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Going in for my BBL and lipo to my abs, flanks,...

Going in for my BBL and lipo to my abs, flanks, and inner thighs. I'm also considering a lip fat transfer while Im out with the IV as well. Always wanted a fuller lips and booty. :D Super excited and nervous.

I'll add my pre-op pics soon. Right now Im just going to try and get everything together that I need way beforehand so I dont have to worry about it too close to the date. Any suggestions on what is critical to buy would be helpful.


Hi, yea I was curious about that too. He can inject fat to your lips? Please give us details on that, thanks :)
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Hi ladies. Yes he can and it works the same like the booty....whatever takes will stay but a good portion will probably die off. He said that its tricky with the lips because you dont want to overcorrect too much because its on your face and well who wants huge blow up lips? Id rather do it with my own fat then any other chemical substance though and I'll already be out so why not give it a go? Its $500.
Thanks for the info girl!!! yea if I knew earlier, I would do it too!!!!lol.. that's really cool!!! please post pics if u can! thanks :)

Height: 5'4" Weight: 140 lbs...

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Braline: 37"
Waist: 30"
Hips: 37"


Did you have your surgery already?!!!!! Let us know how are you doing please!!

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It went fine. Had my EKG and it turned out normal. Basically just got to really tell the Doc what I want with shape and projection. I really recommend to anyone doing this to really think about it and know exactly the shape and how much projection you really want. Brought him pics to show just that. I cant believe its only 1 week away! So excited/nervous...but really ready for the results. Cant wait to update with pics :D
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How did ur pre op go??
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I am 5 days post op. wow what a recovery it has...

I am 5 days post op. wow what a recovery it has been. The first 3 days are comparable to hell but it does get better after that. Showered for the first time yesterday and that was hard. I don't kno what I would have done or how I would have gotten thru this without my bf helpin me every step of the way. You really need someone to look after you for 4 days. It's crucial.

I was so loopy after the surgery. They gave me Gatorade and I swear it was the best thing I ever had in that moment. My bf said I yelled real loud when they put me in the wheelchair. It felt like I had two solid rocks in my butt. Dr hegg came in the room and I said somethn like " dr. Hegg didya give me a big ol butt" haha

That's all for now.


Hi BayAreaGurl, I am looking forward to my BBL surgery with Dr. Hegg but I didn't know you can also get fat injected into your lips... I need that SERIOUSLY bad can you tell me how it went and if your lips are still plumbed?
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Hi can u please tell me how many ccs u had put into each buttock??
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Hi. I think he said somewhere around 1000 cc for each cheek.
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