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Dr Alberto Calvo Coto - Costa Rica, CR

I had 14 crowns done by Dr Coto in San Jose, CR. ...

I had 14 crowns done by Dr Coto in San Jose, CR. In 2 years I had to return because my rays done by US dentist showed decay under some of them and open margibs. Dr Coto said if I had to return..he would pay expenses. NOT true. He rushed thru the corrective procedure, was actually annoyed I returned, and now 6 months later...I had to have them replaced. I need more work too...he made many errors. Do not go to Dr Coto.
dr. alberto calvo coto

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My goodness, I am so sorry to hear what went on. It sounds like Foolish American had a pretty similar experience. Here is her review:

medical tourism nightmare in san jose costa rica

You have the price listed as $250, but surely with travel and having to get things redone you have paid much more than that. Do you know approximately how much this entire experience has cost you?

What other work are you in need of at this point?

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