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Birthday Gift to Me - San Jose, CA

I decided that at almost 48 I looked older than I...

I decided that at almost 48 I looked older than I felt. I wanted something non-surgical to firm, tighten and give my skin a lift. A consult confirmed that my skin had more laxity than is typical at my age.

I went in June 2 for the procedure, which was helped by Valium and a painkiller. The most discomfort came around areas near the brow bone, jaw bone and that's where the tenderness remains a week out. No bruising or redness at all. Just a tiny bit of swelling the first day or so. I was back at work the next day.

One week out and I'm seeing a noticeable "freshness." When I catch a look at myself in the mirror I'm surprised by how un-tired I look. The best part is the renewed confidence I feel. Each day I wake up and see myself looking a bit younger -- rather than a bit older. It's nice knowing my birthday this weekend will include a face that looks more the way I remember it. I was started to not recognize myself!

Will update in a few weeks.

I'm a believer! I had my formal three month...

I'm a believer! I had my formal three month check up yesterday. While I'd been happy over the summer with the steady progress I was seeing, it was in looking at back-to-back shots that I could validate the all-over tightening. It translates overall to a much fresher (less tired) appearance.

In particular there was quite a bit of tightening around my jaw. Until I saw my before photo, I didn't fully appreciate just how "jowly" I was getting. Given how well my skin responded, I'm thinking of going back to to have another go at the jaw line.

Went in today for "more lines" to...

Went in today for "more lines" to address some areas around my jaw line. While the first visit in June resulted in some clear tightening and improvement, it wasn't yet as tight as I wanted. This visit was easier -- mostly because I knew what to expect and there was a bit more offered in the way of pain management. Will show a few more before and after pics in a few months.

Dr. Greg Morganroth, Mountain View, CA

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Fantastic, TallChick! Thank you for all the posts. Can't wait to see pics!


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You definitely look firmer and more youthful in your after photo. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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Can you please tell me if you have any paagckes for nonablative skin resurfacing for the face. I am looking to have five prodedures done and am looking at places to have them done. I am not looking to go in and have yet another consultation for the same procedure. Thank you in advance for your assistance.Pierrette

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Bhavesh, I think there may have a bit of confusion. This is a review for Ultherapy. If you would like to contact a doctor in your area you can click on the "Find a Doctor" tab towards the top of the screen. I hope that helps. :)

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Wish you took both sides of your face because that is where the hanging skin and neck show most of all. How many times did you go and what level did they set it at? Is your skin what looks like as fair meaning burns easily? Maybe that is the secret to not having any bad side effects? So many photos are taken while people are still red and swollen so the damage some of us have reported do not show up right away. You seem like you must be one of lucky ones. I am happy for you. Heaven knows after 50 everything goes south!
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I don't see any difference between the Sep 2011 and jan 2012 picture...maybe it's just the angle but if anything your skin looks tighter on the Sep 2011 photo...
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well sorry to say it did nothing for me. Well I take that back, my
neck looks a little worse. I took lots of pictures and nope, no
change for the better. It's been over a year now.

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@ItalianWifeMom: Yes, I did. I'm definitely happy with the results. Will post another photo when I get a minute later this week. Glad you're also seeing some good results!
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I think the difference is remarkable! I just had it done on Jan 19th and am starting to see suble changes to my jaw line already. Did you see more dramatic results after your second run?
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I am scheduled to have this done in 2 weeks and am unsure if the subtle results are worth the $$.....what is your honest opinion?
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HI Tallchick,
I photoshopped your before and after into a composite picture to see the degree of change for myself. I'm considering having it done and am doing my homework. If you'd like a copy, contact me through my profile.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! You mentioned pain killer - what did you use and did it help? The reports of pain have been kindof scary. Anyhow, you look fabulous! Congrats!
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@aamom: Thanks! In answer to your question: Ativan, Demerol and Lidocaine.
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ok thankyou. whats funny is i already get that without anything. last night the bouncer looked at me id and said you don't look your age you have the eternal fountain of youth. my boyfried is 23!! he doesn't know. the problem i looked great my whole life but now really these aging things are happening and maybe it is best to stay on top of it so i can continue my life for a tiny bit still. good to know you feel better off!! such a decision because some people are saying they are worse off! but what is the clinic in san jose??
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It's the California Skin Institute. Would recommend highly...
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I have my formal three month check up later this week. I was going to officially report in then. However, since you asked, my subjective opinion is that I definitely look better than when I scheduled the appointment. Perhaps the best, unbiased endorsement came from a colleague I hadn't seen in 18 months. When we met last week the first thing he asked me was my secret for getting younger -- he couldn't get over how I managed to look more youthful than the last time we met...
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hey tallchick,

how is it now three months out?? Some ppl say their face is actually worse off. so I wonder what you think of this therapy!

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Hi TallChick,

Fantastic that everything worked so well for you. We would love to see pictures as things heal. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a fantastic weekend! Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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