8 weeks post op/ can't believe Dr. Hegg passed away!

After looking at this site I have decide to go...

After looking at this site I have decide to go through with this procedure. I am carrying around some extra weight from the birth of my second child and I figured I might as well put it too use lol! Prior to my second pregnancy I was pretty happy with my body, but it has always frustrated me that any extra fat I have goes solely to my mid section, specifically my lower back and love handles.

Now that I am 10-15 lbs heavier it is even more obvios. My butt looks even smaller now that I am bigger!! How is that possible? It hasn't been an easy decision, but I decided to go through with this so i could really be happy with how i look. I have worked out like crazy in the past and although it helps, you can't really choose where you naturally hold your fat. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am worried how I will handle my two kids in the month following the surgery (my husband will be home the first week), and can't help but feel guilty for being selfish. I just keep telling myself that the recovery will be short in comparison to loving how i look in clothes and out lol. My husband has been super supportive without pushing me into it, which definitely helps. I am sharing on realself because I don't plan to talk about it with my friends and family. I feel guilty about not being honest to people, but i don't want to be judged. I wish I didn't care what people think but I do! I don't want the word to spread that I have a fake booty! Which btw it won't be fake because it's all me fat lol!!(thats what i tell myself to feel better). I don't think im a superficial person, but i am tired of not being happy with my body and i feel like this surgery will take care of that. I chose my doctor thanks to the reviews on realself (thanks ladies!), a good consult and his results.I am not looking for drastic results, just a fuller rounder bottom, with a smaller waist. I want an improvement on my shape without looking like you put my head on someone elses body lol. Thats it for now!

May everything go well and turn out great! Thank you for posting hun!

I am now one day post-op. Everything went well the...

I am now one day post-op. Everything went well the day of, the only downside is that my blood work came back showing I have anemia, so the doctor said if the fat he is getting has a lot of blood in it he wouldn't be able to take out as much. So far my butt and waist looks good, but I am not trying to get examine it too much because i know it they will both change. The first day home was rough, but I already feel much better. My butt is sore and stiff and my abs are the worst, they feel like they are burning. It really isn't too bad though, especially with the pain killers. I will post pictures soon!
How long did you have to wait for your consultation and then the surgery? Let us know how it goes and please some before and after pics. I'm highly considering going with Dr. Hegg and I'm flying all the way from Hawaii.
If I remember correctly, I think I waited 6-8for my consult which was the end of October, then I booked my appt for the end of January. So far I am really happy but it is hard to see my results because I am 1 day post op. I am planning to put pictures up as soon as I get around to it:)
6-8 weeks*

Question- my doctor doesn't use a board for he...

Question- my doctor doesn't use a board for he tummy area, but I have seen girls get great results with them so I ordered one but I am not sure how to use it. Do you just put it under your garmet? I am 4 days post op and want to do anything I can to maximize my results! Thank you!!

I feel like my butt is shrinking everyday!!!!!! I...

I feel like my butt is shrinking everyday!!!!!! I am 9 days post op. I knew my butt would be big immediately after surgery and would gradually go down. And it was really big the first 5 days. Since I was never looking to have a huge booty I avoided measuring it or trying on too many things because I didn't want to get attached lol. However my butt has gone down so much in the past 3 days I am freaking out I will lose it all! I measured it the first time two nights ago because I felt like alot of my swelling went down and I was at 41 inches. This morning it looked smaller to me so I measured again and I am at 40. My preop measurement around the fullest part of my butt was 38". I am freaking out because I have been told results aren't stabilized until 2 months. If I keep going at this rate I'll be back to where I started! As of right now I love my shape, even if it goes down a Tiny bit. I'm just trying to stay positive and stay off my butt!!!
How's it going? How are your results?
I'm still pretty happy and haven't had any more drastic loss of volume. I feel like I still have tiny love handles and my lower pubic area isn't as flat as I would like. I hope some of the lower bulge is swelling though because my garmet didn't give me good compression there. I was supposed to have my 1 month post op this Friday but it got pushed back 2 more weeks so I won't have answers to some of my questions until then. Overall though I'm happy I went through with this, Ive gotten a lot of compliments:) one of these days I'll post pics!
Great to hear. Can't wait to see your pics. I'm officially in for the surgery I can't wait.

At the 6 weeks post op tomorrow and I am very...

At the 6 weeks post op tomorrow and I am very happy! Love my new body and was worth every penny. My results might not be as drastic as some girls but it is what I wanted, an improvement! Finally getting around to putting up pics, and to be honest I don't think the pictures do me justice lol! I can still nit pick a little, kinda wish I lipoed my thighs and wish my waist was a little smaller but over all I am very happy! Hope my butt doesn't go down any more.! Sorry my before pics are a little blurry, I took a picture of the screen of my camera with my phone lol
You really look great! I'm having surgery tomorrow and it's going to be more of an "improvement" like you said. My doc said he's gonna try to put 600 cc's on each side. Do you know how much you had put in?
U look lovely!! Nice and toned !
You look great.

Had my 6 week post op appointment. The doctor said...

Had my 6 week post op appointment. The doctor said I'm healing really well, he said my stomach will still go down a bit once the scar tissue heals. He hopes my butt will stay its current size but everyone heals a little different. He said that although the fat takes within a few weeks its still really lol able, so the longer you stay off the better. I still am sleeping on my stomach and try to sit only on my thighs. Again I'm really happy I went through with this. My advice is to have realistic expectations, but if you want to do it go for it! Thank you to all the girls who share their story on real self, it really helped me make my decision! I'm putting up a few more pics too:)
You look great now I can't wait for mine. Yayyyyy
Thanks! When is your surgery date?
April 2. I'm going to start my own log about my journey soon. I'm trying to lose some weight before my surgery because I jus had my third baby late December. I'm so excited to go through with this. :) thank u again for sharing your story.

I can't believe Dr. Hegg has passed. He was a...

I can't believe Dr. Hegg has passed. He was a great surgeon, it doesn't seem real. I had 1 more post op appointment but luckily for me I am healing nicely. It seems so superficial to worry how my final results will turn out when he has lost his life. prayers for his loved ones. I will probably delete my account soon because my main reason for creating it was to help girls looking for a surgeon in the Bay Area, or to talk to other Dr. hegg patients. I also feel bad for the ladies who had upcoming surgery dates with him, it must be hard to start the journey all over again. This is a reminder of how precious life is, as much as we persue beauty, we need to cherish life much more.
Rest in peace Dr Hegg :(
So sad prayers to his family. So heartbreaking ...
Your last post was very true and my prayers go out to his family and i wish you the best on your check up boo.
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