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Im a proud mother of 2 precious girls, 8 and 4 yrs...

Im a proud mother of 2 precious girls, 8 and 4 yrs old..im 36 yrs, 5'1" and my current weight is 285, when I start the process I was 305....
i was a pretty normal size when i was a kid, then after the age of 9 i became a little over weigh, then pre teen an teen age i kept going up and up by my 20th bday i started medicating for HBP...at 23 i reached my highest weight 326 pounds....I've been trying several diets, programs, u name it! 8yrs ago i went to my first orientation about the bariatric surgery but i wasn't sure nor ready! then 3 yrs ago went to other, but my health insurance didn't cover a lot (only a 60%) so i quit the process...now im in a better health insurance,besides that i feel more prepared, i feel ready, ive been documentating other people progress doubs, ups an downs, syntoms, well everything! this Thursday i have an appointment with my surgeon to put on schedule my surgery and there we will discuss if it will be sleeve or GBP...my choice righ now is sleeve but im open to his opinion and recommendations...ill keep posting

on the expected cost i will resume what i have expend on deducible of the doctors i've been, labs, studies...
Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your appointment. I was initially going to have the bypass, but decided on the sleeve in the end. I'm almost 4 months out and don't regret a thing.

Are you from San Juan, or travelling there for surgery?
Thanks kirsty, i am from San Juan PR
Oh awesome, so no major traveling for you to do.

Wow, just saw your update! So soon! Are you going to be on a purely liquid diet, between now and your surgery date?

let the countdown begins!!! 13 days for my sleeve!!!

Hey everyone! Today i had my oppointment with my surgeon and im on schedule for surgery on the 29th of january!!!!!!! OMG!!! IM so almost there!!!! Tomorrow ill see th nutrition consultan to start right away the liquid diet.
I will keep updating!
Well congrats!! The day will go by quickly the first 3 days of the pre op diet was rough but I'm hanging in there
Well Ladytiff12 lets see! Ill star tomorrow i will have only 11 days of liquid diet so i enjoy this last days eating what i will miss and cant eat for a while so lets the eeal journey negin now i will know!!!

ohhh Pre protein....NOT NICE

my first day of liquid diet was ok, headache, dry mouth and feel kind of weak...but the pre protein..oh God how im going to pass that after surgery!?.....10 days away from my surgery ...i knoe i can with this and more! Just thinking on my reasons!
Indilan i want to now if the cost for the surgery is $ 900.00
No! Thats the part i have to pay, my healh insurance covers everything else ...i think the cost of the surgery is about $15, 000
Congrats on taking the steps to live a healthier life. The days are going to fly by.

a week on the liquid diet....

As someone write in my comments ....first days were the hardest....now im hanging in there i dont love it i just want the days to pass quickly...the hardest part is too cook for my family and i cant even taste it! But im so focused on the results that it doesnt bother me anymore....i have headache some days....i feel sad other days...grumpy the others hahahaha but i love this journey and the best is yet to come!!!!
4 more days, 4 days to surgery!


Pre admission DONE!

today I make my pre admission at the hospital, also last blood work...i'll be the first surgery that the doctor will perform that day....so far im relax....
when I was there at the hospital I met other 2 girls that will be have the surgery this week none of them where doing the clear liquid diet....that kind of upset me cause all this time I was sacrificing and wanted so bad to have a meal of my mom!!! hahahahaha na!!! but im very proud of my self cause I feel so ready and prepared! and now I know what to spect after surgery and how to deal with it! besides I started liquid diet the 18th and since that day I've lost 15 pounds so that a big plus for me!!!! yaaay! ill keep updating as soon as I can!

at home

Well im already at home....i still sore, i have a really bad taste in my mouth and i can smell ANYTHING and thats not good im not hungry ...i think im kind of depressed ....just wanwed to let you know
Thinking of you, I'm scheduled this year so I'm very interested in how you're doing.
sorry for the big delay!!! im doing great! thanks God its been about 6 weeks since my surgery I have lost 21 lbs I've been stock in the same weight for 3 weeks now :( but I think im not getting enough calories plus im constipated...sometimes I go only once a week...ill see my nutritionist next week lets see what she tell me...

1 month after surgery

At this time i feel almost normal! My stomach is a clock! Every 3 hour i HAVE to eat something not because im hungry its because if i dont eat it will hurt! Now im on a low carb diet i feel great but i have a little problem...im stock in the same weight for the last 2 weeks :( ..my current weight is 253, is this normal??? I need some advise please!!

well my first before and after :)

You really can see the difference! I'd say 285 to 252 is pretty amazing, and really it's 305-252. I've been told to eat little and often. Even a non sleeved person is advised to eat every 4-5 hours to keep your metabolism running. I think it's more about what you eat, and how much than how often. As for the stall, that is *very* common from what I've read in other reviews, it's your body readjusting to the new lifestyle. Keep going and it will start dropping off again. Post op depression is normal too, if you ever feel like talking just drop me a PM - I'm five days away from the sleeve so I do understand all the anxieties about this, and you can help me with the ones I have after :) you're doing great and looking amazing.
How's it going?
omg yay for you! u can already see a difference!!! u look great! im in the process myself, thanksfor posting pics...lots of ppl on here hardly ever post pictures or anything about there journey! its nice to see someone else like u! :) ur doing grreat wish i could help with some suggestions to lose more.....i will def. keep following u! oxox
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