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I have always been busty they run in my family. I...

I have always been busty they run in my family. I was a 34C in high school at 5' 5" and 110 pounds. With each childbirth and nursing they got larger.
I have spent years hiding them. I Always wear V-neck shirts. They limit me to clothing choices it seems that while most of the world wants to show off their Ta-ta's. I have been the opposite. So many things are spaghetti straps or are low cut.
I never showed them off at 20 for sure not going to at 54. :D
I have spoken with many other naturally busty women and they agree they are a pain literally. Try jogging or even walking fast. I went to a fitness camp and lost 30 pounds always passed on the "jumping jacks"
I do not want implants some do this with a breast reduction and a lift like I am having.
I will be thrilled to have nice normal sized breasts. You can wear one of my DDD cups on my bra like a hat on your head.
I am blessed that my husband loves me any shape or size is and is 100% supportive and will be there with me.
I am staying in Costa Rica at CheTica recovery ranch for six weeks I will also be having a Tummy Tuck and an Arm Lift.
Larger arms and big breasts usually go hand in hand. When I see a women with sculpted arms and nice breasts real or not wearing short sleeves.I I never wear short sleeves I love how they look.
I must have my arms done because if I reduce my breasts my arms are larger finding shirts that fit right will still be a pain.
I am using a great plastic surgeon Dr. Lev and his coordinator DiDi has been amazing she is the most caring and considerate person ever.
I chose Costa Rica because they have great Recovery centers. Rueben at CheTica (the owner) is so kind and helpful on all matters.
My Tummy Tuck and Arms will be done on 11/ 11/2014
I will post a separate post for those procedures.
I am extremely grateful for all those that have shared and posted on here. I wanted to do the same.
Now that I have decided to do this I "realize" that I only sit in chairs with backs where I can have back support and lean back.
The other night my husband and I went to a comedy club that was sold out. We had to sit on a stool and I felt like someone had their foot in my back between my shoulders for the full two hours. Then I realized I never sit on stools. You just always do certain things that are second nature to you when you have large breasts.

I also believe that the heavy weight worsens my GERD the under-wire hits right at my sternum and with all that weight adds pressure in the worst place possible for heartburn.

Why a breast reduction and ...I Scheduled for Six months from now to lower BMI and continue on my weight loss path

Everything I read says the higher your BMI the more risks with being put under. Having this time and the goal before surgery gives me great incentive. I already go to the YMCA three days a week but I am now going to be doing cardio every single day.
I want to see how much smaller my tummy gets I have lost 30 pounds and wish to loose 20-30 more before November.

Some of the things I want also rid my self of. Is I sweat everyday under my breast the shelf of my bra. This causes a rash sometimes. I also get skin skin tags there.
The first thing I do when I walk in the door is take off my bra.

I am 5' 5" and weigh 190 I carry my weight very well because I have an hourglass shape. I just know the older I get the more difficult it has been to lose weight. Menopause is the devil. ;)

I am posting two more photo without a bra. I must say when I look at this I just feel sad. :/

Adding the Tummy Tuck and Arm Lift

I am having a Tummy Tuck and Arm Lift on 11/11/2014 and a Breast Reduction and Lift on 11/18/2014.

I had a great hour glass figure for the first 40 plus years of my life. My mid-forties I finally slowed down my pace before that I was non-stop movement and never sat. At the same time peri-menopause set in. I am 5' 5" and weighed 110 in high school still had cute curves with a 34C bra size.

I am 55 years young and have two children 30 and 23. Both weighed around 9 lbs. My weight before each pregnancy was between 120-125. I always returned to that weight. I started gaining weight when I hit 40.

Then my hormones hit a crazy mark. I had 32 of the 35 Menopause symptoms at one time or another for the past dozen years.Menopause kicked my behind. Fatigue, Hot flashes, Body aches like I had the flu...

The weight gain was was insane. I tried everything Nutri-system, Weight watchers. Walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. I worked out 5 days a week with weights with a personal trainer. Never would drop a pound just kept gaining.

I had severe plantar fasciitis I would walk with throbbing foot pain. I tried eating no carbs... I tried eliminating plastics products anything that would help with my hormones. I had mood swings, crying spells, depression. I ate only organic foods and even tried bio-identical hormones. Nothing worked!

It seems I am through worstt of it I do have warm spells when my face flushes. But I avoid trigger foods. My highest weight was 220. I have lost 30 pounds I went away for 8 weeks to a fitness camp to lose that 30 pounds.

I am scheduled for all my work on 11/11/2014 then 11/18/2014 With Dr. Lev in Costa Rica and will stay in a recovery retreat center for several weeks.

My goal is to lose another minimum of 20 pounds but I am hoping lose 30. I am working out 3 days a week with a trainer and I am now doing cardio seven days a week as well.

I am eating Jenny Craig and eating 3 meals and several snacks and will limit myself to 1600 calories a day. I want to lower my BMI less risks the lower the BMI.

I am now adding/posting my photos of my tummy and arms. I have to post them all together .I am so appreciative this site an all those who post! Thank You!

Weighed my 36DDD

I weighed them today and they are over 4 pounds each. It's difficult to do but I set the kitchen scale on the edge of the counter. My right is closer to 5 pounds while my left is over 4 and a half pounds.

Just a little over 4 months ...hoping to not have this after that!

I come on regularly and read and appreciate all that you share. Today after doing some house stuff I could not wait to take off my bra here's why..... I really look forward to not having bra straps digging into my shoulders!

A mixed blessing ...Kidney stone then a Bladder infection

I always try to see the good in every situation. I was visiting my lovely daughter in Wisconsin having the best time doing tons of tourist stuff. When on 7/5 about 10 PM I started having severe pain on my lower left side. I was really hurting. My husband and daughter became alarmed they wanted to take me to the emergency room.
I said " no no" maybe I have a virus or a reaction from our Mexican food we had at lunch. We had a
Hour drive home so l rode in the back seat and tried to get comfortable stretched out. After we drove 10 minutes I said "pull over I needed to walk" I kept thinking if threw up or had the other end happen l would be fine. My daughter pulled into a entrance I got out of the car and started pacing again which seemed to help.
Then I felt sick to my stomach Which led me to projectile vomit nine Times. I was pretty shocked it was like something out of a movie. I then though wow it must be food poisoning. I got back in the car the pains were not as sharp but I was still very uncomfortable.
They still wanted to take me to the emergency room but I felt it was over kill. I spent the night in the fetal position on the bathroom floor.
I woke up the next morning after waking up off and on all night. I thought great I am better glad I did not go to the emergency room. Within an hour it came back. I said "let's go to the emergency room" which was literally two minutes away. I never dreamed I had a kidney stone. By this time I was pacing and could not sit. I was given some threat drugs for nausea and pain followed by a catscan. I had a
4 mm kidney stone.
I have been very worried about the pain after my surgeries. I seem to have less pain tolerance as I have aged. Well the nurse came in and said "Miss... I see people in here with a 1mm kidney stone that can't get off the floor and the reason you projectile vomit like that is because your body is reacting to your severe pain!"
Wow...all I could think of is this was a trial run for my upcoming surgeries. :) However l have now seen a urologist for my kidney stone and now have a wicked bladder infection. So as I am better I am now dealing with bladder discomfort and now bowel issues from the antibiotics.
I am so glad this is happening now rather than around the time of my surgeries 11/11 and 11/18. Though I do wish the last three weeks I could of been working out and doing cardio instead of spending most my time in discomfort and in bed or in the bathroom.
They are testing some of my particles I collected and testing them to see the cause of my kidney stone I never want another one it's really as I had heard worse pain than childbirth.
Thanks again to all of your postings...when I was feeling down from the last three weeks I would go look at the before and after photos of arm lifts...tummy tucks and breast reductions.

I went and bought my New goal/dream size pretty bra so excited!

I have be living in Huge black bras 36DDD... I want to be a D cup I am an hour glass shape do not want to get them so small I look like a pear shape. With the tummy tuck getting the extra sand out of the middle of my hour glass/ waste line I will become me again. Took 3 comparison bra photos!

Off topic... but I call this my test for my coming surgeries

My first one... (I pray I Never have another) Kidney stone... and not 10 minutes ago it passed.... it has been a painful....vigilante ....3 weeks! Look at the jagged edges it's 4mm by 5mm
I am Thrilled I am posting a photo!

Breast reduction 36DDD wanting 36D

I am splitting up my three procedures and will post in each category
Dr. Alejandro Lev

Dr. ALEJANDRO LEV Dr. Alejandro Lev was born in Argentina on May 10, 1960. He is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica, where he attended from 1979-1984. From 1985-1987 Dr. Lev completed his residency program in General Surgery at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica and advanced studies in plastic surgery at Hospital Brigadeiro, Brazil. from 1987-1990. In 1991, Dr. Lev was Certified by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Medical College of Doctors and Surgeons of Costa Rica. He is a former Vice President of the Costa Rican Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association and affiliated with the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) and the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgeons.

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Thanks for your comments, everything you said seemed to mirror me (apart from kidney stone - sorry for that bit). I'm just embarking on this journey, BR and TT? Seeing the second consultant on Friday, then I will make my decision which one to go with. But I was interested in your reasons for the arm lift, it never crossed my mind but I will investigate. Good luck with your weight loss as I am doing the same, I think every ounce or pound will help, I would like to lose another 30 lbs before I have my surgery (looking to have it end October 2014). Will continue reading your journey.
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Sorry that you had a Kidney Stone ! I had one when I was very first married and it made me Throw up that way too ! I thought I just had the Flu or got Food Poisoning from when we had gone out to Lunch ! They made me wait in the ER till I passed it. They said it was about the size of a Pea - and that it has to go thru a Tube - that is about the same Size of the Ink Part ( Tube ) That is in a Bic Pen ! When You see a Clear See - Thru Pen - that's the Size ! They had told me years ago - that you can Get them - from NOT going to the Bathroom to Piddle - and comes from Holding it ! I try not to EVER do THAT ! It was pretty Painful ! About Tied with Labor !
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So sorry you had to deal with a kidney stone! Thanks for posting and I will look forward to following your journey. I went from a 36G to 36D and it feels so good!!
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Like you I have also had a history with kidney stones. And I have also told myself, if I survived kidney stones.. I can survive a BR! Good luck with your surgery,
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My first one Kidney stone... and not 10 minutes ago it passed.... it has been a painful....vigilante ....3 weeks! I am Thrilled I will post a photo!
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Glad you are feeling better!
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Thanks went back to the ER yesterday after two weeks and not leaving the house I go out and my kidney stone moves I was in agony now on percocet. Went to the Urologist cat scan shows just above my bladder. Once it drops into my bladder it should pass easily.
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I heard they are painful to pass.
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I have a mental image of you weighing your breasts. Hilarious! Good luck with your surgery!
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Good luck with your weight loss. I know how hard it is but am finding it much easier this time with the future tummy tuck in it! I am 57 so understand the menopause problems. Luckily I went through that in my early 40's which seemed to make it a breeze compared to my friends that are just going through it now....all except the weight problems. I take full responsibility for bad choices and not enough movement but NOT for how stubborn it is to come off when my diet is perfect and exercise is in place....grr. getting there, just slower than I would like. We can do this!!!! WE CAN!
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Thanks so much I agree sounds just like me.
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I did that same thing to weigh mine!
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I found that same thing with Menopause ! NOT FUN ! Seemed like Mine Grew MORE ! ( In 2006 ) Mine lasted about 8 Years ! Glad That is all over with now for a Couple of Years !
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I agree menopause sent my hormones to crazy mode.
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well done on your weight loss, the menopause is terrible for weight control and also can affect breast size - read my review, i had to have a second BR because of all of that but have had a great recovery.
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Oh my a second BR which was easier how were they different?
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Best to read my review, all the info is there
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I just read all of it Breast are such a hormonal thing as you posted I went up a size with each child birth and with menopause. From a D to double triple D. I lose everywhere but there.
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Such an exciting time for you! I am roughly the same build and I totally know what you mean about picking certain chairs! You will need to reteach your body how to stand/sit/walk afterwards! I know I am!
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I am so glad you posted this I had never even considered that fact. I will go read your posts.
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Thanks I will go read your postings/story.
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