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I am pretty fit overall. 47 years old, 125lbs. The...

I am pretty fit overall. 47 years old, 125lbs. The one thing that has been bothering me is my muffin top that, despite working out, will just not go away. I just want to be able to wear a cute little black dress without having to wiggle myself in my old Spanx.

My procedure is tomorrow and I am very, very nervous!!! My doc gave me Valium to take when I leave home in the morning, along with Keflex for potential infections.

I will let you know how it went.

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girl u crazy! U got me scarred but i will b fine. Hope ur doing fine
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if you don't mind asking what was the total of your procedure?
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My procedure was supposed to be about $1,500 if done in office. Because I had to be transferred to the hospital and required general anesthesia, that amount nearly tripled. Looking back and almost a year later. Not worth it!!! My stomach is not really flat and it is still slightly lumpy. Oh well...
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How did the procedure go? You happy with the results so far?? I am getting my back done on June 20 so I was just wondering if you had your back done too?
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Didn't have my back done, just abdominal area and inner tights.
The pain is most intense for a couple of days. After that, it was totally manageable. My tummy is already flatter and I'm only 10 days post. I am still a bit swollen and will only get better.
Good luck to you on the 20th.
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Good luck today!

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Thanks Sharon.
Well, my procedure did not go as expected. No fault to my doctor as he, and his assistant, were fantastic.
I took my Valium, it didn't do a thing, took another, ditto.
I had told Dr. Sutkin that I had had problems getting numb at the dentist's office. He said, oh, you're one of those. Don't worry, I will take care of you and you won't feel a thing. He started doing the anesthesia with about 8 injections. Of course the needles were not a pleasant experience, but hey, that's what's expected. Everytime he injected me, I could still feel pain. That surprised him. He ended up injected me with the numbing solution 7 more times (which he said was the max he could do for someone my weight). He made the 3 incisions and I was totally fine. Then he inserted the canula and went at it. I started screaming in pain. To my request (yeah, not smart, I know) I told him to try the other side. He obliged, and oh the pain was just unbearable!!! I was feeling everything. Both him and his assistant were in shock!!! He said obviously we had to stop the procedure. His assistant called every hospital around to try to get me in to finish the procedure under general anesthesia. No luck, they said the first available spot was next Tuesday (4 days away!!!). Dr. Sutkins started to call every personal connection he had in the business and he got me in for a 4pm surgery. On my way there, I started licking blood and fluid (he did put one stitch, but still...).
Because I knew I was going to be put under, I asked him if he could do my inner thighs also. He did the procedure at 4pm as expected and I woke up feeling okay (well... you know...) and so relieved it was over! Dr. Sutkin rose up to the plate with my sticky situation. He took matter in his own hands. This morning (8am), I am feeling sore but nothing unbearable. I took Percocet last night (as nothing else works on me). I will keep you posted in the next few days.
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Oh my goodness! I've never heard of someone who didn't react to local anesthesia. That must be so scary. At least it's over now. Whew!

How are you doing with your recovery?

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Hi there,
6 days post here. Looking a big bluish but nothing bad. I am slightly swollen but not bigger than I was when I started. I am feeling next to no pain except when I sit down and have to stand up from seated position.
Everything would be good for me if I didn't spend Monday at the ER with a terrible pain in my left calf. As it turns out I have a blood clot (DVT) from the procedure. I guess I'm just unlucky when it comes to stuff like that :-(
Aside from this DVT problem I have to deal with for the next 6 months, my doctor did a good job and the pain level is really not that bad.
I will post again in a few weeks...
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Wow! I hope you'e doing okay now. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the rest of your recovery goes better.

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