After having 2 kids I routinely excercise i've...

After having 2 kids I routinely excercise i've lost weight & some of the lil butt I had + have loose skin in my stomach. I want to regain some weight for the butt lift. The 3 bay area surgeons I went to all recommended I have the BBL with tummy tuck at same time to get the most fat. I just want to get advise to best maintain my look afterwards (months later). I hear I shouldn't do cardio afterwards or lift too much because that will muscle up the fat which will not be perfectly smooth and even?? I just want to get feedback from those who exercise & maintain their enhanced look. And what are the do's & do not's. Thanx much in advance.

Updated on 25 Sep 2011:

I've realized I've been getting to comfortable with eating anything without the exercise. So I've started working out again & to prevent weightless I'm limiting my cardio n eating more protein.Updated on 30 Oct 2011:I have a month a 3 wks to go and i bet it will be before we know it. I'm so excited! I can't wait to share my experience and progress with you. I think now that the time is couting down i'll be more proactive as the days go before and after. Any advise anybody has for a buttlift with a tummy tuck would be greatly appreciated.Updated on 30 Oct 2011:I've made arrangments for my cousin to take care of me and i'm now going to start buying supplies I'll need:

*a body pillow

*a boppy pillow (for sitting down)

*Silacone scar sheet to decrease scarring

*a girdle called fajate from colombia

*Ensure to maintain nutrition


Okay so so I weight apprx. 145s ({I reached my weight goal})

From my original weight 127lbs

My pants size is currently 5 (lately everything has been tight of course)


SEAT CUSHION for work chair $14

RUBBER RING 4 seating cautiously at home $11

MEMORY FOAM KNEE PAD side sleeping $18

IRON PILLS said to help with recovery

U BODY PILLOW for comfort $99


FUNNEL PIECE to use the #1 bathroom w/o having to sit


I'm going to try to be off work for at least 4 weeks. I work approx. 100 miles from my home that's a lot of seating in car car that I don't want. I want to make sure I fully recover from my the BBL & Tummt Tuck.

Counting down the WEEKS!!!Updated on 8 Dec 2011:It sure does look like I wear the same underwear everyday lol. But its only to make a more accurate comparison that I wear the same thong. I added 2 additional pics.

the stomach shows why i need a tummy tuck


the most updated back side as of dec 5th.Updated on 8 Dec 2011:Also I decided to get the bodywear from Colombia. I am making a large investment into myself i'm not going to stop with the bodywear. I decided to get the Colombian Faja at $105 (

PLUS right now its 20% off so after tax + shippint I got it for $94. I think its worth it. And i think I got all I need. I'm just waiting on my shipments to get my U pillow and chamomille eye mask.

Remember the process is going to be dreadful the 1st week from what i've read so I want to make sure i make it easier for myself.

I'm also looking forward to my pre-opt which was bumped up to friday Dec 16th, but i'll get info i much look forward to...massages!!Updated on 13 Dec 2011:A WEEK AWAY & IM ANXIOUS, NERVOUS & EAGER TO GET MY PROCEDURE DONE!! I'M AS READY AS I'LL EVER BE.



GOOD THING IS AT MY JOB IM ONE OF HUNDREDS SO I CAN TAKE MY TIME TO RETURN & I'M GOING TO TAKE OFF AT LEAST 2-3 MONTHS TO FULLY RECUERATE TO RETUN TO MY EXERCISE REGIME & CATCH UP!Updated on 19 Dec 2011:It's the night B4 surgery. I'm scheduled for surgery at 8am. I was very anxious yesterday & today and the Xanax the Dr. Hegg provide helped with my anxiety thus far. I'll take the another pill an hour prior to calm my nerves.

Overall I'm glad my time is very close. I'm looking forward to having a more voluptuous bottom side.

During my pre-opt we discussed areas for lipo (flanks, stomach, bra line, inner thighs, back, bra line & we added arms). The area of my tummy tuck/ab repair incision which will be below my waistline. He estimated the amount to harvest would be from 1000-1200 cc's. Sounds good to me... I'll follow up as soon as I can.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:It's day 2 post opt. I'm more umfortable than anything, and my stomach area hurts when I get up from the bed, which is when I need help getting outta bed. I'm switching to my boys bunk beds going forwad until I'm more manageable. Their BB beds are lower n easier for me to manage. Since I can only sleep on my sides I alternate every 30min-1hr. sometimes it takes me about 10 mins to switch sides by myself.

I also have to walk around like a hunchback & luckily my mother borrowed a walker from a friend. I see my shape n it looks great, but I have yet to see my TT incision.

As soon as dr Hegg takes off my shape wear I'll post pix.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:My intake consist of water, juice, chicken soup without te meat only veggies. I'm drinking ensure as my meals along with a banana when I'm not full yet.

************************************************* ...


Day 3

I'm feeling much better, I still have a lot of umcomfortability when laying on my sides, but not much I can do besides recline on the bed or sofa with pillows on my knees in prayer position. I try to walk as much as I can. Today I did without the walker & faster too. I'm really hungry today, luckily my dad is coming over to make me chicken soup. Instead of taking a bath, my mother cleansed open areas with baby wipes. I'm really hoping dr Hegg comes over to take of my body wear or tells me it's okay to do so.

Day 5 I'm still very uncomfortable. It's hard...

Day 5

I'm still very uncomfortable. It's hard to sleep/nap. Good thing is I found a new way to sleep which won't jeopardize my butt fat & tummy tuck. I use my U pillow and turn it into a donut. I add more pillows to my back end and make sure my knees have enough support so my butt isn't getting pressure, and my tummy isn't being stretched either. But it seems any position I have always leads the pressure on my lower back, which has been killing me. I'm looking forward to a great massage soon.

I walk as much as I can, but I'm still hunchback. This recovery process seems like foreverr. OMGoodness! I know it's going to be worth it, I have to be patient.

10 DAYS POST OPT And for the 1st time i felt...


And for the 1st time i felt like putting on a lil makeup, even though i'm staying in. I've been walking throught my house more & more each day. I'm still not ready to go outdoors, because i not able to stand up straight yet, but each day i'm streching lil by little. I feel great each and every day I DON'T REGRET IT. WORTH EVERY PENNY. more pics to upload for your views. Have a great NYE ladies!!!
San Leandro Plastic Surgeon

One of the many things I was impressed by is Dr. Hegg does house calls after surgery. Which takes a load of his patients. He's staff is amazing with availably and for any questios. He's absolutely talented when it comes to perfecting a woman's body and he's genuine. He's rare one of a kind and I was absolutely lucky to have found him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi SweeterCheeks, I hope you're doing well and back to 100% by now. I'm scheduled for a TT and BBL with Dr. Hegg and the recovery time has me concerned. I can only take 2 weeks off to recover. Dr. Hegg thinks I'd be OK returning to work since I have an office job, but after reading your post I'm not so sure... You said you couldn't walk straight for awhile. Do you think I'd be fine working at 2 weeks post op?
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I'd say that 60% of that fat stayed, it did go down some what. My profile from the side fell a lot, but the wideness stayed. I'll post new pics tomorrow.
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hey girl, i just had my bbl done and had 1300ccs injected in each cheek, just wondering how much of the fat u were able to keep. you look great by the way congrats!
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How are you doing? Happy?
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Hi Butterbean,
I'm happier then before for sure. After my 4wk mark it seems my butt & hips did go down from the swelling. It's still an enhancement from B4, but I wish it would've stated plumpier. My tummy tuck I'm very happy with. At this point I don't see me getting thru surgery again.
How are u doing so far. I seen your updated pics, u look good!
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WOW you look great!!! I scheduled my consultation with Dr Hegg, but it is not until May. I am 4'10 and weight 105, do not know if I should gain any more weight. I am scared to gain too much weight and look short and stubby.

What do you think?
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I definitely think you should gain weight to make it worth it. I gained 25lbs & even though its a transformation it wouldn't have been that much difference if I hadn't gained the weight. I understand about looking stubbye because I did with the last 3 months of gaining the weight, but it was a sacrifice i took. We're all difference u might not need to, but gaining weight is beneficial in my opinion.
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Oh okay, geesh i want to get it over with! you tummy did not look as bad as mine! i will post before pics before i get the surgery, its yucky! lol i can wait to flaunt a flat belly!!!
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Can't wait to see our results girl2!
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Good for you!!! Tummytucks dont seem too bad after all. Which days are the worst? Would you say the first five days?
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Not just the 1st five days, but the 1st 2 wks for me. I still get stiff in my tummy area n wait to stand up straight. Sometimes if feels like I'll pull on something, but of course that's more a feeling than an actual fact.
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looking good girl! How are you feeling? Are you walking okay?
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I'm way better than those 1st two weeks...still hurts a lil when I sneeze or try to be somewhat flexible. But stomach muscle repair takes time. I was able to go out for a few drinks yesterday. Which was my 3 wk mark....just waiting for a full recovery where I can do
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How are you doing SweeterCheeks? How is recovery going?
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I'm doing good...I could be on my own, go shopping, drive, do chores. I'm still sore, but it's nothing like B4. I'm really anxious to hit my 5 week mark (in 2 wks) so I can start working out bcuz I need my energy back. Gd luck with surgery!
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Hi SweeterCheeks, hope your recovery is going well. i read that you are ready to start working out in a few weeks. I will be 3 months next week and i just started doing light yoga this week and not to scare you let me tell you that my lower back has been on fire for a few days :-( i had my massage yesterday and i asked her about it and she did tell me that at 1st working out will feel like you never have done it before. i am concern, did your Dr. tell you to wait after 3 months to do any workout to avoid the lost of your butt? Everyone i asked that have had this done has told me to wait till after 3 months to workout and when you do to not do to much cardio. Just fyi in case you had not come across that information. happy healing!!
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My doctor said not to do too much cardio n to wait 5-6 wks. A 4 wk break from the gym does feel like I was a virgin at workouts so I'm not surprised. Im happy with my body right now & dont care to lose any weight so im gonna eat plenty of protein. I thank u for giving me the heads up on possible side effects. I'll be taking it easy the 1st few months.
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yes taking it slow on this end too. I asked her yesterday if i cam start back up with my regular salsa and zumba classes and she told me NO! :-( to give it more time, that if i start dancing now i will start to see my butt go down since thats the only fat i have in my body. That really stinks!! she told me to start with a nice walk and stretches, so thats why i am just doing some yoga this week and a little upper body weight training, very light. This is a part that i didnt plan for during my planning of the BBL :-( i dont only want to look good but i want to be able to dance and run around with my child and not run out of breath. lol
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You look so hot! Did he inject into your hips thighs to make u curvy or just your butt?
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Thank u! A lil on my thighs, but mostly my butt.
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Was the drainage bothersome at all?
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Yeah & pretty annoying...I'm not used to having something attached to my body which I had to drain about 4 times a day.
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YOU LOOK SO GOOD! & Thank you for posting a picture of the garment. Did you have any drainage at all?
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Thank you Shadowpink! I had 1 drainage for 1 full week.
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Yes! I'm anxious & want it to be over. Any tips on a easier recovery, now that you have been through it?
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