Help! Breast With the Implant with More Cc's is Bigger and Bottoming out - San Leandro, CA

Should i be alarmed?surgery date 2/14/2012 like 8...

should i be alarmed?surgery date 2/14/2012 like 8 weeks post op im 33years old 5'0 130 pounds i was a 34b to start i wanted 450cc's and lift threw the areola and dr said she can only fit 390cc in one and 450cc in the other now the breast with the 450cc's is way bigger and i think bottoming out what do you think...please help i want to know will it fix itself or do i need a redo

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she was wonderful....but breast augmentaion looks horriable

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thank u :)
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I'm in the bay area... (California ) I
Very sad and insecure about my breast even more now being that I had work done and they aren't nice :(
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So sorry that I assumed you were in another country! Shame on me!
Dont be too sad, they aren't horrible, just could be closer to perfect.
The left one looks like she lowered your fold, they just look like they are sitting a little differently. I guess I cant see a difference in size based on those pics.
You should try to get a consult with Dr. Pousati he's int eh San Diego area I think, he seems to do good work and he's on this website giving advice.
Quite a few girls on this website got work done. He might give you a free consult too if you mention this website. Wouldn't hurt to ask. I dont know how far you are from him, but I urge you to ask other doctors on this site! I notice you havent posted any questions to them.
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Sorry, It's Dr. Pousti...
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I would definitely ask the other doctors on this forum and consider second and thrid opinions where you are! Something doesnt look right about your folds...It is possible that they could still change though.
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She my doctor she only said it's bigger because that side has a bigger implant....
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I would have thought the objective would be to even you out. So if a bigger implant would make that side bigger, thereby making it larger than the other side, then Hello? What was she thinking??/ She should have put a smaller one in then. Makes sense to me anyway. Where did you get them done? I am thinking you are in another country other than the U,S.?
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I'm thinking perhaps she used too big of an implant? I would think if she was really good she would have chosen the right size, but it looks like she didn't. Also, I would think she would offer to go in and change it to a smaller one to correct her mistake.
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I will
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Good luck to you! Please keep up posted on what happens!
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well i have an appointment with her on the 16th of april and most deff i'm going to tell her there has to be something done to make them look better.... thanks for commenting i feel so lost about this
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Have you tried pushing the question or getting a second opinion? If she keeps dodging the question you could probably get a lawyer involved.
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I would agree. It's always good to give the doc a chance to fix things, but if they're going to leave you hanging, that is just not cool. Def see another doc to see what they can identify as what's going on first
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I have and she just goes around the question
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i am 5 days post op with a implant and a breast lift on right side. My left side got a bigger implant because my breast was smaller. The side that had the lift is round and looks pretty good considering day 5. The left side is coned like and very tight and also looks smaller. As well, my nipple seems enlarged and you can see the areole threw my shirt. I am in a situation like yours. I am scared my left side is going to stay smaller or be too big when they drop. Also that my areola is going to stay big
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Hi! I am wondering if you asked your PS about this and how things are?
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Thanks I just think something's not looking rite the smaller one without looks to be starting the snoopy thing
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Hi there! I'm not qualified to say if you need a revision, but I do see the bottoming out you're talking about. What does your surgeon say about this issue?

You might want to post a question in RealSelf's Doctor Q&A community and get some professional input.

Good luck! You definitely want to feel happy about your breasts. Especially so soon after surgery!

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