterday was post op day 7 and was also my first day back to work luckily i get to sit at my desk for most of the day but i also use my arms alot and i was pretty sore by the end of the day but still no pain just tightness and also i was really tired. I feel like everyday they look better and better im just so happy with them :)

Tori -- I'm so glad to see you're happy with your size! I just got sized yesterday and I"m going with 400cc silicone unders. I'm similar height (5'7") and also widely built, so my PS is very confident they'll look perfect on me. But like you I'm super nervous about being too big!! I spent the rest of the day being a nervous nellie over my choice :/ 

Your comment has helped calm my nerves even further. 2 weeks til boobs! eeek!


Post op day 11-well i got my stitches out on...

Post op day 11-well i got my stitches out on thursday and he said everything was looking great and then showed me how to start massaging them. Im really happy with them just kindve having an off day emotionally today my left breast is still so high and swollen and the nipple is a little higher than the right i know nothing happens over night i just wish they looked perfect now but i know i just have to have patience....anybody else experience some difference in nipple height or placement after surgery and then it went back to normal?? Ok well thats it for now

you're looking very proportioned. Are you back at work? I'm only going to take 10 days off from work (I work with infants) do you think that will be enough? Are you sore? My surgeon said a week would be enough but...? Your thoughts.

Post op day 20- well things are going great the...

Post op day 20- well things are going great the pressure and rock kind of feeling are gone and im just so happy with them right now, there still sitting high up but they have already dropped alot and i can tell the swelling has gone down alot too. When did all of yours finally drop? just kindve wondering the timeline for everyone...
oh good im really glad that i can help once i scheduled my surgery i still had to wait 3 months so i know exactly what that feels like but its all so worth it :) well good luck thats very exciting that you set a date and let me know if i can answer anything else :)
This helps a lot! I really appreciate the details. I do have a date set :) Feb. 16 and the "suspense is killing me". I'm very anxious but I find comfort in your story.
hi there im sorry i havent responded to you i just saw this comment yes i went back to work post op day 8 and it was a little hard because i use my arms alot but luckily i also can sit at my desk so it was ok and i felt like i was fine being there...i was only really sore for the first few days but then after that it was just tightness and almost like this rock feeling strapped to my chest but thats all gone now...hope this helps let me know if i can answer anything else :) do you have a date set ?

Post op day 27- everything is still going great i...

post op day 27- everything is still going great i do my massages twice a day for 5 minutes each time i feel like theyre dropping slowly and im just so happy with how theyre not in any discomfort just a slight shooting pain sometimes but it comes and goes in a few seconds.

I love that you posted so many photos throughout the recovery! I can totally see how they drop over the month. Great inspiration since I'm only on day 3 and they are still riding high :) 

You definitely picked a perfect size for your body. Also so impressed at how perfectly he corrected the slight asymmetry. Can't wait to see the 2 month out photos!



I am now 5 weeks post op and feel 100% back to...

I am now 5 weeks post op and feel 100% back to normal i love my new breasts more and more everyday, and i am just so happy that i did this. I definitley feel like this has been a huge emotional rollercoaster though, some days i love them and then other days i pick out every flaw and wonder what i could have done differently but at the end of the day im always happy with them and i just keep on reminding myself that this is a long healing process and patience really is key. Well thats all for now i have my last post op appt this coming monday and ill update after that.

Bumble I'm so glad to hear you're back to feeling normal.

I'm amazed at the photos and watching how your implants have dropped in the last 5 weeks. You have some great cleavage, girl! 

I can totally relate to the nit-picky feelings you are having ... one of my breasts was slightly smaller to begin with, but since I did silicone my Dr didn't think it was a big enough difference to warrant going up a size in one side. And unfortunately that's the one that hasn't completely dropped yet so it looks a little different because of that too! As soon as I start picking at those things, I stop and stare at my boobs and then my face and say "Makenzie, look at yourself! Look at your amazing rack. Remember what it was before? Now be quiet and flaunt your incredible new ta-tas with pride!"

You truly look fantastic, so don't fret. Thanks for continuing to update! 

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I also live in SLO and have been wanting to do this but nervous about traveling south to do it. You are the first person I've found that has used Dr Hosn. Good to hear your experience was positive.

Its been awhile since ive been on here but...

Its been awhile since ive been on here but everything is still going really well i am so happy with my decision and would do it all over again in a heartbeat....i do think that there still sitting a little higher than i would like but in the grand scheme of things i really dont care im so happy with everything else. Well hope everyone is well and good luck with any upcoming surgeries :)
What size are you now? I got breast lift and augmentation exactly 4 weeks ago and I chose 540cc saline filled implants. I wanted 550cc but my surgeon said he would see what best fitted me at the time of surgery. I'm happy but I can't tell yet since an anchor lift was pretty hard on my breast. I'm still in pain and burning sensation frequently but it's normal. By the way breast look beautiful!
Thank you so much I am so happy with them & really need to post an updated photo because they have settled even more & am so happy with the results.....right now & from after the surgery I have been in a 36D & it is very comfortable
Owls advice generally only posts about people saying they look fine regardless of the fact that they have 1+ Cup size difference. #not helpful
San Luis Obispo Plastic Surgeon

Words cant even begin to describe how amazing Dr.Hosn is!!! He listened to every concern and want i had for this surgery, his bedside manner is so caring, and i could really tell that he wanted me to be happy and truly cared about me during the whole process. His office staff is also just sooooo incredible nice and again so caring. When i got there for all of my appointments i did not have to wait one minute they took me right back to the exam room. My mother was extremely nervous about me getting this surgery so Dr. Hosn even let her come to my last pre-op appt and he answered all her questions it was really sweet. The day of my surgery he saw me before and reassured me everything would go great and once i was in recovery he saw me again and told me how good the surgery went and that he was able to give me the CC's wanted. Once i got home from surgery he called later in the day just to check on me and make sure everything was going alright. I highly highly recommend Dr. Hosn he is an amazing Doctor and person.

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