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Just wanted to know if any of Dr. Heggs patients...

Just wanted to know if any of Dr. Heggs patients were put on a waitlist for the consultation and did you have to keep calling or did they call you. I called and was put on a waiting list just for a consult. The receptionist was not to helpful and told me only that it would be about a 2-3 month wait

Thanks in advance. :)

Dr Stanley Hegg died its really sad!! A really good PS!! After waiting so long for a consult with him I was let down by his sudden death! May he rip! I had a consult with the Dr who took over his practice Dr. Attaran and wasn't pleased! I didn't go back! I made an appointment for consult! Few days later I called to confirm my app they said they didn't have my number saved!! Then the Dr was 2 hours late! Everyone that was in his office waiting said they always have to wait on him! He seemed irritated by what I wanted done to my body! Told me what I should and shouldn't do! Then after 15 min said because "I " was late he has other people waiting for him! I told him he was two hours late that I wasn't late and that he had to listen to me!! Then when I didn't take his advice on what I should have done with my body he told his reception to give me a price out of this world!! I wouldn't go to him! I fear he might put me under then do what he wanted anyways !
I know maybe will give us little bubble butts and we want big ones with thighs a tiny tiny waist... Lol
Have you seen his work.??? Pictures of what he does??
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