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Guess my Age NOW!! LOL - San Jose, Costa Rica

I did research for a year. Finally concluded that...

I did research for a year. Finally concluded that Dr. Lev in Costa Rica was the best. I went a week earlier so that I could enjoy some touristy stuff. It is a beautiful country. First contact is his assistant Didi. She was fabulous and very informative. She assisted me with everything from surgery questions to who would be the best guy to pick me up from the airport (as I got in after 10pm) She was great and so helpful. I also decided to pay Dr. Lev in full to his bank account because I was too afraid to walk around with so much cash on me. He usually asks for $1,000 deposit just to secure surgery date but if you decide not to go, he will refund the money. I met him the day before the surgery for a consultation. It was not really necessary because I was already so well informed by Didi, but it was nice if I had any questions and he took me through all the steps I would be going through. I decided to do the surgery in the clinic that he works out of because it is a lot cheaper than the hospital. The anaesthesiologist came in to talk with me before the surgery as well to inform me about his part. After the surgery, I felt no pain. I think they may have put me on a painkiller drip. I was upset, however, because they would not allow me to eat or drink for some time and I was so thirsty. Two nurses were at my side at all times. When one was not there, the other was. One of them even went as far as to massage my back to comfort me. I have to admit, it sucks that you cannot move around in bed. (For at least a few weeks) Because of the neck lift and you don't want any stitcheS to pop. I got the stitches in my eyes removed after only a few days. No pain at all. However, the staples along my upper neck and behind my hairline were not removed until 11 days later. The day before I left. The first four days after surgery I slept. I just slept.
Trust me when I say I did not want to eat either. The recovery villa (Casa de la Mariposa) made me fruit smoothies as I requested. But other than a little soup, there was no appetite. Plus it hurts a little to eat.
Needless to say, I actually lost eight pounds! Day five I felt a little more lively. I would suggest to anyone not to do anything for at least 8 days. I attempted to shop for souvenirs on day 6 and got pretty sick to my stomach. I slept in everyday. Breakfast is at eight, but I didn't want to wake up early so they made me my smoothie at 10am. At first the food was not too good. I discovered I did not like Costa Rican food. But once I mentioned this to Mercedes (the owner of Mariposa) she started to make other foods that were great. They even went out of their way to make mashed potatoes and gravy for me especially at dinner the night before I left. (They don't have gravy anywhere in Costa Rica) if you ask for it, they will give you salsa. LOL. I went for a few more visits to the doctor and everything went well. I found that most people in the recovery villa had simpler "mini-lifts" which consists of simple sutures around the ears and eyes. They did not feel any pain. I did. Especially where the staples were and the neck. I feel numb under my chin and around my ears, but this is normal and will go away anywhere from now to 6 months. It is all worth it. I came home and everyone complimented me. I look younger. I feel younger and much more confident. Dr. Lev gave me my life back. I have actually been getting looks from men. Something I had previously given up on ever happening again. I am 54, but I really feel I look at least 10 years younger. My doctor (here at home) checked me out and said that my surgeon did a fantastic job!
I was so happy I did this life changing thing for myself.
Good gracious !! What a difference!! Wonderful work and results!
Hello, DWBH, I showed my hubby your 'before' photo and he stated, "Is that a guy?" I then showed him the 'after' shot and he gasped, "That's DEFINITELY not a guy. Wow!" Anyone guessing your age would not estimate older than 35. Good for you....

Update Picture

...and it looks like you're not even wearing makeup. Double wow!
You look great!
He does such beautiful work. You look great!

Three Months after surgery

Never felt or looked better. Confidence at an all time high!!!

Forgot to say

I am taking care of myself more than ever. Moisturizing every day, eating healthy, juicing, vitamins and exercising. Have taken off 10 more pounds!!!
You look great and so refreshed & youthful! The prolonged numbness that many report about must be annoying as hell. I hope you regain full sensation by your ears and under your chin soon. How do your scars look? Thanks for sharing your experience. :)
Thank you so much. No scars. None that I any see. Remembering however that I probably have them in my skull but hidden by hair. Yes, still have the numbness and yes annoying as hell!! LOL. I just have to be patient.
I'm sure you'll do a big happy dance the day the numbness is gone for good. Question about the pain - it sounds like it was crappy after the staples were removed. Was that the only source of big pain or were other areas really sore too? I'm also curious if you have/had any restrictive or tight feelings anywhere? Like around your neck? A tight feeling isn't necessarily a bad thing as it means your results should hold up and last longer...at least that is the general consensus, lol. I'm just not sure if I could handle that type of feeling for long. I get freaky whenever I wear a tight turtleneck, lol. As I read your review I could identify with your recovery because I'm a big-time sleeper whenever my body needs to heal from surgery or illness. I see this as a good thing - certainly helps the first week of recovery go by faster.

4 months Post Op

My face is a little more relaxed but still a little swelling around ears and under chin. Also am numb in these areas. I am "sort of" getting use to it but can't wait until the numbness and "tightness" across the neck, goes away.
It will be 3 weeks since my surgery Tomorrow . I hope I look as good as you. You look great!
For the amount of money you spent, you better look good! Expensive! But you will not regret it. You will see a big difference in just a few weeks and be ready and confidence to show off the new you to others. I would love to see some before and afters when the time comes. All I can say is YOU GO GIRL!! All the best.
Thank you!
Dr. Lev


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