BBL Oct 2012 !!

I have decided on the bbl with Dr. stanley Hegg. I...

i have decided on the bbl with Dr. stanley Hegg. I called his office and spoke with a very kind staff member that unfortunately alerted me it will take 8 wks to even schedule a consult. So I patiently await. I am hoping to do this and heal before my wedding in March. I will be updating as anything occurs.

Anyone recently have Dr. Hegg for a BBL?

Wow i thoroughly recommend going to dr. Hegg if...

Wow i thoroughly recommend going to dr. Hegg if you are in northern california. He is a class act and responds very thoroughly and caringly to his potential patients! After much research though, I have decided to consult with another surgeon who has "salama-like" results.. So i will be deciding shortly who i go to! I want to get this over with.

I had an amazing consult w a Dr. from southern...

I had an amazing consult w a Dr. from southern cali. I am not disclosing the name yet because i want to make sure i have my date locked in lol. Because when some of you ladies find out who he is he will be booked forever. I am so lucky to have found him, his liposculpting and high volume fat injections (1000 or more) are exactly what i want. I am using some ladies from dr. Campos as my wish results. I truly think we can attain Miami and Campos results in Cali now with him and Dr. Afifi!

Consult on Mon of next week! Yay i will be...

Consult on Mon of next week! Yay i will be updating with all info about my Doctor then. I am so excited because I can just feel my figure back. Dr spent about 45 mins on thr phone with me discussing the procedure and his suggestions pre-op. i am picking up a prescription for Retin-a today to rub all over my loose skin from my children and weight loss.

Ladies with loose skin PLEASE READ!! A lot of surgeons arent going to work with you unless they are confident that they can attain a good result. Loose skin prevents that. My surgeon is really realistic with because i do not want a TT. No matter what I will never want a tummy tuck before the age of 40. I have plenty of children left to bear lol. All i want is a nice hourglass shape w s-curve bubble butt and my arms lipo'd. I really don't care about my stomach. But if u do liposuction is not for you. It cant contour your shape if u have loose skin from weightloss or preg. So my wonderful doctor is probably going to do an abdominal skin excision because I do not want a TT. I am so happy he has a nic alternative, but like i said it is not as helpful as a TT.

Also I will be traveling to Southern California for this. I thought travelling for surgery was ridiculous but my options are get a medium sized contoured butt from area surgeons or a big nice booty from down south. I am mixed and come from a culture who celebrates larger behinds so thats important to mt heritage.

I traveled 7 hrs via train to the office of Dr....

I traveled 7 hrs via train to the office of Dr. Yoho, he has an associate, Dr. Walker that I have been conversing with. Dr. Walker gave me an amazing 45 min phone consult. Followed by the nurse Judy who was also so accomodating and great. I have nothing butbwonderful things to say about the customer service of this practice. Plus they have soooo many great results and such a high rate of satisfaction.

I am a weird candidate due to my excess abdominal loose skin. So i didn't know what to expect.

I went to my consult today and all of the staff were so nice and I received a little gift bag with Dr. Yoho's own skin care product and some chocolates.

During the consult I met with a nurse, another doctor and then Dr. Yoho. Not only do they provide great customer service but they are very meticulous and treated me like I was very important.

Dr. Yoho made me feel so good and hopeful. He is totally in line with what I had envisioned and he made my day.

My date tentatively is first week of october. I can't wait. This whole trip put my mind at ease,.

I did my pre-op blood and paperwork and ready to go!! His main office is in pasadena but i am going to his other location in central ca.
Robert Yoho

Impeccable knowledge, service and courtesy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Stopping by to say hello!! Good luck to you!!is ur bbl coming up??
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Good luck with your upcoming sx. I will be getting mine the same week but with another dr.
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Good luck girl, my dates October 1st
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Thanks, good luck to you as well. I cant wait to see your results.
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Thank you!
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yay how exciting i will follow u! i cant wait..i am not expecting the first time to give me some bubble booty because of how my body is, but the dr. is awesome and totally down for a 2nd fat transfer after! so bubble booty can be achieved in due time!
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Have you tried to gain some weight so you have more fat for a bubble booty.
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Lol I've already accepted that Im not exempt from possibly having to do a 2nd round too lol
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I have enough fat but my booty itself is only medium so it can only take so much. But i am making sure im eating a bit more just to help it ;) how about u?
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Lol well its good to have realistic expectations..i cant let myself think one time will be enough because i will be disappointed and its no one's fault but the body i was born with lol
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I have gained 5 pounds, Im not gonna gain anymore though
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Its about 7000 including garment, bloodwork, everything. Plus they are so accomodating, their costs are low because they don't advertise so it gets put back with the patients. You should check out his site .i feel like surgeons who charged 2x as much were much less accomodating and the service was not like this.
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oh ok, 7000 for how many lipo areas?
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I am going with Dr. Afifi. My date is December 19th. I am paying 6500 for surgery, 50 for meds, and 40 for garment.
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actually 6800 for arms, back, flanks, inner thighs and fat transfer. also bloodwork and aftercare included. i also love the local anesthesia because i take so long to get back to normal after general. good luck with afifi she would be my 2nd choice in cali!!! her butts are better than salamas now!
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Girl I cant do local. I dont mind taking longer to get back to normal. My mom just had her thighs done under general and she was good. Yes her booties are awesome. I am happy I chose her and I am happy Im in cali with her.
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I am happy someone else found another cali doctor that does good work. How much did he quote you?
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No date. I will be consulting via email because i live far from every surgeon! I will be posting some pics later of me "before"
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Do you have your date for the consult yet?

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kirsty, now that i have chosen another doctor, how can i change that? ty!!
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Hi there, I've removed Dr. Hegg. Once you're ready to disclose your new doctor, let me know and I will add them.

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Hi Kirsty, I am going to Dr. Afifi in Santa Ana but my profile keeps saying Mexico, can you change that for me?
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I have changed that for you on your review page.

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Thank you so much
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Ty! I did an email consult w both salama and pazmino. I think salama creates the plumpest behinds, pazmino is great at the shape but upon researching i definitely do not want general anesthesia.

Both charged reasonable fees and added 1000 extra for arm liposuction as well.

Dr. Hegg is relatively close to me, has stellar reviews, uses local anesthesia and his experience is comforting. I can't wait to discuss my consult with Hegg.
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