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Hi everyone, So, I've been wanting a BBL...

Hi everyone,

So, I've been wanting a BBL for about 1-2 years now. I always had a squarish back, and flat booty. I love my front (love my waist, hips, etc.) but I hate how I look from behind.

I tried working out and I lost quite a bit of weight. And while my problem areas (love handles, hips, etc). did diminish, eventually so did my booty, and then my boobs :(. I was a D and now I'm a small C. Losing my chest is what thrust me into researching BBL, pros + cons, etc. Because I simply do not want a boob job.

Reading everyone's posts/reviews really gave me the courage to step forward and have a consultation. I can't believe I'm doing this! Eeeek! :)

I'm extremely excited! My surgery is Nov. 18...and yes..I'm certainly scared! But almost everyone who's had this done is glad they went through this procedure. So I'm hoping with all my heart that I will be one of them!

I know a lot of discomfort and pain awaits me! But it's about 1-2 weeks of it and if others can do it, I can do it!

I chose Dr. H due to his location, before/after photos, years of experience, aaaand** a review posted here on RealSelf. Her results were amazing. Her hips/booty are a very similar shape to mine, so I hope I can achieve something close to her results.

My only trepidation is that when I first met with Dr. H he told me that because of my size I wouldn't be able to achieve a huge butt. He said to expect something more conservative (since I have a smaller frame). But when I went in for my pre-surgery appointment to take pictures, he asked if I was ok with going bigger? I told him I'm more about shape than projection...Plus I want it to look more natural. I'll be sure to re-emphasize that on the day of surgery!

Will post a few pics up soon.

Current weight: 121

Lipo areas: inner thighs, full back, full front...and of course...MUFFIN TOP :)

Day 1-2: Pain has been less than expected. The...

Day 1-2: Pain has been less than expected. The only severe pain Ive experience thus far is gettin off and the bed/couch.

I have really had the need to take my pain pills. People are right your lipo areas feel like you've gone to the gym but thats it! Ive experienced worse pain at the gym actualu!!

The doc said he put 800 cvs per cheek. Originally he said it was gonna b 1200 and I think the look on face said it all!!

To me 800 is still a lot :( and right now I look lik I have beyonces booty! Which is NOT what I wanted. :( I hope the size goes. Cuz it's huuuuge now.

Also., the doc said to sleep on my consultation with him (on Tuesday). :/. I dnt get it. Most ppl with BBLs are recommended to sleep on their belly! Isn't that weird!?

I have pretty dark bruises which scared my BFF and I think at one point my bf almost fainted :(.

I hope day 3 Is not bad. With my luck u never know! They say that's wen the swelling is it's worst.

Also..I don't want jinx myself but I've had little to no drainage. N I think mines open drainages. Idk :/. But since I haven't leaked does that mean I was sewn up?

Will post some pictuers soon. I took some before the surgery and a few after my sugery am with the garment on :).

I did it guys! After 2 years of considering this procedure, I hav finaly mustered up the courage to so it!!

** sorry for typos. I'm on my posting the review....

** sorry for typos. I'm on my posting the review.

I meant that I haven't had the need to get on the pain pils much

** I'm on MY PHONE posting the message. ** He...

** I'm on MY PHONE posting the message.
** He put 800ccs in each cheek (not 800 CVS) lol
** Doc said to sleep on my back! To avoide uneven swelling in the butt.
Is this normal? I'd call his office to ask but it's Saturday and they close :(

Hello Everyone, Sorry it's taken me so long to...

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it's taken me so long to update!

Basically I had no real pain. I was just incredibly sore--it was hard to bend over, hard to stretch. I felt tender. But pain wise--I essentially had no pain. I could have stopped taking pain pills on Day 2, but took them anyway in case I was numb from Day 1's anesthesia. I didn't take any pills on Day 3--no even tyelonl.

People say Day 1-3 are the worst, but honestly Day 2-5 were the worst for me. And not because I was in pain, but because I was incredibly swollen! It was so aggravating to me. It literally wore down my patience and tolerance. Day 1 I was pretty out of it so it was OK. But Day 2-5 were so annoying because I swelled so much. Each day was worse than the day before. I walked incredibly slow, and I walked like a penguin! NO joke. Some days I'd wake up and my hands were incredibly swollen and even my face was swollen! Everything would just be so puffy. But that would eventually go down a little bit by mid-day. If you're wondering, "Oh how swollen could you get?" Let me put it this way...I was sure I was going to get stretch marks from all the swelling. I probably looked like I gained 40 pounds. I'm normally a size 5, I went up to a size 11.

To me, the absolute worst. THE WORST (and I can't believe no one has really mentioned it) is that my gentials swelled up too. The doctor had said that swelling travels down so to expect my vagina to swell up too. But man. No one said it was going to be THAT bad! It was so painful. I wanted to take pain pills just for that. It got extremely dry and sensitive and it was plain hell. I finally got the genius idea to put hydrocortisone cream on it, wrap it with a baby wipe (so when I walked the lips wouldn't rub together as much), and I iced it whenever it got intolerable. It took a huge toll on my self esteem. I kept complaining about it. Felt like I had the Elephant Man's nose down there. Oh and I should probably mention that both lips weren't huge. One was swollen (relatively normal) and the other was ginormous. I felt like grabbing a needle and poking it--that's how crazy it was making me. The doctor said that the garment was slightly off and so maybe that accounted for the disporportioned swelling (I was shifting the garment's hole a lot so maybe I'm to blame for this? I don't know...).

By the end of Day 5, my swelling went down a tiiiiny bit and THANK GOD the swelling down there went down enough for it be bareable. By the end of Day 6 I stopped wearing the wipes and by the end of Day 7 everything was back to relative normlacy. What was also a huuuuge help was to put a big pillow under my thighs while sleeping on my back. This would elevate my feet and reduce some of the swelling "down there."

Once the swelling goes down, you really start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can get up faster, you can walk faster and more normal looking, and your shape really comes into view.

Day 1-6 I felt like I was dressed in a fat suit. My butt looked ENORMOUS. I was so incredibly worried that my doc put in too much and I honestly felt deformed. I knew that my stomach and back were really swollen so that part didn't discourage me. I was paranoid and freaking out at the thought that my butt was going to be as huge as I was seeing it.

When I saw the doc on Day 5 he said that my butt wasn't going to go down much and I started freaking out. He calmed me down and said not to worry that it was going to go down and that most people complain about it not being big enough and that I just needed to wait it out. And he said worst case senario he'd go back in and take fat out and that it'd be a way easier process. So that made me feel better.

I didn't take off my garment to shower until Day 5. I didn't feel light-headed like so many people report. My skin just felt funny. Lotion feels weird against my skin. Like it's too think. And my skin (in the lipo areas) just feels tender, etc. So I rub Almond oil and the oily consistency reduces the unpleasant "funny" feeling. Each day this feeling goes away little by little and every day the skin feels a bit more normal. Showers are slowly becoming more enjoyable.

I've had only 2 bowel movements in what? 10 Days? Took some milk of magnesia on day 8 and that helped. Looks like I'll need to take some again today! I thought it would be hard to wipe, but nope! Baby wipes come in handy though I will say that!

I really do love the shape of my bum. The doc did an amazing, phenomal job! To me size wasn't the issue...just the shape. And Dr. Hegg outdid himself, he really did. It's round and it's exactly what I wanted! I said, "I want an upside down heart bottom" and that's what I got! I'll post pics up tomorrow. I forgot my camera's usb connector thing at my friend's house.

I've yet to really know how good of a lipo job he did because I'm still swollen and I have bruises everywhere, but I can definately tell I have less fat on my abs/back and my booty shape is great. Each day the swelling goes down in the butt a tiny bit. I don't feel deformed anymore. Just feel like a girl with a huge booty. Which is good for me :). I still want it to go down, though. I don't want that huge of a butt...but if it stays this way I won't be upset :).

Since I was so paranoid about the booty staying huge, I made it a point to sit on my butt and basically do all the things people say not to do! I figured the more it goes down the better :). On day 5 when I went to the doc, he said that I could sit on my bum but just to avoid friction (like rubbing my bum against things with pressue). So sometimes I tentaively sit on my bum. I've laid on my back too (with pillows under my thighs and back--this position felt really good to me).

I had originally planned to have someone help me post-surgery for like 2-3 days...yeah no. Thank God my boyfriend was there because I honestly needed help for like 5-6 days. You need someone to pick up things for you, help you get up and lie down and find comfy positions. You will constantly drop things and you need someone to help you pick things up. Honestly this is the major thing. HAVE SOMEONE BE THERE ALL DAY TO HELP YOU. Plan for at least 5 days. No but's!

Overall -- my recovery is going great! The worst is behind me and now I'm finally feeling like myself! I can't wait to try on outfits to check out my new me! I've gone shopping a little bit here and there for the holidays and when I see girls with big shapely rears I no longer get jealous! I think "yeaaaah I got it too, girl!" Already I feel great about my booty so I can only imagine how I'll feel a month from now!

Today is Day 10 and I'm back at work! Honestly it feels great to be back to work! I absolutely could not withstand being home all day for another day. No way. I work in an office so I'll be mainly sitting, but since I want my booty to go down a little bit more this is a-ok by me! (I'm still mainly sitting on my thighs and I do have a pillow--so no worries, ladies!)

I'm wearing a loose dress so the people around me won't notice I have a huge booty, and I wear my coat when I leave my cubicle. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to disguise it, but wish me luck !

I've yet to tell anyone in my family--including my mom! I'll see how that goes when I meet up with them--I can't avoid them forever! But I'll be sure to dress more discreetly.

**Updated pictures**

**Updated pictures**
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Did you hear about Dr Hegg passing away?
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You look so amazing! You're body is banging and everything is super proportional!
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Damn you have abs now you look great post pics of now???
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Has any of the fat been reabsorbed?
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Hello thicknise I called Dr.hegg office and asked for a consultation the lady told me it would take a while to book me one, its vein month and half. I been researching an reading every review about bbl and about Dr. Hegg and I'm decided to do it. I wanted. To asa how u did it? How can you book your surgery date before consultation, cuz I cant wait to have mine! :)
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Any recent pics giirly?
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I agree with you. I feel so much better about my body and shape then I ever have. I have some things that I'm noticing may need to be fixed in the future too. But it's too early to know for sure. For example he didn't seem to lipo out as much of my flanks as I would've liked which gives me a more square shape. Now that I will gain weight in other places that will be the first place my fat will go to and it's the hardest to get rid of. Sucks to think of having to go back tho. You just want it to be all done in one shot ya know? I do think it will be a much faster recovery process the 2nd time around tho. When r u scheduled to go back in?
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Hi there :D So Im almost 2 weeks post op and feelin good...yay! Just curious...have you seen much difference between your stomach pic that is 18 days out compared to today? More definition and smaller? Im trying to just be patient and know that it will all go down and look better in the future but right now its got a bit of a waviness in certain areas and def got the hard lumpy spots too. No fun. Please tell me it gets better...I need to hear from ya to ease my worries :D
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Hi Bayarea Gurl,

Im sorry I didn't reply sooner!

Actually I've gained 7 pounds since my last upload lol. Xmas + a lot of parties= me @ 130lbs. My work/life has been so busy that I work out once a week IF I'm lucky and I have an office job. So as you can imagine, that doesn't really give killer abs. BUT! I'd say that the BBL has reshaped me, so no one has said "hey, Sara, you've been gaining weight!" The BBL has made me carry my weight in a much more flattering way.

In the last photo I was a size 3 but bc of my ass I was a size 4- small 5. Now, bc of my even bigger ass and tummy I'm a full size 5.

I totally get your fears about lumps, etc. I had them too. Mostly all of them did even out and went away except for two things. On my lower back, there's a bit of slight bump? I hoped this would go away, and while it's much, much better than in the beg. it's not gone. I have to go back to Dr. H to get that area relipo-ed. He said in the beg. that this could be a problem (inherent risks of lipo) and that he could fix it in less than 30 min. Also, he took out a tiny bit more fat on one side of my lats than the other side. It's not noticeable to anyone other than myself. But it bothers me so I'll get that corrected too.

Other than that....there's nothing.

Don't stress. The worst has passed. And if there are any irregularities they can be fixed quickly.

I'm telling ya...this procedure was the best thing I could have done.
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Hi Sarah! My surgery is only 2 weeks away now...crazy! So excited tho. I just wanted to ask how your butts doing? haha funny question i know. im still tryin to figure out a good # of cc's for the doc to inject my butt. has your booty gone down much from what the pics show? thanks girl :D
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How are you doing?
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yes Dr. did say could contour anything quickly in minutes. so I rather have a big bum then unsatisfied.
I actually did read a few other posts re that issue, along w dryness.
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today has def been better. tried on underwear today. I was very happy :) I felt like I had a flat booty. didn't take pics these past days cuz i was bruised up, looked freaky.

yes surgeon used pure fat. however, today not as bad as other days.
Yes booty popping out ;) regarding back concaving can definitely see it already, big time. I am swollen right bellow so that scared me cuz it looked like if it was a lump. surgeon advised there was no fat grafted there just swelling & to b patient. did say should something b not perfect he can correct w contour but he felt was great(that was day 2). swelling definitely down, at least 70% in that area.
Wow, now I can't wait. thanks for your reassurance.

Thanks soo much for responding!

Will take some pics soon, but hate I only have 2 pics pre surgery taken by nurse seconds b4 surgery when I realized I had not taken any. I forgot to ask today for the ones he took, will definitely ask in 2wks when see him again.
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sorry mean I felt like I had a flat booty before.
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I'm glad you're feeling better !

Yes the swelling down there is nothing to laugh it. It hurts! To me that was almost the worst. But I had that swelling for like almost 7 days ! :(. Ice helps soooooo much.

and yeah, if after healing you still don't like the size I've been told its a really easy procedure to just go in and contour. I hear it takes like 30 min and the recovery is nothing compared to what you're going through.

You're the only other person besides me who has mentioned the swelling down there. So thanks for backing me up on it! I was afraid maybe I was the only lol.
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I would love to be on the wait list my brother is getting married first week of aug if I had it done in June do you think I would be healed
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Honestly, I don't know. Have you had any types of surgeries before?

I've come to realize that I healed sortive fast (compared to other people on here). The only other major surgery I had was 4 wisdom teeth removals (at the same time)--and I healed from that quickly.

So, have you had any other surgeries in the past?
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I think it depends how quickly your body heals from surgery. I would've been ok (not great ! but good), but if your body takes longer healing, then you might be a little uncomfortable, but you should definately still be able to attend though.
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was your but hard? the first few days? it seems to not be soo hard now, but seriously felt like a brick. is the shape u have now somewhat to what the initial shape you had the 1st week? or will it somewhat change and feel more/look more "natural?
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Hi Lucy!

Hows the healing going? Yes! I felt like Minaj too ! And I was freaking out big time. I want to say that at 3 weeks it had gone down significantly but it still seemed "big" to me. But it was a good "big"--know what I mean? For me, at about 4-4 1/2 weeks was when it stabilized. It hasn't gone down any more, and it's at a very natural size right now. In fact, sometimes I wish it was a tiiiiny bit bigger and I do regret not being more careful during my healing process. HOWEVER. I love my shape and it's bubbly, so I really don't have complaints :D.

I was also told that I could sit on it after a week, but to avoid rubbing my bum against things alot (friction).

My advice is to just be patient and not freak out :). You'll look fine. :) far as hardness...I don't exactly remember. It was probably hard, but definately not like a brick (I would've remembered that). However, my surgeon put did not put in purified fat (meaning it was fat with fluids--both artificial and body). If your surgeon put in pure fat, then I could see why your butt is hard. Don't worry, I've actually read of hardness in a lot of reviews on here.

You should definantely be able to see your shape or at least get an idea. I did. I just didn't know the full extent of it. Know what I mean? I saw that my booty was popping out, but I didn't know how deep my back was going to concave (because everything was swollen).

You should definately post up a full review :). And don't forget pictures. :)

Happy healing ! I hope you feel better ! :D
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hello just had my bbl last Wed. 1st day I was soo scared cuz it looked like nicki minaj !!! 700ccs in each side. still sore & swollen in stomach. just curious when did u have a realistic idea of where u would b, meaning how big your but would end up. they say swelling goes away around by 3 weeks. so can it b a fair tp have an idea of where i will be by then? lol only cuz I don't want it to be a waste of $$ but i too thought maybe I should sit on it. Dr. said ok to sit only after 1week. (tomorrow)
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Hello Sara!

How is the healing procedure???
Have you showed ur new shape to your family?? Based on the pictures posted you look super!! I like how your shape looks so natural, you can say that you got that shape with some extreme workout lol
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I wanna say I'm just about all healed up. Overall, my body recovered very well and rather quickly :).

I haven't told anyone in the family and I don't plan to.

I wear mostly loose shirts/lots of layers around my family. They've all given me curious glances. The "There's something different and I just don't know what" type of glances.

My grandmother has been the one that's really noticed though. And she's the only one to say anything. The other day she said, "Everytime I see you, you get skinnier!" (when in fact I've been slowly gaining weight--thanks holiday season!) I think she was referring to my slimmer waist/tummy/hips.

And then she was like, "And you got a big booty!!" I just laughed and was like "ohhhh, grandma. It's the clothes, it's the clothes." haha!
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Hey ladies, just an some info. I booked my surgry date before I even went to my consultation. I made a $500 deposit , which was refundable anytime prior 2 weeks of surgry date.
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yaaay ! Congrats girl! You're going to look gorgeous!
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