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After years of wanting a fuller bigger butt I...

After years of wanting a fuller bigger butt I finally decided now is as good as ever. I'm 25 5'4 lb 170 but I carry it well I look more like 150 honestly lol.

I decided to look into Dr. H for my procedure. My consultation was December 7, and my procedure is scheduled for January 19 2012.

Consultation: It went well. He was very detailed and explained all the ins and outs. Also suggested not to gain weight, which I always thought I should gain as much weight as possible. But I'm already at a thick size so it would make sense to be at the weight you want to be at the time of surgery. So I do want to lose a few pounds before my surgery since I would be able to work out the way I normally do now. Anyway, he recommends IV sedation where you more in a super deep sleep which I'm fine with as long as I don't wake up from shock lol.


Thank you! Absolutely, I'm trying to lose a few pounds before my surgery. I will post pix the day before.
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Keep us updated...post pics before and after..good luck!
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How exciting!! best of luck to you, keep us posted! :D
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Okay, I am not 7.5 days from the big day! Current...

Okay, I am not 7.5 days from the big day! Current weight is 160 which yes I lost 10 lbs! lol There wasn't a secret to my weight loss I did the 4 day diet from Dr. Ian Smith, I followed all the modules including 20 more minutes of cardio than what the module said. I hope to lose a couple of more lbs until then :)

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So your surgery was today! Exciting! Congratulations, please share your story I'm contemplating Dr.Hegg too!
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Happy healing girl! You're probably in surgery this very, very moment! So exciting !

Don't forget to update us! And should you need any advice please ask us ! We've been there and know what you're going through!


And don't forget to put up pictures so we can see your progress and so you can see it too!
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LOL fa serious,I need all those areas plus some!!! Thanks for sharing tho! Your surgery is coming up, exxxxxciting! good luck girl!
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Ok so yesterday was surgry. Thank goodness for...

Ok so yesterday was surgry. Thank goodness for that xanex because I was sooo calm going in. We went over where the fat was coming so I was writen all over :) lol. Going into the surgery room my nurse sponge me down then wiped down with antiseptic stuff. Then dr Hegg helped me on the bed tummy down 1st. Then was given my happy juice from my iv. Everything was a complete blur. I dreamt for a second I was in pain after that I blacked out. Next think I knew I was sitting on my butt with mother and friend and complete dressed. I was super silly. The dr told my mom some ppl cry, scared, or like silly. My mom wasn't surprised that I had gone with the silly lol. After my heart rate stayed up let me go. My nurse wheeled me out, and I was helped on to the suv.

When I got to my hotel I went straight to bed. I've been drinking plenty of water, ginger ale, crackers.

Day 1 post op is hard. I feel heavy and swollen. I feel like somebody beat my ass and I lost. Lol. I haven't had a chance to really look at myself. Today I had soup water and ginger ale. I took pictures before my surgry so as soon as I feel better I shall post. And I haven't taken any pic post op only because I haven't felt much better but I think torrow I will. And tomorrow I'll being going back to the dr office to get looked at.

Thanks the happy healing wishes!


Hope u feel better...post pics soon!!
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Hey Sara did u do anything to help reduce the swelling. My eye lids are sooo swollen that I can't keep them open.
Yea...I remember that all too well lol :).

Usually my face (eyelids included) would be most swollen after waking up. Keeping your torso elevated will make the swelling travel down. To actually reduce swelling I suggest drinking products with caffeine and basically anything to make you pee. But soda isn't a very good idea because it has a lot of sodium (which you should avoid). Also avoid salty foods--that makes you retain water even more.

So in a nutshell, coffee/tea and avoid salt/sodium :)

Hope you feel better!

Word of advice for our of towners: get a handicap...

Word of advice for our of towners: get a handicap hotel room! Wish I would have known, it's difficult to get n and out I bed, and rails n the shower, plus by the toilet would have helped. Also thank goodness for my funnel :)


Thank u guys for ur support. I did take pictures the day before surgry on my phone. I think tomorrow I'll take post pix of day 3.
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Hi Thicknice !!

I hope you are not in terrible pain... Take care and post some updates whenever u can...
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Glad to hear surgery went well can't wait to see your results
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Post op Day 5: Today I am better able to get in...

Post op Day 5:
Today I am better able to get in and out of bed, a lot quicker and with less pain. I showered again, which for me is really hard because I'm still heavily bruised and sore. I'm still super swollen, my legs and knees are very swollen they don't even look like my legs. Also my private area is very sensitive, and painful. All I can say is that EVERYTHING is swollen, and I'm trying to drink more water.


You look very sexy!
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It woulda been great to see after pics how's it going been a while now
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How are u doing?
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Okay so I'm 10 months post op, and I'm still very...

Okay so I'm 10 months post op, and I'm still very content with my results. I don't lie I've gain weight since my surgery due to lack of exercise, sleep, and late night studying at coffee shops. But honestly my butt is just getting bigger..lol. I did go see Dr. Hegg around april because I was considering going in for a second round, but then I was excepted into an RN program and I wouldn't have the time to recovery, or the funds since I had to quit my job. I still would like to go in for a second time and lipo my arms and place that in my booty, honestly everything else Im' content with. I never wanted to be a super skinny girl with a huge booty, I like the thick all over look, and so far that's what I have. Im sorry I havent posted pix, I will honestly try.


Your butt looks great! I was about to do call Dr. Heggs but I noticed he passed away. He seemed the perfect fit for me. :(
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Thanx for sharing your story and pics.
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Does he use drains? Thank you :)
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San Leandro Plastic Surgeon

Everything went by smoothly the only really draw back I had was that the preop information packet was never mailed to me. So the day before surgery I had to run around and get my meds, and an EKG that I could've done at my own doctor for much cheaper. Other than that I was very happy with the staff, my nurse was sooo sweet, and Dr. Hegg is very informative and helpful to those who picked me up from my surgery.

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